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Weapons Expert achievement in DOOM Eternal

Weapons Expert

Kill a Player Demon with each of the 8 Slayer weapons in BATTLEMODE

Weapons Expert+0.4
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How to unlock the Weapons Expert achievement

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    You can do this in a private lobby.

    The first 7 weapons the Slayer will have access to immediately. The 8th weapon, the BFG-9000, you can only get as an end of round upgrade at the end of the third round (going into round four.) This is a cumulative achievement; it doesn't need to be done in one match.

    The recommended approach is to start with the shotgun and work your way clockwise around the weapon wheel (using cn_RB to open the wheel). Only the kill shot counts, so for example you could use the Chaingun to wear down someone's health then finish the player off with the Rocket Launcher.

    It seems that the BFG kills are buggy to register. If you're finding the achievement isn't unlocking (and it only unlocks at the end of the match, not during the match itself), I would suggest getting up to two rounds of BFG ammo and killing both Demon players with two shots, or with one round of BFG ammo, get the health of both Demon players down very low and kill them at the same time with one shot.

    Note that when you select the BFG as your round four upgrade, you only get one round of ammo. You can pick up at least one more round using the chainsaw against demons, but the ammo drop appears to be uncommon.
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    DHG ASMODAII killed both with a single shot and it didn't work, even tried shooting one with two shots at full health.
    Posted by DHG ASMODAI on 20 Apr at 21:50

    Use the game's forum to make a thread or the Gaming Sessions Feature.
    Posted by Beanpotter on 21 Apr at 14:39
    Kyotic GBabythank you sir
    Posted by Kyotic GBaby on 21 Apr at 17:43
    Crims0nScorpionThis is what me and my group did and each of us got the achievement this way. First we would get 2 kills with each weapon in Round 1, then have the Slayer win. Demons then win Rounds 2 and 3 so Slayer can get BFG. Slayer weakens both demons then kill both with one BFG shot, the one you start Round 4 with. This will give both teams 2 wins so you go into Round 5. Then either Slayer can kill both demons or Demons can kill slayer. First round we didn't do that and Slayer won Round 4 and then the game and didn't get achievement. We then did what I notated above and went to Round 5 and all 3 of us got the achievement. So if you're having trouble with BFG counting, maybe get a double kill with BFG in Round 4 but go to Round 5. Maybe going into a new round will help it counting?
    Posted by Crims0nScorpion on 22 Apr at 00:16
    LoftyMagicCan confirm that this achievement is buggy. I killed 3 demons with the BFG in different matches but the achievement did not unlock.

    I ended up boosting it in a private match, it seems the workaround is to kill both demons at the same time with the BFG. Once I did that, it unlocked at the end of the match.
    Posted by LoftyMagic on 27 Apr at 09:25
    outrAJeousThis wouldn't pop for me after doing it multiple times when the game launched. After the 5/15/20 update, I got it on my first try.
    Posted by outrAJeous on 16 May at 14:09
    Draco719I cant seem to figure out how to play this legitimately. I seem to die almost instantly.
    Posted by Draco719 on 14 Jul at 14:54
    BL4DEAgree as Slayer I have no chance whatsoever. Tried multiple strategies, different weapons, etc. It's simply unbalanced or I'm trash at this game online
    Posted by BL4DE on 04 Aug at 21:58
    BL4DEOk figured out a better way as slayer. Use super shotgun and get close shots using the hook. If health takes a hit run and chainsaw or regular kill spawned enemies for health/ammo/armor. Use dash and double jump to your advantage!

    Use rocket launcher with lock-on attachment for medium range. Take your time don’t rush trying to kill both guys quickly. You can just keep letting them respawn to rack up kills. I didn’t realize how many resources you get from killing the spawned enemies I was always just avoiding wasting ammo on them but they drop a lot of stuff!
    Posted by BL4DE on 05 Aug at 10:21
    LavindatharDunno if stuff has changed since these comments, but I just got it on my first ever shot of picking up the BFG.
    Posted by Lavindathar on 14 Oct at 17:28
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