Right under your feet achievement in Pikuniku

Right under your feet

Found every insects

Right under your feet+0.2
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How to unlock the Right under your feet achievement

  • JdobemJdobem830,611
    14 Mar 2020 14 Mar 2020
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    Not my guide but there are 5 insect locations and one is only reachable during the story, on the volcano afaik.

    So beware it's missable. :(

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    TropanSame problem, tracked properly for the first 4, then go to volcano, picked up and nothing. Damnit.
    Posted by Tropan on 05 Apr 20 at 07:55
    ivansuperpowerFortunatelly, unlocked without problems :)
    Posted by ivansuperpower on 18 Apr 20 at 17:58
    NessNoldoUnlocked without any issue.
    Posted by NessNoldo on 09 Jun 20 at 15:14
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  • AussieG17AussieG17576,808
    30 Mar 2020 07 Apr 2020 07 Apr 2020
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    Attached is a playlist for my 100% Walkthrough on YouTube, I show you how to complete the game and pick up all of the achievements, you do need a second controller but all of the co-op achievements can be done with only one person.
  • GnemlockGnemlock192,245
    23 Feb 2021 18 Apr 2021 18 Apr 2021
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    Right under your feet is awarded for finding all five hidden dancing bugs throughout the single player story.

    Be warned that one of the dancing bugs is found in the Sunshine Headquarters. If you beat the game, you can not return to collect this bug, and will need to start over on a new game.

    Dancing Beetle (0:25)​

    As soon as you exit Piku's cave, at the start of the game, head down the right side of the mountain. You will come to a second short flat with two rocks. To the left, there will be a hidden section. Jump on top of the platform at the top of the hidden section, where you will find the dancing beetle.

    Dancing Caterpillars (0:48)​

    As soon as you jump over the large boulder, at the start of the valley, you will come to and enter another mountain. Kick the bouncing mushroom to the left, and bounce up into the hidden section to the left where you will find the dancing caterpillar.

    Dancing Worm (1:11)​

    Once you have the water hat, head up the mountain to the right of the entry to El Bunko. About half way up, you will drop into another hidden section; use the water hat to water the platform flower, and jump up into the room to your right.

    Jump and hang from the swing anchor in the centre of the room. Water will pour out of the pipes on either side; wait until the water stops filling the room. Drop down, and swim left into another hidden section with an acorn. Kick or push the acorn out to the right and onto the red switch.

    Jump up and to the right through the door that has just opened, and water the next platform flower. Climb directly up to the surface, and you will come out between the two fallen logs, where you will find the dancing worm.

    Dancing Snail (2:02)

    As soon as you enter the mines, head left and kick down the breakable wall. Head into the hidden section that opens to find the dancing snail.

    Dancing Spiders (2:23)

    Once you free the villagers, and are asked to stop Mr. Sunshine, head right towards the elevator and use the rising platform to jump up to enter through the vent directly above the elevator. Head left, and interact with the console to open up another section in the previous ducts.

    Return back to the villagers, and continue left until you reach the previous rising platform. Use it to jump up and enter through either vent above you. Drop down to the bottom of the duct, and continue right until you reach the fan that you turned on, earlier. Ride the fan up and continue right.

    When you reach the section you just opened, jump up to the right, and enter through the vent. Follow the duct around. It will open up at about the middle, where you will find the dancing spiders.

  • UntilTammaroYTUntilTammaroYT245,643
    29 Mar 2020 Today Today
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    Insects are one of the types of collectibles in the game. There are 5 in total and all of them (except #5) can be collected during or after completing the adventure mode story. Insect #5 needs to be collected before completing the story or you will need to start a new playthrough and collect them all again.

    Insect #1 is located at the beginning of the game after exiting your cave. As you head down hill, you will see a jagged wall that you can enter. Use the mushroom to jump up to the platform and find the insect.
    Insect #2 is located in the transitional area between the Village and Forest. You will be climbing a blue structure with mushrooms to jump on. From the bottom of this area, there is a mushroom and rock that you can move around. Kick the rock to the left and use the mushroom to jump to the left through the jagged wall.
    Insect #3 is located under some logs in the Forest. After getting the watering can hat through story progression, head to the right from the resistance base to find a jagged wall to enter. You will need to water a plant with your hat to make it up to the next area. In the next area, use the hook to flood the area and place an acorn on the button to get to the next area. Continue to the right and water the next plant to jump up (don’t fall down the hole to the dungeon) to the surface and find the insect under the logs.
    Insect #4 is located near the entrance elevator of the Old Mine. There is a breakable wall to the left of the elevator in the Old Mine. You will need to jump on one of your resistance friend’s heads to reach the breakable wall and kick it. Then jump inside to find the insect.
    Insect #5 is located near the end of the game. Your objective will be to Free the Villagers. This whole room is a big maze of vents and fans. Raise the platform to the right and enter the vent to the right. Activate the only switch in this vent. Now raise the platform to the left and enter the left vent. Activate both switches and exit the vent to the right. Head to the left from this exit to enter the next vent. Activate both switches in the area and use the fan to go all the way up and to the right. Enter the next vent from here and you will find your final insect in this area.
    See the video below for more information.

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