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Get A Grip achievement in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

Get A Grip

Defeat the trials without the sphere turning red

Get A Grip0
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How to unlock the Get A Grip achievement

  • Vinicius MentiVinicius Menti246,735
    15 Nov 2010 15 Nov 2010 28 Mar 2020
    92 2 23
    I've discovered a solution to make this easier. Go to options on the pause menu and change the controller settings:

    - camera sensitivity: set it to 1 (default is 10)
    - grip mode: set it to toggle

    With these settings it was a lot easier as it was harder to mess up with the right stick and I did not have to hold the right trigger to control the ball.

    Additionally, I have also added at the end of this solution a link to a video from achievement hunter that should help as well. Just remember that, for the third puzzle, you do not need to rush at the disappearing section as he did in the video. If the ball is in the middle while you are moving it, you can just wait until the line reappears, and the ball will not fall.

    (note on 03/28/2020: I've udated the link as the old one was no longer pointing to the video)

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    Yeipi137After 4 years of tryings... the camera and toggle settings just help me out this achievement and finally finish the game!! Thanks! I don’t know why I didn’t try it before!! Thanks
    Posted by Yeipi137 on 11 May 20 at 07:03
    EverStoned77Lol, was that really that, got it on 2nd try but I'm sure there settings trick helped me but I simply took it slow, moved the RS in very small interval, apparently that did it so after reading about how frustrating this one was I have to say I found the part where you have to pull the starship out of the sky 100 times more frustrating... Anyway thanks for the guide, used mostly from this guide but also tips from Ashen Seraph (what to do if you mess up) STARWARZ (how to place the ball) & finally the no name guide (the line is still there)
    Posted by EverStoned77 on 01 Mar 21 at 10:34
    Tecstar70Thanks for the tips. Rather than trying to move the orbs using the stick in a continuous movement I used the right stick by repeatedly tapping in the direction I wanted it to go. I was hoping that the brief pause in between movements would allow me to see if the tracks turned red. It takes a while, but better to go slow and steady and it worked!
    Posted by Tecstar70 on 02 Apr 21 at 19:02
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  • Ashen SeraphAshen Seraph889,298
    08 Dec 2008 08 Dec 2008
    40 2 6
    Part of the Jedi Temple DLC.

    Once you bend the bridge back into place and break the large statue in your way, jump across by doing a delayed double jump and air dash. Enter the doorway and you'll get a cut scene.

    After that, you'll get a puzzle. To complete this puzzle, you need to force grab the orb and move it to the other hand following the line. The RS is really the only stick you'll need while controlling the orb. You'll repeat this 2 more times with it getting more and more complicated.

    If you ever end up causing the orb to leave the line, it will change colors. This is what you have to avoid. Even if it only barely flashes the color, you'll be ruled out of the achievement. In fact, that flash can happen so fast you may not realize that it happened so you may need to do it several times.

    There is a save right before this puzzle, so if you see it change colors, pause and exit the game then select continue to restart the puzzle.The unfortunate part of this achievement is that it won't unlock until after the next save after the puzzle. This means if you have any reason to think it may have changed colors and you didn't notice, pause and exit. If you don't and you hit the save, you'll have to restart the whole level.
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    DKong27I missed it first time because I got cocky...I guess Han was right. :p
    Posted by DKong27 on 26 Dec 09 at 19:11
    Alcapwn6969Just one general suggestion: Try to be in the center of the platform when you grip the ball. The graphics do NOT adequately show where the track is if you are looking at them from a severe angle. It must be a depth issue, but w/e. If you are confident with re-gripping the ball as you proceed down the track, I would even suggest re-positioning your character multiple times to be as near to the ball as possible.
    Posted by Alcapwn6969 on 05 Feb 12 at 10:21
    Shadow SixtySixFor me the achievement unlocked before the save point. So after the third part dont move. If the achievement doesnt unlock start over.
    Posted by Shadow SixtySix on 09 Sep 17 at 12:02
  • JoshnormJoshnorm428,178
    12 Dec 2008 12 Dec 2008
    28 1 2
    Part of the Jedi Temple DLC:

    Midway through the level after you have a vision of your father you will have this 3 part puzzle.

    You have to force grip the orb across a line without it turning red.

    The first one is a straight line really easy.

    The Second you have to make a few turns and the orb will bend the line around it. So you have to look further then the orb to make sure that you are on the right path.

    The third will have a few turns and a section that disappears. You will also get the distortion around the ball that you are moving. The trick here is to look ahead and take your time. The disappearing section is really there so you don't have to rush when you come to that part. Just wait until it is visible again and move.

    The key to all the puzzles is to take your time. Use only one stick if you need to and go slowly. If at any part the line and ball turn red (you really can't miss it) then just exit out and continue. You will start at the puzzle.

    It took me a few but after i found out that the section that disappears is really there it made life easier.
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    WRXingCrew"The disappearing section is really there so you don't have to rush when you come to that part. Just wait until it is visible again and move. "

    This just made my life 1000x easier. Thank you, good sir.
    Posted by WRXingCrew on 24 Jul 10 at 11:30
    FailedSeppukugreat tips, best guide. +1
    Posted by FailedSeppuku on 19 Oct 13 at 22:58
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