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Master of Fasting achievement in DOOM Eternal

Master of Fasting

Complete a Mission with only the Famine Mode cheat on

Master of Fasting+0.2
25 October 2020 - 3 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle Player

How to unlock the Master of Fasting achievement

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    I waited until I completed the game to do this.

    You have to get the Cheat Code Famine Mode first which you can find on Mission 10.

    Once you have completed the game, Go back to first mission Hell on Earth on I'm To Young to Die Difficulty. Press X on the mission select to access your cheats codes. Famine Mode is third row down and second across. Make sure it's the only one selected otherwise you won't get the achievement.

    You start with all your weapons you have gained throughout the game. You have to complete a few arenas to progress through but you can effectively bypass 80% of the level and just do the bare minimum to complete it.

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    LostGamesSo I have to replay the whole game again to chapter 10? or can I possibly switch the mode and get it?

    edit: yes it does sadly.....
    Posted by LostGames#4189 on 25 Mar at 06:29
    DaneXXXHow do you change the difficulty level on mission select? I’m stuck at the difficulty I chose on the initial save slot

    Edit: found it. You need to load the level first. Pause the game. Should be right there at the top. Gameplay. Campaign Difficulty.
    Posted by DaneXXX on 26 Mar at 16:54
    Posted by ıIamfine on 08 May at 11:20
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    28 Mar 2020 28 Mar 2020 28 Mar 2020
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    I finished the campaign first before attempting this.

    Use mission select and activate the famine mode cheat code by pressing X at the mission select menu. Only activate this cheat alone as you will not unlock the Master of Fasting achievement if you activate other cheats besides Famine Mode.

    You obtain the Famine cheat code collectible in Mission 10: Nekravol after the fifth encounter of the mission, it is near the second set of dual crusher traps.

    You can not do mission select in Extra Life Mode.

    The quickest level to do this on is Mission 8: Sentinel Prime on I'm too Young to Die difficulty (or any other difficulty of you choice), where you can pick up 2 extra lives along the way to the only fight of the mission, which is the boss battle against the "Gladiator". Use the Lock-On Mod Rockets and the Arbalest Mod Ballista to make quick work of him.

    Should only take you 5 minutes to do.
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    iGeordie93worked like a treat thumbs up!
    Posted by iGeordie93 on 04 May at 13:43
    StelioKontosDon’t know what the thumbs down is for but it worked easy peasy 👍🏾
    Posted by StelioKontos on 07 Oct at 01:17
  • xFaffyxWafflexxFaffyxWafflex218,090
    02 Apr 2020 02 Apr 2020 02 Apr 2020
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    Pretty simple achievement. Famine Mode is a cheat code collected as a secret in the campaign. Enabling this cheat will prevent health, ammo and armour drops from Demons.

    I personally waited until after I had completed the campaign to do this. You don't have to but it makes life a little easier, even though this isn't particularly challenging. Simply select the first mission and hit X to enable the cheat (only available if you've collected it in game) . If you're using a save slot on a higher difficulty you can lower it in the pause menu once the mission starts to make things even easier. Doing this with everything you've obtained throughout your save slot makes the achievement pretty trivial. Demons will drop nothing upon death, with the exception of Chainsaw use, and regular ground pick ups are still available. Using grenades, flame belch and blood punch can save on ammo so be sure to use those when they're available. There is also a very useful Praetor Suit upgrade which grants a bit of ammo when using exploding barrels, so if you find yourself getting a little short be sure to destroy every barrel you see. Just progress through the level and the achievement will be yours.

    Easy Peasy :)
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