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Overwatch Archives 2020

Blood Moon Rising achievement in Overwatch: Origins Edition

Blood Moon Rising

Complete the Blood Moon Rising archives challenge mission.

Blood Moon Rising-4.3
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How to unlock the Blood Moon Rising achievement

  • SSgtRubberDuckySSgtRubberDucky238,000
    26 Mar 2020 26 Mar 2020 26 Mar 2020
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    This one isn't as bad as it seems even though all the tanks and support characters are blacked out. The modifier for this challenge is that any healing abilities are at reduced effectiveness and you heal yourself though damage output. The line up I would suggest would be Bastion as a must along side Torb, Mei, and a 4th mid/long range dps. Our pick was Hanzo though this 4th pick could be Ashe, Genji, Mcree, or Widow since it doesn't add much to the strategy aside from added dps so pick something your comfortable with.

    The entire match plays like regular Storm Rising so you could read up on the legendary guides to get a play by play on every section. However since this is on an easier difficulty you won't really need to know all that aside from the heavy strat since the assassin is very easy to deal with provided you are grouped up and melee as soon as it gets close and the sniper is easy kills with focus fire.

    The first heavy comes into play during the warehouse section so I'd suggest you be up in the office room near the payload. As with any heavy encounter you try to do as much dmg as you can b4 you need to move but for this challenge you purposely let him get closer. When it does you have it focus Bastion since he'll be doing so much dps that its healing will keep him alive all the while you have Mei freeze the heavy and Torb uses molten core so he is immobilized for a few seconds while you all lay waste to him. The second and 3rd heavy arrive at the end after you've pushed the payload. At this point I would suggest you get into the room on your right so when the heavy goes in there you apply the same strategy of freezing with molten core and dps. You should be able to kill the first heavy b4 the second one even spawns and the second one is where you'd use Mei's ult along with Bastion and Torb. If your wondering how to get Torbs ult back that fast, just use the alt fire for his gun when close to enemies like when dealing with the first heavy in front of you and watch that ult build super fast.

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    Nico8912This is the easier of the two achievements for this week but if anybody wants to see the mission in action I uploaded my playthrough. We used Bastion, Reaper, Genji and Soldier 76. I think Torb is a good pick instead of some of the other heroes cause the higher the DMG output the more healing you'll receive in return. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L1cQVtAOZEw
    Posted by Nico8912 on 26 Mar 20 at 20:06
    The SCHWARTZ 00Torbs ult can take off a good 50% of the Heavy Assault guys health. He is vital to these challenges imo. Mei works well too, her ultimate can set up some major DPS opportunities.
    Posted by The SCHWARTZ 00 on 27 Mar 20 at 00:59
    Clutch Rino^^^ I got the names wrong lol. I updated it
    Posted by Clutch Rino on 27 Mar 20 at 06:27
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  • SaurvivalistSaurvivalist976,473
    26 Mar 2020 26 Mar 2020 26 Mar 2020
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    No healers and healing is reduced.

    Hero selection: Damage heroes only

    Yep, the challenge says no healers but tanks aren't allowed meaning no shields aside from Symmetra's ult. This sounds like a problem but really, with some map knowledge and abusing stairs, which we'll get to later, this challenge isn't all that bad. Now, onto who we beat it with and what my opinions are on the setup.

    Bastion, McCree, Torbjorn, Reaper. Now you'd think Reaper would be a good choice but in reality he isn't, and Torb's turret is actually useless in terms of healing. It doesn't do any making him a beefy character who can't do much for self-healing. Bastion and McCree are both great characters still considering the HPS of Bastion and McCree's ult and stun.

    Soldier and Symmetra are both characters that personally I feel will help out despite the healing reduction on Soldier. Symmetra's ult is the closest thing you can get to a shield in this mode so use it wisely if you decide to play her. Haven't tested Ashe, Junkrat, or Hanzo but I'm sure they're all viable here aswell.

    What this map really comes down to, especially in the castle, is awareness and map knowledge. You NEED to abuse the staircase on the left when you enter and retreat through the hole in the wall and make ypur way around. If someone dies you have plenty of time. Kill the first heavy ASAP because if you don't even the Bastion's damage won't be able to help you. My team, who has done every archive mission flawless had a couple close calls where only 1 of us was alive so don't think because you can heal doing damage that it'll be easy, Bastion can't even out-heal the heavies damage and getting charged by one will most likely mean the death for him. Communicate with your team, stay as far away from the special enemies as possible and you'll make it. The hardest part is the castle with the 2 heavies but making sure you kill the first before the second drops will make it much much easier.

    My teams setup:
    Bastion, McCree, Reaper, Torbjorn.
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