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Complete the Game without Dying

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How to unlock the Immortal achievement

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    This can be cheesed by using the "backup saves" the game makes for you and on Easy difficuly (confirmed).

    There are 10 save slots. Each one will have your "backup saves". At least one of them should have occurred before the death (probably more if you quit as soon as you die). It is confirmed as long as you reload a backup save that shows 0 deaths at the stats guy in town this ach will pop.

    I have tested it for you and can confirm that my save on a run at 1h35min has two deaths on the stats at the guy in town, but the one on that same slot at 1h27min in the "backup saves" shows 0 deaths at the stats guy. Two PC players below have confirmed this works. You should only loose a couple minutes of progress since the last time the game made a "backup save".

    The only way to see if a death has registered is to talk to the stats guy in the village (above shard vendor).

    Here is a legit 0 deaths on Normal run in under 4 hours. Overflow + Catalyst + Lifeforce + tree seed Quest's 25% dmg boost is OP. You could also get the 25% dmg boost from Midnight Burrows light puzzle tree (see my hard mode solution).

    The patch to fix achievements has been released.  However, it disables fast travel from the map without purchasing the ability, which *could* impact trying to combine lightless, shardless, and look at the time (speedrun).  However, a TA user already did a 3h 20min run without buying the fast travel upgrade, so it is still entirely possible to do lightless/shardless/immortal/look at the time all in one run on Easy. We have confirmed that all of them WILL unlock on easy as well.
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    LifeExpectancyMaybe they have patched it bc I tested it and backup saves did work which multiple people confirmed. Or you had a death very early on and didnt catch it,so its on all your backups.
    Posted by LifeExpectancy On 09 Jan 21 at 14:32
    WapTackThey did not patched it, the backup saves just worked fine.
    Posted by WapTack On 06 Feb 21 at 11:06
    Gilbert PrimeWarp back to Wellspring Glades on a regular basis to confirm with Motay that you don't have any deaths. I did it every time I unlocked a new spirit well.
    Also I died 3 times during the Shriek battle and still got the achievement.
    Posted by Gilbert Prime On 15 Jun 21 at 01:00
    TranierxJust finished this on hard with shardless/not spending light on PC. Every time I died, I would simply reload the second backup save without quitting or anything. The only exceptions were when the game didn't let you (like bosses) where I would just quit to menu and load the second backup save from the file select and the final boss where I just died and continued as normal.
    Posted by Tranierx On 03 Jul 21 at 05:04
    el p1nkoI think deaths in boss battles and escape sequences might not count.
    I just died in the temple escape before doing a successful run without reload and afterwards checked with the stats guy and it says 0 deaths.
    Haven‘t completed the game yet, so not sure if the achievement will pop and not sure I want to continue on that save file but the stats sure say 0 deaths.

    EDIT: continued on this save file and the achievement popped, I even died an additional time against Shriek. Seems as long as the stats guy say 0 deaths you are fine and you can die as often as you want in boss battles and escape sequences without having to load a backup save.

    Maybe update the solution that it is probably fine to die in those parts?
    Cannot confirm for the other boss battles and escape sequences but at least for the Temple Escape and the Shriek fight you may die.
    Posted by el p1nko On 28 Jul 21 at 11:52
    KangarooBrandonI was able to use backup saves throughout and ran into no counter issues. I did have to reset a freezed load a few times but it didn't affect the counter. After every boss/escape, I would go back to Motay to confirm no deaths.

    I actually followed the author's Look at the Time speed run to do achievements simultaneously. Even without being able to directly warp, my time was 2 hours, 47 min. Plenty of time.
    Posted by KangarooBrandon On 28 Sep 21 at 03:05
    LifeExpectancyAwesome glad it worked out Defiler.

    P1nko without definitive confirmation I cant recommend people continue after an escape death. Especially since there's a 'backup save, right before every escape starts. Too risky to have folks potentially lose hours of progress vs 30sec to reload a pre escape backup.
    Posted by LifeExpectancy On 28 Sep 21 at 15:45
    RiodeJaneiroRJI can confirm that dying during races or boss fights does not prevent this achievement from succeeding, exactly as stated above. I recommend that whenever you can, go to the NPC to see if there is any death recorded in your save.
    Posted by RiodeJaneiroRJ On 14 Mar 22 at 23:15
    MugenKairoI can confirm that dying during escape sequences DO NOT count towards deaths. Back up a save before the boss and then check with Moratay afterwards. As long as its 0 deaths youre good to go. Mouldwood Depths suck for this achievement!
    Posted by MugenKairo On 23 Jul 22 at 23:35
    Jingleboy14Playing on XBSX, I'm unsure if the cheese-saving method still works - Played up to the village and Motay showed 3 deaths. Each of the 3 times I died I immediately paused & exited back to main menu. Tried again with backup saves, however it seems the deaths persist and just remain on the record.
    Posted by Jingleboy14 On 20 Aug 22 at 19:50
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