Untouchable achievement in Ori and the Will of the Wisps


Defeat Mora Without Taking any Damage

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How to unlock the Untouchable achievement

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    Edit: This is no longer missable and can be done via Time Trial under Quick Access. Confirmed by users below in comments.

    The fight is 3 phases. You don't need to be flawless. If you take damage just die and repeat that phase. You just have to avoid damage on the attempt where you complete that phase. This was confirmed by a user below. If you use the setup below along with Spirit Spike, you will one shot each phase on Easy or two shot each phase on Normal, leaving few if any attacks to even have to dodge.

    1. 25% dmg boost seed quest - Starts at guy above first grey sludge room you reach in Silent Woods. Warp back and forth to talk to seed guy in town to get seed and plant it for dmg boost tree. Can be obtained before finishing Act 1.

    2. 25% dmg boost tree - At entrance to Midnight Burrows, the hanging light flowers match the stones nearby to the left (high flower = tallest stone, etc). Bash off them without touching the ground to open Midnight Burrows or the tree to the right. Numbering the flowers 1 2 3 from left to right, the order is 1 2 1 3 3 2 1 to open the tree door, and 1 2 3 3 1 2 1 to open Midnight Burrows. Can be obtained before finishing Act 1.

    3. Lifeforce shard (30% bonus damage when above half health ). This is in the northwest corner of Bauer's Reach and requires Burrow ability from Windswept Wastes to obtain. Can be obtained as soon as Act 2 starts.

    Lifeforce Shard Location

    4. Reckless shard (35% bonus damage when fully upgraded)

    5. Spirit Surge shard (bonus damage based on your current Spirit Light up to a max of 6000)

    6. Finesse shard (20% chance for 50% bonus damage)

    With this setup even just swinging the spirit blade at its head will end each phase it before it has much of a chance to attack, but the spirit spike is definitely the way to go due to its burst damage output.

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    FLD Marshal Z0DDoing this through time trials negates the ability to die and repeat a phase.
    You must do all phases at once
    Posted by FLD Marshal Z0D on 18 Jul at 14:31
    Hurricane MattGreat guide, but I did this yesterday on Normal with the setup you outlined and it probably took 5-6 shots per phase. I wonder if they updated the game so damage boosts don't stack the same as when you made the video? The only other difference I can think of is I only had ~2k spirit light during the fight so Spirit Surge wouldn't have been fully effective.
    Posted by Hurricane Matt on 16 Sep at 16:41
    it probably took 5-6 shots per phase.
    I had the same problem. I had 6k spirit light and everything at the max level, but the bow dealt more damage and faster, with those amulets that make it stronger. I did kill it pretty fast, in about one minute the job was done, but I don't know why it was better with the bow. I was in normal difficulty btw
    Posted by MiKeSeBSs on 23 Oct at 17:41
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    This must be done during a playthrough, and cannot be attained via Quick Access. It is highly recommended that you copy/paste your save before the boss battle to allow for multiple attempts. This takes place in the Mouldwood Depths.

    Recommended Difficulty: Easy
    Recommend Abilities: Spirit Edge, Spike (upgraded), and Flash (Optional)

    Grab +50% extra damage by grabbing the two ancestral trees, located at the entrance to the Midnight Burrows, and at the Wellglade Springs by planting a seed with Tuley.

    Complete combat shrines to unlock additional shard slots. Upgrade them at vendor. Recommend Shards:
    - Reckless: Take more damage, deal more damage
    - Finesse: 20% chance to deal 50% bonus damage
    - Lifeforce: Deal extra damage when over half life
    - Overcharge: Reduce energy cost by 50%, increase damage taken by 100%
    + Whatever else you like (additional energy cells, movement, etc)

    The fight itself isn't too bad, especially on easy difficulty. Keep your distance, and use the exploding spike over and over again, dodging the occasional attack. The fight takes 60-75 seconds on normal using this strategy.
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    ICE Faux PirateIt's hilarious on Easy using upgraded Spike. She dies in like 2 hits, lol
    Posted by ICE Faux Pirate on 16 Mar at 01:23
    ZimtKeksIt's also doable on hard with this shards setup.
    In first phase use only spike.
    In third phase at the beginning try redirect Mora's fire balls, if all fireballs hit her, she will very low on health and dark phase will begin.
    Then I recommend to escape on left wall, it's very high, so Ori is almost untouchable and finish with few spikes.
    Posted by ZimtKeks on 21 Mar at 23:55
    NocticsI can confirm you can get the achievement in time trial from the menu. I just got it. Maybe new patch helped
    Posted by Noctics on 10 Apr at 13:58
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