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Mark of the Trader

Complete the Trade Sequence Quest

Mark of the Trader-28.4
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How to unlock the Mark of the Trader achievement

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    This quest starts with the Moki you meet just as you enter the wellspring glades near the beginning of the game (after meeting Kwolok for the first time). A full video is coming but this should get you started:

    1. Obtain the map drawing from the Moki right before the entrance to Wellspring (the main village).

    2. Trade the map to Tokk the bird in the village for a Wanderer's Pouch. You can complete this step multiple spots where you run into Tokk.

    3. Find the Moki in The Wellspring (water mill) to trade the pouch for an Herb Pouch. He's on the top left part of the large round room with lasers that rotates when you hit levers.

    4. Take the herbs to Veral at the top-right exit from the village (the one that leads to part of Bauer's Reach). He's standing by a large bubbling pot. He will give you Spicy Marshclam Soup.

    5. Take the soup to a Moki in Bauer's Reach. He is standing by a campfire in a recessed area just down and to the right of the Bauer's Reach spirit well. He will give you a Fashionable Hat.

    6. Take the hat to the Moki in the village just to the left of the shard vendor (beside a bit of floor you can break with the spirit hammer). He will give you the Empty Lantern.

    7. Look for a Moki in the very bottom-left room of Mouldwood Depths. He gives you Threads of Spider Silk.

    8. Take the silk to a Moki in Luma Pools. He is just up and to the right of the first spirit shrine you reach in the pools, in the same room as it. He is fishing in a small pond. He gives you the Spyglass.

    9. Give the Spyglass to the guy in the village just above the shard vendor (the one who will show you your game stats if you talk to him). He will give you the Filled Canteen.

    10. Take the canteen to the Gorlek Miner (looks like a monkey on map screen) in Windswept Wastes, in the same room as the finish line for the area's spirit trial race.This is directly west of the left spirit well in this area. He gives you the Map Stone.

    11. After finishing the escape sequence with the worm at the end of Windtorn Ruins (the area you access after collecting all four wisps), fast travel to the spirit well at the bottom of the area. Go down and to the left to where you trigger the escape, and to the left of that you'll see a map stone remniscent of the ones in the first Ori. Place the Map Stone into it to complete the quest and reveal ALL secrets on map (Energy and Life fragments, Spirit Light, Shards, and Gorlek Ore). This makes post-game mop-up a breeze!

    Here is a sub 3 hr run with completing this entire quest chain. Game clock is 2h 38min at completion. Cut scenes don't increase the timer apparently because the vid is more than that. If you follow this vid all you will have to do is mop up collectibles (easy with the map) and quests after unlocking the speedrun. If you do it on Easy and dont equip any shards or purchase anything (a simple matter as easy is VERY easy and you can still grab health upgrades), you can unlock Shardless and Lightless with your speedrun too!

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    LifeExpectancy Sony? How on earth is this a console wars issue lol? Oh, I think you meant to type DONT. 😋
    Posted by LifeExpectancy on 18 Mar at 02:46
    British Legends Great guide. Thanks!
    Posted by British Legends on 22 Mar at 10:20
    PredStealth finished the quest chain, but achievement didnt pop, buggy
    Posted by PredStealth on 23 Mar at 22:43
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