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Achieve the highest personal rank in multiplayer.

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How to unlock the Wanted achievement

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    To achieve the highest rank you have to earn $5 million:
    Rank 0 - $0
    Rank 1 - $1,000
    Rank 2 - $10,000
    Rank 3 - $50,000
    Rank 4 - $100,000
    Rank 5 - $250,000
    Rank 6 - $500,000
    Rank 7 - $750,000
    Rank 8 - $1 Million
    Rank 9 - $2.5 Million
    Rank 10 - $5 Million

    I was trying to find the fastest method. If you really like to get that done you can boost this with around $570.000/hour by modifying the Bomb da Base glitch.
    So you can either watch all 5 videos by Shemp Howard or you can save some time by watching this video to activate the glitch:

    Use this video above just to activate the glitch. There are different methods where and how to boost. Shemp Howards is probably the SLOWEST ($200.000 in 2-3 hours).

    This is already a better method (~$430.000 in 1 hour):

    But we can also modify it like this ($570.000 in 1 hour):
    Video shows PS3 version but it also works for XBOX360 and PC version (tested and confirmed).

    Just to make it clear. You have to hold the button to look back. Then you have to press the shoot button for every shot. You can probably hold this button too when you are using a turbo controller.

    ---------------------------Questions I have received---------------------------

    -It should only be the host getting the main kills/cash?
    Yes. The host is getting more kills and cash. It is like 50 kills for the host (in like 2-3 seconds) while it is only 1-2 kills for the second player. That's why I didn't waste my time when I was the second player and went afk.

    -In the video the second player brought a bike up the stairs to block the path. Wouldn't them bringing the bike up the stairs stop the glitch from working though? Or does the glitch only stop if the host touches the stairs?
    No it does not stop because you are using a bike. It only stops working when someone is WALKING in these specific areas.

    -After you run out of ammo, the host takes the bike and then kills himself. Because you use the bike and go down the stairs, does that stop the glitch or does it only stop the glitch if you touch the stairs on foot?
    Same here. You can use a bike or a helicopter (like in the beginning) to go to this position. WALKING is not allowed.

    - In the video it says 'Go back with your bike and redo everything'. Does that mean you need to activate the glitch again or can you just ride your bike up the stairs and back to the area where you kill the spawning guys and they will start respawning though the ceiling again?
    The glitch is still active as long as you don't touch the ground with your feet in specific areas (like stairs inside). Since you left the position you will have to kill both enemies outside when you come up again (one on each side).

    You can activate the glitch only once per match.

    One thing we wanted to know is, instead of the host killing himself when he runs out of ammo, could the second player not just die by grenade and the host take his ammo? When the second player then respawns and has full ammo he just makes his way back to the host and when the host runs out again, he takes the second players ammo again?
    I am not exactly sure anymore but I think you get only one clip if you pick up the weapon of another player. If you die you will get full ammo. I used the Micro SMG (Uzi) for the kills. One clip has 50 bullets, full ammo is 1200. So this makes a difference.
    I prefer the Uzi for kills because shots per second and respawn rate actually seem to be the same. So you can hold down the button for 50 shots and you get 50 kills (in 2-3 seconds like mentioned before).

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    saw141For anyone trying to earn the GFWL Multiplayer achievements before March 19th, 2020; I’ve made a Discord for finding other players that are too. Hopefully this will help at least one of us get some more achievements. Please try to spread this around so we can form a community for this. The Discord can also be used after the 19th for single player achievements and console players are welcome because I don’t think they’re losing Multiplayer. GL HF https://discord.gg/9abUBAr .
    Posted by saw141 on 06 Mar 20 at 21:06
    zeldafanjtlSeems like the two players don’t really need to do things at the same time. If I had the game running on two computers at once, could I double box this?
    Posted by zeldafanjtl on 02 Jan at 00:59
    DriZzT1987Might be tricky to get out of the helicopter
    Posted by DriZzT1987 on 02 Jan at 09:22
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    Unlike the 360 version of this game, there is no way to remove the spawn shield so that the Happiness Island boosting method is efficient.
    Solution for Wanted in Grand Theft Auto IV
    In an hour session doing that method with standard spawn shield you're looking at about $30k. At this rate it will take >150 hours to get level 10 at $5mil.

    Shemp Howards' Bomb-da-Base method (if the glitch works) Solution for Wanted in Grand Theft Auto IV
    Hangman's Noose
    Solution for Wanted in Grand Theft Auto IV are likely much more efficient.

    Additionally this cannot be boosted using multiple accounts on the same pc, like most GFWL games can be, as GTA will crash if it is not the active window.
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    A DEAD BODY MANHardin max did this pretty quick then if 150 hours.. only 48 in two days ... ?! How?
    Posted by A DEAD BODY MAN on 02 Mar 20 at 05:37
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