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Gunpletionist achievement in DOOM Eternal


Master all Weapon Mods in a single save slot

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How to unlock the Gunpletionist achievement

  • Frankie DrumsNYFrankie DrumsNY400,405
    16 Apr 2020 16 Apr 2020 23 Apr 2020
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    If you use either the IDKFA cheat code or the "All cheats" codes before getting this achievement, it may glitch. I recommend not using those codes at all until this unlocks.

    There are 9 weapons in Doom Eternal. Two of them--the BFG and Unmakyr--do not have masteries. Of the remaining 7 weapons, the Super Shotgun only has 1 mastery and the rest have 2. This means you have to master 13 weapon mods to unlock this achievement.

    To master a weapon, first you must buy its upgrades. This costs 9 Weapon Points per weapon, and if you beat every single encounter, including the surprise encounters, you'll have enough Weapon Points to unlock everything after clearing the second fight in the final level.

    In order to master a mod, you have to unlock a weapon through progression, unlock the upgrades for the mod, and then complete a mastery challenge. Some of the mastery challenges are simple and will easily be done through play, such as the ones for the chaingun, while others may prove to be situational and not always register, such as the auto-shotgun.

    Fortunately, starting in Mission 10, you will find 7 mastery tokens throughout play. These allow you to unlock mastery in a weapon without grinding through the mastery challenge. Since you could use these for any challenge, it's possible you could waste a token to auto-complete an easy challenge and then waste time grinding on a tedious one. To use a mastery token, select the mod, scroll right, and hold down cn_A to purchase.

    Based on my playthrough on Medium difficulty, I found these 7 challenges to be easiest. I recommend you unlock any 6 of these you choose these through normal play:

    Heavy Cannon: Micro Missiles
    Plasma Rifle: Microwave Beam
    Rocket Launcher: Lock-On Burst
    Super Shotgun: Improvements
    Ballista: Destroyer Blade
    Chaingun: Mobile Turret & Energy Shield

    I recommend you use mastery tokens to auto-complete these and whichever of the previous challenges you haven't finished yet:

    Combat Shotgun: Sticky Bombs & Full Auto
    Heavy Cannon: Precision Bolt
    Plasma Rifle: Heat Blast
    Rocket Launcher: Remote Detonate
    Ballista: Arbalest

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    TheRedRodCodThere's 5 zombies towards the beginning of Urdak that could help with the grind towards Micro Missiles, Precision Bolt, Mobile Turret, Destroyer Blade, and maybe Microwave Beam or Heat Blast. It's the spot where you jump down from the vents.
    Posted by TheRedRodCod on 10 Oct at 01:58
    magical alpacaIf you have a few you are trying to mop up. Once you beat the game use mission select (or really any time once you beat this mission.
    Go to cultist base and select any cheats if you so desire, but not necessary. Do the first jumping section until you get to a door that you break through. Very early in the mission.

    There are 5-10 weak enemies fighting each other. kill them with your weapon and restart checkpoint. I completed 4 masteries in 10mins or so and the rest I was able to upgrade with mastery tokens or through my normal playthrough.

    Easy ones to complete with basic enemies in this area:
    Micro missile
    Plasma rifle
    Posted by magical alpaca on 10 Oct at 20:11
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  • iGeordie93iGeordie93558,584
    04 May 2020 04 May 2020 04 May 2020
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    I managed to get this no problem (as I see there are comments about it glitching) so what I did was, I played through the entire campaign and completed it without using cheats, (playing as normal. if you complete gun mastery for certain guns before you reach the end don't worry about it ) I used the gun mastery tokens when i got them on whatever I wanted

    then once the game was finished I went back and started farming them here is a list of all required gun mastery challenges. (and levels included on where to farm)

    Combat Shotgun - Exultia
    - Five Spot: Destroy 25 Arachnatron turrets with a Sticky Bomb
    Combat Shotgun - Super Gore Nest
    - Salvo Extender: Kill 15 Pinkies with the Full Auto mod
    Heavy Cannon - Cultist Base
    - Bottomless Missiles: Hit three enemies with a single salvo of missiles, 15 times.
    Heavy Cannon - Cultist Base
    - Headshot Blast: Get 75 Precision Bolt headshot kills
    Plasma Rifle - Cultist Base
    - Power Surge: Kill two demons with a single Heat Blast, 30 times.
    Plasma Rifle - Cultist Base
    - Concussive Blast: Kill at least one demon with the Microwave explosion, 15 times.
    Rocket Launcher - Cultist Base
    - Explosive Array: Kill 60 enemies while the Proximity Flare is active
    Rocket Launcher - Super Gore Nest
    - Dual Lock: Kill 15 Prowler demons with the Lock-on burst.
    Super Shotgun - Cultist Base
    - Flaming Hook: Kill 50 enemies with the super shotgun while grappled onto them.
    Ballista - MarsCore
    - Instant Salvo: Kill 20 Cacodemons with the Arbalest
    Ballista - Cultist Base
    - Incremental Blade: Kill at least three enemies with the Destroyer Blade, 15 times.
    Chaingun - Cultist Base
    - Ultimate Cooling: Kill 5 enemies with a single turret without overheating, ten times.
    Chaingun - Cultist Base
    - Shield Launch: Deal 20,000 damage while Energy Shield is active.

    since it seems people are having issues with the plasma rifle one, i left that till last.

    hope it help
  • Deadman Inc 616Deadman Inc 616276,300
    22 Mar 2020 22 Mar 2020 22 Mar 2020
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    Throughout the course of getting all the collectibles there are 7 Mastery Tokens you can get. These allow you to bypass a Mastery challenge and mark it as complete. You can use Mastery Tokens to get this achievement.

    Just a few things to know.

    1.) You can only use a Mastery Token after you have bought all the upgrades of that Weapon Mod with the required weapon points

    2.) You only have 7 Mastery Tokens so only use them on ones you know you find hard to get, Some of the Master Challenges you can easily run out with cheat modes enables which brings me on to point 3

    3.) Cheat Mode does not disable getting this achievement. Once you get the Infinite Ammo and Infinite Extra Lives cheat, Put these on when replaying missions as it will make getting master challenges so much easier!
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    Haseo ATCThis has been a bug since launch. Maybe a fix will come with the new DLC coming but I doubt it. The challenges are fun, I don't mind replaying the game, but getting enough weapons points? Not looking forward to that at all.
    Posted by Haseo ATC on 27 Aug at 22:22
    WicelowPatch/DLC didn't fix this.
    Tried to master again my last weapon and nothing popped. I guess I'll have to replay the whole thing at some point if I want to mop up everything 😤
    Edit : still no luck with today's update (1st dec 20).
    Posted by Wicelow on 20 Oct at 18:39
    British LegendsThis is bugged for me too, I did use the cheats to mop up some missing collectibles before unlocking all weapon upgrades. This is probably why it’s bugged for me. :/
    Posted by British Legends on 25 Oct at 07:55
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