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Kingmaker achievement in Forza Horizon 4


Earn all 30 stars from the "Upgrade Heroes" story.

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How to unlock the Kingmaker achievement

  • mossfan563mossfan563
    11 Mar 2020 11 Mar 2020 12 Apr 2020
    EDIT: If you already have completed Upgrade Heroes and have all the stars, this achievement and the other Upgrade Heroes achievements should unlock when you load the game. Thanks LeGagnan!

    So kinda like some of the other Forza Horizon 4 businesses/story missions, you will need to get 3 stars on 10 missions.
    Before you start Upgrade Heroes, make sure you have 100,000 CR as you'll need it to purchase the business.
    You'll get a daily CR payout after purchasing.

    The majority of missions will start with you driving to a point, getting the car and bringing the car back to the spot to "upgrade" it without going over the damage limit. Those parts do not count towards stars. Just don't damage the car too much when bringing the car to wherever as you will have to redo that part of the mission.

    After the car has been upgraded, go crazy with shortcuts and offroading as it'll be needed for a lot of the missions (except for the final mission).

    The Challenges
    1. The Datsun - Finish in 1min 28sec
    2. The Audi - Finish in 2min 15sec
    3. The Camino - Finish in 1min and stay above 100mph or 160.93km/h.
    4. The Mazda - Get 80,000 drift points
    5. The Chevrolet - Reach 185 mph or 295km/h at the Speed Trap
    6. The Land Rover - Finish in 1min 40sec
    7. The Peugeot - Get over 180,000 skill points.
    8. The Ford - Finish in 2min 10sec
    9. The Bentley - Finish in 2min 20sec
    10. The Koenigsegg - Finish in 3min 20sec and don't go over the damage limit.

    If you got all 3 stars on all 10 missions, you should unlock this as well as:
    Forza Horizon 4Wolf in Sheep's ClothingThe Wolf in Sheep's Clothing achievement in Forza Horizon 4 worth 99 pointsComplete all chapters of the "Upgrade Heroes" story.

    If you need some visuals, I used this video (credit to MotoGamesTV on YouTube):

    Let me know if there are any improvements to the solution that need to be made and I can edit. :)
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    WaggiesaurusRex^ I’ve given up trying it in Winter lol. It’s crazy difficult. So props to you if you can finish it in Winter because it’s almost nigh-on impossible.
    Posted by WaggiesaurusRex On 05 Jan 21 at 17:06
    SSGhost63For the last mission, instead of turning right at the first big shift, turn left to join the highway ;)
    Posted by SSGhost63 On 20 Jan 21 at 15:27
    Elementall19The El Camino one is kicking my ass. It's also Winter right now so I guess I have to wait until Spring to get more traction for 3 stars. The Peugeot and Mazda ones took me forever too.
    Posted by Elementall19 On 26 Feb 21 at 22:20
    SaintShibaYes the El Camino one was terrible. I'd suggest taking advantage of the rewind system. Floor it and try perfect the bends as you go with the rewind system. The Camino drives like a boat and is horrible, luckily did it just now in spring. Can't imagine how terrible it is in winter.
    Posted by SaintShiba On 05 Mar 21 at 11:56
    spankyNspronkleHow are you getting the Mazda to go that fast in the video? Mine is topping out at like 70 MPH so its not carrying momentum out of the turns... it basically comes to a stop.
    Posted by spankyNspronkle On 23 Jun 21 at 00:33
    BownzinhoThe Camino one is definitely possible in Winter as I’ve just done it but it is a lot of hard work.
    Posted by Bownzinho On 24 Jun 21 at 10:23
    Danny BizzJust did the Camino in winter as well. Pay attention to your time early on and try different routes and see which gets you the furthest in the first 10 seconds. Turned out I was wasting 3 seconds by going too far right or left. Finished in 58 seconds after sorting that part out and using rewinds to work through the rest.
    Posted by Danny Bizz On 17 Jul 21 at 02:55
    BeakerAUThat Mazda chapter is horrible. All assists off, Manual, and it still would not slide. Minimal acceleration, and the slightest touch of the brakes makes it stop. Easily the worst car provided for any of the story chapters.
    Posted by BeakerAU On 31 Jul 21 at 00:58
    FloriDUH JBotI fell through the scenery twice. Glitched my way to Mazda 3 stars!
    Posted by FloriDUH JBot On 19 Aug 21 at 16:18
    XitlHeres a tip for mazda. Leave all settings on default. Never go for a drift early. Wait for right when the car auto switches from 2nd to 3rd gear. Once it switches hit the A to E drift. Then do this the whole way through only drift when u have hit 3rd gear each time. Anything below isnt worth it and the cars so bad at acceleration u need to make each one count.

    When i noticed this and tried this techinique i did it first try no problem.

    I didnt need to turn traction control off or switch to manual like i did when 3 starring drift zones.

    Hope this helps
    Posted by Xitl On 23 Feb 22 at 17:32
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