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Treasure Hunter achievement in DOOM Eternal

Treasure Hunter

Beat all encounters and Mission Challenges, and find all Items in Taras Nabad in a single save slot

Treasure Hunter+0.2
26 October 2020 - 1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable

How to unlock the Treasure Hunter achievement

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    EDIT: DanTheWhale added a great point which I have added into the guide;

    "Make sure you complete the mission as if you exit back to the campaign with everything completed it won't count. I just played through the mission like normal with everything already collected and the achievement unlocked at the summary mission screen!"

    =====Achievement Guide=========

    I waited until I had completed the game and got all the cheat codes, Using cheat codes does not disable you getting achievements, although some will make getting challenges harder due to the nature of some cheat codes.

    This is Mission 9. I played on I'm To Young to Die Difficulty with the following cheats;

    1.) Infinite Extra Lives
    2.) IDDQD
    3.) Instant Stagger Mode - Super useful for the Pain Elemental Glory Kills
    4.) Infinite Ammo
    5.) IDKFA
    6.) Fully Upgrades Suit

    To complete this Achievement you will need to collect the following

    1 - Sentinel Crystal
    5 - Praetor Suit Points
    2 - Mastery Tokens
    7 - Codex
    3 - Sentinel Batteries
    1 - Empyrean Key - BEWARE - You can only get Empyrean Key's WITHOUT CHEATS!! I would Advise getting Empyrean Keys on your first play through to allow you to mop up collectibles with Cheats on.
    3 - Toys
    2 - Albums
    1 - Cheat Code

    I used a guide from the If Only I can Read... Achievement by xTG...Super useful!

    You will Also need to complete the following challenges

    Man Made Wiki - Acquire 6 Codex Entries - I used a guide from the If Only I can Read... Achievement by xTG...Super useful!

    Keeping Cool - Use the Ice Bomb to freeze 10 Demons - You can get this just by playing the level, just make sure you have your Ice Bomb attached, using normal Grenades doesn't count.

    Painkiller - Perform 3 Different Glory Kills on Pain Elemental - Get a Pain elemental to a stagger state and perform a Glory Kill, fairly easy. Just make sure it's three different animations.

    Finally you will need to complete two Secret Gore Nests, These show up as purple on your map and are usually tucked away alongside another collectible. Kill the demons in the time given and you will complete them.

    You can play this mission as many times as you like and it will keep track of what you need to do. As long as you play the mission over again on the same save slot you will be able to get this achievement.
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    xI KratosIf you got all collectables and 100% demon presence eliminated in all levels and still didn't get the achievement. YOU MUST beat Teras Nabad and then it'll pop.
    Posted by xI Kratos on 06 Apr at 07:35
    xI KratosIf you got all collectables and 100% demon presence eliminated in all levels and still didn't get the achievement. YOU MUST beat Teras Nabad and then it'll pop.
    Posted by xI Kratos on 06 Apr at 21:45
    KAW 24I had a problem with the slayer key not appearing. This was because I'd previously used mission select to go back to a prior mission where I didn't complete one of the mission challenges. I enabled some cheats to make it easier but when I resumed the campaign the game acted as if the cheats were still enabled - they obviously aren't enabled for the campaign, only for mission select - and therefore the slayer key wouldn't spawn. To fix it I waited for my next checkpoint in the campaign, quit to main menu then went back into the campaign menu. Instead of 'continue' I chose 'mission select', disabled all cheats and started a mission (it didn't matter which one). Once it loaded I went to the menu again and chose 'return to campaign'. The slayer key was back, which allowed me to complete the slayer gate part of Taras Nabad.
    Posted by KAW 24 on 07 Apr at 22:23
    Frankie DrumsNYThanks xI Kratos, that unlocked it for me
    Posted by Frankie DrumsNY on 16 Apr at 19:28
    Muka1910Today 10/21 I am in trouble for this achievement, it seems that after the update something has changed .. but I may be wrong, in the first race I left aside a collectible but I did all 3 challenges ..

    I decided to wait to finish the campaign to come back and get this achievement and today when I came back I realized that two challenges were incomplete, the problem is that the counter of freezing 10 enemies with the ice bomb or finishing 3 elementals with glorious executions are stopped .. already I remade the entire map by freezing or running at all times and does not come out 0/10 or 0/3

    someone going through it? I would be extremely grateful for any tip or solution .. so far I have already started the mission several times with or without cheating and nothing changes
    Posted by Muka1910 on 21 Oct at 16:17
    I have the same problem, the two challenges dont work when i replay the mission. Maybe we are forced to do this at first time on another slot. In this case this achievement became missable
    Posted by JokerStayNyt on 21 Oct at 16:42
    jFranbbMe ocurre lo mismo, las 10 congelaciones no cuentan lo haga en modo normal o con trucos, el contador no reconoce ninguna congelacion
    Posted by jFranbb on 22 Oct at 17:53
    Yume3nThis has been patched today.
    Posted by Yume3n on 26 Oct at 22:03
    HoHe69Not for me, 2 of 3 challenges are still at 0 and I don't get any progress if I repeat the mission warning

    Got it in Extra Life Mode now, but in Campaign still glitched...
    Posted by HoHe69 on 29 Oct at 09:01
    CraphexI went back to a mission to get one collectable i missed, and upon starting my 3 completed challenges and batteries found are now at 0.
    Posted by Craphex on 05 Nov at 22:10
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