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Knight of the Cog

Kill 20 Elite enemies on your level or higher (Tech-Adept only)

Knight of the Cog+6.9
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How to unlock the Knight of the Cog achievement

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    In the prophecy story campaign you're looking for the mission called tyranid menace. This once again has you piloting the crimson wanderer under Ambrose caradoc. If you've been playing on story mode setting. At the mission confirmation screen you need to press LT or RT and a marked box will indicate normal difficulty. Select +10 eye of terror and start.

    One of the best things about this mission which is less prevalent in earlier tank missions. Is a) you can indeed crush most things by running them over. B) tyranids will swarm toward you,making running then over all the easier.
    I honestly didn't need to die and try again. Even on +10. The tank missions for me required multiple deaths to hack through the level.
    Here you have to go shoot to kill 4 large elite enemies called Toxicrenes ( cant crush these ones but you can crush any ads in the area if they either get in the way or start racking up significant damage on your knight.
    Elite units, the carnifex are also roaming the map. These will require burning down with your weapons as these also cant be crushed but you'll want these killed to progress this achievement in addition to 4 mandatory kills of the toxicrenes (also elites)
    Once the toxicrenes are dead, objective switches temporarily to a purge directive ( kill everything on the map) as you set about that a short cut scene will direct you to destroy the synapse. If this isn't happening just have a wander around purging (crushing) aliens until it does. The synapse will spawn in the middle of the map so head there. If you hang back you'll start to see a near constant stream of new tyranids rushing towards you in an overwhelming style from the malanthrope
    Solution, just walk headlong into the synapse creatures (hormagaunts) to crush them. Then burn down the malanthrope with your guns.

    The trick now which is described well enough elsewhere. Once caradoc roars "inquisitor! The swarm is no more" the mission complete box will pop up and you have the option to press the select button to finish the mission.
    Press the xbox guide button on your controller and tab over to check your achievement progress. If you need more kills just come back to the guides home tab . Select the game tile for warhammer 40k inquisitor with the start button scroll down and select quit. Effectively crashing your game. Any in game xp or rewards from this level are lost but you keep your achievement progress. Reload the game and it will put you back on the bridge of ship ready to do it all over again.
    Repeat as needed. Worth mentioning this also works for the "The emperors wrath" achievement where you need to complete 10 investigations on the highest difficulty. I found this level felt like less of a chore than doing the tank level in the base game.
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    missionBooDo you need to do this on eye of terror? The description says ''your level or higher'', so normal might suffice.
    Posted by missionBoo on 19 May at 10:37
    DingadillyThe your level or higher refers to your inquisitor level. Ie level 49. On normal youd be set to around level 49. Eye of terror at +10 would make it 59 for example. What you're asking does indeed sound like it should work. Try it and let us know here. Folks in the past have had variable mileage on level based achievements, works for some, didn't for others, some pre, some post 2.0 patch. Running eye of terror here will deffo progress knight of the cog and the emperors wrath. Unless you've got an easier level to do 10 wins on +10 level difficulty.
    Posted by Dingadilly on 22 May at 06:34
    TheCrookedManMDDo you quit on the loading screen? Before returning to the ship?
    Posted by TheCrookedManMD on 27 May at 05:01
    DingadillyDo NOT return to the ship after completing the last mission objective ( by pressing the select button) doing so will trigger the auto save. Press the xbox guide button, navigate to the warhammer inquisitor game tile - press start button - navigate to quit and press A to confirm. Thus crashing the game and avoiding the auto save.
    Posted by Dingadilly on 27 May at 06:28
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