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An Extremely Enraged Mag

Proof of triggering an Illios-type Photon Blast.

An Extremely Enraged Mag-117.7
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How to unlock the An Extremely Enraged Mag achievement

  • New ParalyzerNew Paralyzer990,434
    18 Mar 2020 18 Mar 2020 21 Mar 2020
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    A mag is a small familiar like robot that follows you and provides stat buffs.

    In Order to use the mag you need the license from Cofy who is the second girl at the mission counter in the main gateway.

    Leveling one to level 30 by feeding it unwanted items or weapons will unlock it's Photon Blast Ability.

    From the Sub-palette you can add the Photon Blast ability to your item tray.

    Illios, or Wilios, is the ancient Greek word for the city of Troy.

    I did not know this and it took me a while to realize the English translation of this game changed Illios to Troy.

    You need 1 of the following PB Devices

    PB Device / Illios P (Troy Proi)

    PB Device / Illios I (Troy Imera)

    PB Device / Illios N (Troy Nifta)

    This can be found at the EX-Cube Exchange shop for 8 EX Cubes. After purchasing you'll need to equip it on a Level 30 or higher Mag in the Mag menu.

    Using the Photon Blast while on a quest will award the achievement. Defeat enemies to charge up your PB (Remember to equip it on your sub-palette)

    EX Cubes can be found at the Title Keeper Rewards Counter left of the Quest Counter in the Gateway area.

    You can also sell Rarity 10 or 11 weapons for EX Cubes at the Swap Shop
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    Tanogrus So while I see that there is the current...ways on how to 'change', what about feeding the mag? Is there no way to just 'level' up the mag, with specific items that include either a focus in Tec, Dex, or Melee? Does adding these 'stats' to your mag while it grows, affect which Photon Burst it'll acquire?
    Posted by Tanogrus on 03 Apr at 21:29
    New Paralyzer mags can develop a single Photon Blast upon evolving at Levels 30, 50, and 100.

    When you select an item to feed a mag it tells you what kind of stat it will add.

    I'm not 100% if feedings them certain items determines the blast or if it's random.

    You can only obtain the Illios types from the ex cube store. An Illios blast can be overwritten by a level up earned blast.
    Posted by New Paralyzer on 04 Apr at 02:19
    RebelPatriotTV @tanogrus if you want to level up a pure mag here is what you can feed it (aside from the type specific food devices):
    DEX: Photon Skill Discs
    Melee: 3x Melee weapons (recommend 7*+) followed by 3x 4* Furnishings to prevent the dex from leveling
    Range: 3x range weapons (recommend 7*+) followed by 3x 5* Furnishings to prevent the dex from leveling
    Tech: 3x Tech weapons (recommend 7*+) followed by 3x 6* Furnishings to prevent the dex from leveling
    Posted by RebelPatriotTV yesterday at 21:17
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  • Blue PapyrusBlue Papyrus211,842
    29 Mar 2020 Yesterday Yesterday
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    If you have several hundred thousand meseta to spare and don't want to wait for 10* weapon drops, log into the personal shop on the visiphone terminal and filter the search settings to show 10* weapons, sorted by lowest price first. Pick up 10 weapons or however many you need, and then convert them into ex-cubes at the swap shop, which can be accessed via the shopping cart icon in the main menu.

    Take your newly acquired cubes to the second floor of the shopping plaza, and as seen in New Paralyzer's solution, pick any of the PB devices there. Once activated, go on a mission (any difficulty will do) and fight until your mag emits a glow, indicating it's ready to fire.

    Upon using it, the achievement will unlock.
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