One Man Army achievement in GTA 4

One Man Army

Survive 5 minutes on 6 star wanted level.

One Man Army0
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How to unlock the One Man Army achievement

  • GYRgadgetGYRgadget742,419
    03 Sep 2010 05 Sep 2010
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    This is very easy to get at the very start of the game.

    Method 1:
    All you have to do is go under the bridge with the trains tracks on it, you can get on the tracks by jumping off the bridged, you'll take some damage but you wont die. Run across the bridge, when you get close to the other side you will get a 6 star wanted level, but they wont come after you, so just sit back and wait.

    Method 2:
    If you don't feel like starting a new game for whatever reason and want to do it the ultra cool way, you could shoot cops until you get 6 stars then hide in the subway, not the station the tunnels, just don't loose the wanted level or your going to have to start the 5min counter all over again.

    Hope these help. Method 1 works like a treat.

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    Posted by TheGalaxy4World on 04 Apr 15 at 12:53
    Posted on 21 May 15 at 10:56
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  • Gamechamp3000Gamechamp3000188,784
    28 Jul 2012 28 Jul 2012
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    Another easy (and fun!) method for those who have already finished the game: load up on health, body armor, and ammo for the guns of your choice (make sure to pack some grenades, too) and go to the Perseus by Middle Park (the park on the north section of the center island).

    There is only one entrance: a set of transparent bulletproof doors. When the doors are shut, the police can't shoot you, and they're somewhat hesitant about entering. Kill the cashier and throw a grenade or two outside to get your wanted level started. Once it's up, keep to the back of the store, peeking out of the left pillar. Cops will occasionally trickle in; they're quick to fire, so make sure you shoot them ASAP. When they park a vehicle outside that you can hit with a grenade, make sure the coast is clear and throw one. Don't go out the door; just shoot the door open with a bullet and throw the grenade out before it shuts (and make sure the grenade goes out the door and doesn't bounce back in your lap!). Blowing up cars (hopefully with cops nearby) will get your wanted level up faster. Be cautious and eventually you'll get to 6 stars.

    Once you're at six stars, congrats, now you just have to play the waiting game. Stay back, aim at the doors, and shoot any cops that come in, reloading whenever you get the chance (running your clip out at the wrong time could give enough time for a shotgun to give you a kiss). After 5 minutes of survival, the achievement will unlock and you can either drop a few grenades to blow you and the store up, head outside for Niko's Last Stand (TM), or try to make your getaway. The third option won't be easy, but it'll be a helluva story if you succeed. ;D
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    CassiopeiaGamesYou sure it was the Perseus store near Middle Park?

    - No counter for me to hide behind
    - The first thing that happened was that the police drove one of their cars right through the doors right in, no hesitation (that was epic btw!)
    - No hesitation of entering the store.

    I did get up to six stars rather quickly, but I died quickly too because I had nothing to hide behind.
    Posted by CassiopeiaGames on 10 Jan 14 at 19:07
    Gamechamp3000It's definitely that one. There's no counter; just some pillars near the back. And dang, never seen them drive through, that sounds awesome. xD
    Posted by Gamechamp3000 on 11 Jan 14 at 11:25
    CassiopeiaGamesAnyway - I got it by getting my six stars in the south perseus store, then running out wild gunning everything in sight, jump into the nearest police car and as quickly and cleanly as possible to the helitours. Took out one of the pilots, nabbing the helicopter and just fly way. Stopping at a rooftoop, then shooting down the chasing helicopters.

    I DID manage to flee and get rid of the six stars, but that was merely luck i believe.
    Posted by CassiopeiaGames on 11 Jan 14 at 11:41
  • MarshaldodgeMarshaldodge132,947
    12 Nov 2011 12 Nov 2011
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    I found another easy way to earn this achievement. Go to the helitour area and steal a helicopter. Then, dial 267 555 0150 six times so you'll get a 6-star wanted level. This cheat won't affect your achievements. Now just fly around in your helicopter for 5 minutes and the achievement will pop. When flying, just move away from the police helicopters so they won't shoot you.
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    Cnacu6oIf you killed Playboy X and his loft is yours already just stay inside having dialed cheat code. Easy.
    Posted by Cnacu6o on 31 Jan 13 at 00:37
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