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Complete the Game without Dying

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How to unlock the Immortal achievement

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    This can be cheesed by using the "backup saves" the game makes for you and on Easy difficuly (confirmed).

    There are 10 save slots. Each one will have your "backup saves". At least one of them should have occurred before the death (probably more if you quit as soon as you die), but the death would have still registered to that save slot I would think. However, I have tested it for you and can confirm that my save on a run at 1h35min has two deaths on the stats at the guy in town, but the one on that same slot at 1h27min in the "backup saves" shows 0 deaths at the stats guy. Two PC players below have confirmed this works. You should only loose a couple minutes of progress since the last time the game made a "backup save".

    The only way to see if a death has registered is to talk to the stats guy in the village (above shard vendor).

    Here is a legit 0 deaths on Normal run in under 4 hours. Overflow + Catalyst + Lifeforce + tree seed Quest's 25% dmg boost is OP. You could also get the 25% dmg boost from Midnight Burrows light puzzle tree (see my hard mode solution).

    The patch to fix achievements has been released.  However, it disables fast travel from the map without purchasing the ability, which *could* impact trying to combine lightless, shardless, and look at the time (speedrun).  However, a TA user already did a 3h 20min run without buying the fast travel upgrade, so it is still entirely possible to do lightless/shardless/immortal/look at the time all in one run on Easy. We have confirmed that all of them WILL unlock on easy as well.
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    LifeExpectancyThere are multiple backups. As long as you load the previous one or the one before that the instant you take dmg or die its fine. And for dying you can always go to the stats guy in town and make sure the stats screen says 0 deaths. If it doesnt just quit out and load an even earlier backup.
    Posted by LifeExpectancy on 13 Apr 20 at 17:36
    RaishukaJust completed my first speedrun of the game at 1 hour 52 minutes on easy, clocking in Lightless | Shardless in the same go. Suffered a ton of deaths along the way but it seems plenty easy to clean up and avoid it- I did however neglect many of the life & energy upgrades, limiting myself to just 5 bars of health. If I go back to know where life powerups are along the route, I could probably do it with little time wasted.

    Being unable to fast travel was hardly a worry. Just need to make sure you register key travel points that you'll need, and teleport between them when necessary.
    Posted by Raishuka on 15 Apr 20 at 05:31
    Its DanDid all 4 achievements at once took about 3 hours but could have been much shorter, I spent most my time running around because I forgot where to go hahaha
    Posted by Its Dan on 11 May 20 at 08:49
    The Reverend JCAn interesting thing happened to me while completing this - made it all the way to Shriek with zero deaths while backing up my saves regularly, and managed to die a couple of times during the fight. I thought I'd see it through to pop the lightless/shardless/speedrun achievements I was going for and get a little practice at the final phase, but after emerging victorious I was given the Immortal achievement as well 🤔
    Posted by The Reverend JC on 28 May 20 at 17:28
    Kenzie RetroI was certain i managed to get the immortal achievement but the game said F@^# YOU

    Not happy as apparently i had 3 deaths which should never have counted because everytime i nearly died, i hit exit and reloaded a backup save and yet, i have 3 deaths to my name ON EASY MODE

    Hard mode immortal it is then
    Posted by Kenzie Retro on 27 Oct 20 at 04:36
    LifeExpectancyI would highly advise against immortal on Hard. The worm escape is extremely difficult on Hard and the deaths save instantly.
    Posted by LifeExpectancy on 27 Oct 20 at 18:42
    YinyangfooeyI can confirm that you can still get Immortal while dying during the final boss fight as long as you register 0 deaths before it. I kept dying during the last very phase of the final battle and the Immortal achievement still popped up for me
    Posted by Yinyangfooey on 21 Nov 20 at 18:53

    Completed the entire game and was reloading to previous saves after dying. All of them except this achievement unlocked because apparently I have 1 death. So I check all my back up saves and now that death is PERMANENTLY on my save. I have to re-do the entire game again.
    Posted by ZeRoToXiKs on 09 Jan at 08:00
    LifeExpectancyMaybe they have patched it bc I tested it and backup saves did work which multiple people confirmed. Or you had a death very early on and didnt catch it,so its on all your backups.
    Posted by LifeExpectancy on 09 Jan at 14:32
    WapTackThey did not patched it, the backup saves just worked fine.
    Posted by WapTack today at 11:06
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