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Storm Raging achievement in Overwatch: Origins Edition

Storm Raging

Complete the Storm Raging archives challenge mission.

Storm Raging-3.0
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How to unlock the Storm Raging achievement

  • SaurvivalistSaurvivalist976,473
    26 Mar 2020 26 Mar 2020 27 Mar 2020
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    Enemies who are enraged get increased health and damage. Killing them will spread the rage to other non-raged enemies.

    Hero selection: All

    Heavies, heavies, heavies. Not only do they seem to have double health when enraged, they also have double damage. The only real advice I can give here is to use this setup. It'll give you 2 healers, 3 damage amplifying abilities, with 2 of them being ults, 1 shield, 2 invicibility zones, and a **** ton of damage, which you WILL need.

    Orisa for the shield and damage buffing ult. Baptiste for the healing, invincibilty, and damage buffing ult. Zenyatta for the healing, discord orb, and invincibilty ult. And finally Bastion, because he does a lot of damage.

    Snipers are your priority here as they can destroy everyone including Orisa's shield in a heartbeat when enraged. Enforcers are also decently annoying but shouldn't be much of an issue with orb of discord and Bastion. Heavies are where the real problems are which I'll give a short guide on below for both areas;

    When you get to the building go to the far right corner from where you enter and stay up there. You'll know you're in the right area as there'll be 3 entrances to the room. A hallway to the right, where no enemies came from in our run, the doorway in front where bastion can just lay fire, and a window to the right that can be ignored. The heavy will come from that doorway infront and this is where the invincibilty will come in handy. Use Zenyatta to tank the charge so the team can continue the bullet spree and then Baptiste drops his field to make sure no one drops. If someone happens to die here you can run out the window and go around after the tank has followed which'll give you enough time for a revive.

    The hardest part being the castle area isn't that hard with enough abuse of the map layout. The 3 damage buff ults combined will do enough damage to kill just 1 heavy before it charges up the left hand staircase in the castle which is where you want to be. Kill the first heavy ASAP and if it does happen to charge Zenyatta can tank the blow with his ult once again to allow everyone to continue doing damage. When the second tank comes do as much damage as possible and jump off through the crack in the wall and make it over to the otherside (far right hand side of the castle if looking at it from the entrance) where you can run back to the staricase to kill any remaining enemies and the last heavy. This area is large enough to abuse the heavy and revive any fallen allies if it's needed, just make sure to watch out for enforcers while running from the heavy as they can still stop your run easily.

    Thanks to Nico8912 for the video walkthrough using a simliar setup to mine. Which you can find below.

    My teams setup:
    Orisa, Bastion, Zenyatta, Baptiste.

    Alternate setups:
    Orisa, Bastion, Torbjorn, Baptiste.
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    SaurvivalistAdded both to the guide. Didn't want to overload the guide with too much info cause frankly there's a lot of setups that can work. I tend to think of the players out there who need more safe characters, hence the Zen and Baptiste.

    If anyone has any other setup they feel will do well please don't hesitate to say. Swapping 1 character for another may just do the trick for certain teams.
    Posted by Saurvivalist on 26 Mar 20 at 20:05
    skrullqueenHas anyone unlocked this? I beat it but it didn't pop for me.
    Posted by skrullqueen on 26 Mar 20 at 20:31
    SaurvivalistMy achievement was delayed but only for about a minute. Give it 72 hours to sync to xbox amd if it doesn't go to support.
    Posted by Saurvivalist on 26 Mar 20 at 20:43
    The SCHWARTZ 00Also a big tip but heavily dependant on RNG...

    IF the enemies don't bust open the doors in the last section, you can use Mei to use her ice wall to boost everyone up to the open wall where the staircase is. You're basically invincible up there since the doors will be closed and you can just pelt them from up top.
    Posted by The SCHWARTZ 00 on 26 Mar 20 at 21:01
    GIG GuerraMei is pretty useful you throw her ult as bastion/orisa/baptise light the boss up then just keep freezing him and when mei has to reload just throw down invincibility.
    Posted by GIG Guerra on 26 Mar 20 at 22:45
    R1KM4NTeam we used was Orisa, Mcree, Bastion and Mercy and had no problems.
    Posted by R1KM4N on 27 Mar 20 at 09:52
    Soft and FluffyI would also recommend to kill the enraged npcs last to minimize the spread. This will make it a whole lot easier on your team to keep your tank alive. Add in a Ashe if your team has 2 healers and she can throw bob out as a distraction on the heavies at the end to assist your team in recovery if you accidentally spread the enrage to them.
    Posted by Soft and Fluffy on 27 Mar 20 at 16:45
    SaurvivalistAll good tips. Especially the save for last. Forgot to mention that. Most specials will spawn with it though sadly so didn't feel the need to recommend it as enforcers and norms would die pretty fast woth my setup.
    Posted by Saurvivalist on 27 Mar 20 at 17:03
    Sailor NovisActually you can do this with absolute "weak" combos. I just did it with Widow, Mercy, Mei and Sombra. I thought the team was so bad I actually troll picked (Widow). We made it....still laughing. :)
    Posted by Sailor Novis on 01 Apr 20 at 19:06
    SaurvivalistStuff like that can happen. Did glass cannon with all healers. I write my guides and give tips in a way that people who aren't sure in themselves may feel more confident in being able to help their team. Put hundreds of hours in this game, some people just play the game for achievements and it causes them to do not so great on the archives. I write for those people. Gg though, widow was a nice pick lol
    Posted by Saurvivalist on 01 Apr 20 at 19:45
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