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Treasure Hunter

Beat all encounters and Mission Challenges, and find all Items in Taras Nabad in a single save slot

Treasure Hunter-134.5
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How to unlock the Treasure Hunter achievement

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    EDIT: DanTheWhale added a great point which I have added into the guide;

    "Make sure you complete the mission as if you exit back to the campaign with everything completed it won't count. I just played through the mission like normal with everything already collected and the achievement unlocked at the summary mission screen!"

    =====Achievement Guide=========

    I waited until I had completed the game and got all the cheat codes, Using cheat codes does not disable you getting achievements, although some will make getting challenges harder due to the nature of some cheat codes.

    This is Mission 9. I played on I'm To Young to Die Difficulty with the following cheats;

    1.) Infinite Extra Lives
    2.) IDDQD
    3.) Instant Stagger Mode - Super useful for the Pain Elemental Glory Kills
    4.) Infinite Ammo
    5.) IDKFA
    6.) Fully Upgrades Suit

    To complete this Achievement you will need to collect the following

    1 - Sentinel Crystal
    5 - Praetor Suit Points
    2 - Mastery Tokens
    7 - Codex
    3 - Sentinel Batteries
    1 - Empyrean Key - BEWARE - You can only get Empyrean Key's WITHOUT CHEATS!! I would Advise getting Empyrean Keys on your first play through to allow you to mop up collectibles with Cheats on.
    3 - Toys
    2 - Albums
    1 - Cheat Code

    I used a guide from the If Only I can Read... Achievement by xTG...Super useful!

    You will Also need to complete the following challenges

    Man Made Wiki - Acquire 6 Codex Entries - I used a guide from the If Only I can Read... Achievement by xTG...Super useful!

    Keeping Cool - Use the Ice Bomb to freeze 10 Demons - You can get this just by playing the level, just make sure you have your Ice Bomb attached, using normal Grenades doesn't count.

    Painkiller - Perform 3 Different Glory Kills on Pain Elemental - Get a Pain elemental to a stagger state and perform a Glory Kill, fairly easy. Just make sure it's three different animations.

    Finally you will need to complete two Secret Gore Nests, These show up as purple on your map and are usually tucked away alongside another collectible. Kill the demons in the time given and you will complete them.

    You can play this mission as many times as you like and it will keep track of what you need to do. As long as you play the mission over again on the same save slot you will be able to get this achievement.
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    Zasta 360GameTV In case you want a video "collectibles" guide for this mission - incl ALL (except the normal fights of course, secret encounter in)
    Posted by Zasta 360GameTV on 25 Mar at 19:29
    zDrUnKeNMoNkEyz How do you get the mastery coins? I guess I missed it, when the game explained bc I have no idea how I’ve randomly gotten them. They seem to not show on the map unlike every other collectible. Appreciate any help!
    Posted by zDrUnKeNMoNkEyz on 26 Mar at 00:32
    Straggor That’s dumb, I have everything discovered and completed but it still has some Demonic corruption on some of them random encounter pink ones, one even has the Slayer Gate Corruption as if I didn’t do it. I literally have the Unmakyr! It’s even worse that you can’t fast travel until the very end of a mission regardless of going back.
    Posted by Straggor on 26 Mar at 03:00
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