Look at the Time achievement in Ori and the Will of the Wisps

Look at the Time

Complete the Game in Under 4 Hours

Look at the Time+1.7
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How to unlock the Look at the Time achievement

  • LifeExpectancyLifeExpectancy1,459,302
    08 Mar 2020 10 Mar 2020 09 Apr 2020
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    If you ignore exploration and just rush through the main game it is easy to finish in 3 hours or so.

    The patch to fix achievements has been released.  However, it disables fast travel from the map without purchasing the ability, which *could* impact trying to combine lightless, shardless, and look at the time (speedrun).  However, a TA user already did a 3h 20min run without buying the fast travel upgrade, so it is still entirely possible to do lightless/shardless/immortal/look at the time all in one run on Easy. We have confirmed that all of them WILL unlock on easy as well.

    After the first Act when you can go to a few different areas I advise doing them in this order: Bauer's Reach, Mouldwood Depths, then Luma Pools. After that it is just windswept wastes, the temple escape, and the final area with Shriek. Maybe do 1 or 2 combat shrines for extra shard slots and upgrade resilience and reckless to use on Bosses, but thats about it. Save up your money from the start of the game until you can buy triple jump. It helps a lot with the speedrun (although the entire game is easily doable without any shards or upgrades or triple jump in under 4 hours on Easy).

    Order to clear economically:

    1. Act 1 up until you reach the village

    2. In act 2 do Bauer's Reach, then Mouldwood Depths, and finally Luma Pools.

    3. Finish by clearing Windswept Wastes and the temple, then the final dungeon with the final fight against Shriek.

    If you wanna shave time off your run, make a backup of your save at the start of each area and run it once or twice to memorize the route, then reload your backup and blast through them. This one is easily doable at the same time as Immortal if you're save scumming it like I did. Follow this route and you should have no problems, even if combining lightless and shardless with your speedrun.

    4:22 - Howl defeated
    4:58 - Spirit edge
    7:10 - Double Jump
    11:00 - Regenerate
    14:00 - Spirit Arc
    20:40 - Dash
    24:40 - Horned beetle defeated
    25:10 - Bash
    28:30 - Entered Wellspring Glade
    30:55 - Entering Wellspring after cutscene
    34:53 - Grapple
    43:00 - Wellspring done
    53:55 - Act 1 finished
    56:36 - Entering Bauer's Reach
    1:01:25 - Light Burst
    1:09:16 - Bauer's Reach complete
    1:11:10 - Mouldwood Depths entry
    1:19:18 - Flash
    1:25:18 - Mouldwood complete
    1:29:00 - Luma Pools entry
    1:35:35 - Swim Dash
    1:40:30 - Luma Pools complete
    1:42:25 - Shriek chase
    1:43:15 - Windswept Wastes
    1:45:20 - Burrow
    1:50:15 - Windtorn Ruins
    1:55:40 - Seir
    1:59:05 - Launch
    2:01:00 - Willow's End
    2:09:00 - Willow Stone fight
    2:16:40 - Shriek
    2:20:43 - Completion time via in-game clock on file at title screen

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    NinlothI managed to do High and Dry, Lightless, Shardles, Look at the Time, Immortal and Untouchable (made a copy of my save, bought some upgrades and fought Mora) in one run, teleporting from well to well when needed. Started using the video guide after Baur's (2h23min) and finished game in 3h37min. Helped a lot! Thank you!
    Posted by Ninloth on 01 Jul at 12:55
    LifeExpectancyWell done!
    Posted by LifeExpectancy on 01 Jul at 20:16
    SilverhellspawnI went for Lightless, Shardles, Look at the Time and Immortal in a single run using this guide from start to finish. Managed to finish the game in 2h37m. Zoink! I’m no beast and this was only my second playthrough so save to say it’s pretty easy to pull off. Thanks for the excellent guide!
    Posted by Silverhellspawn on 16 Jul at 23:18
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  • vSullyvSully963,004
    07 Apr 2020 03 Apr 2020 05 Apr 2020
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    This can be done on Easy difficulty and four hours is extremely lenient. This basic path through the game shouldn't take you much more than three hours and if time is really a concern, you can play through an area, reload a backup save, and then play through again when you know exactly what to do, but that shouldn't be necessary.

    LifeExpectency's video is great in showing the route but I prefer written instructions with images so I put together an Imgur album with images and brief directions to guide you through the game efficiently. I was going to embed all of the images here (I still may) but I think it's easier to just link to the album.


    I may have overdone it in terms of detailing each step along the way so your best bet may be to look through what I do over several steps, get there yourself, then quit to menu (since time counts while you are paused) and look through what I do next.

    The game should be a breeze on easy and you can likely combine the no shard/no spirit light and maybe even the no death achievements if you care to.
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