Chain Strike achievement in Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist: Link Evolution

Chain Strike

Chain 100 times

Chain Strike+0.1
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How to unlock the Chain Strike achievement

  • ShazamFTWShazamFTW700,222
    24 Dec 2020 24 Dec 2020 24 Dec 2020
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    A fairly straightforward method to having this trigger without having to worry about timing too much is to build a deck that triggers around Soul Absorption.

    Once you get a card down like Macro Cosmos, any time you play a spell that eliminates something, or remove any cards from play, or trigger a NecroFace, you'll get a Chain trigger. And, if you have multiple Soul Absorptions in play, you get multiple chain triggers.

    As always, substitutions are necessary for many due to the painfully random acquisition of cards from packs, but a general frame:

    Your "These belong in every deck" cards: (aka the truly unfair cards)
    3 x Pot of Greed
    3 x Harpie's Feather Duster
    3 x Raigeki
    3 x Graceful Charity

    The Engine:
    3 x Soul Absorption
    3 x Necroface
    3 x Gold Sarcophagus (Grab a Necroface and trigger it then play it to replenish the engine)
    3 x Macro Cosmos
    2 x Banisher Of The Light
    3 x Gren Maju Da Eiza (Not really part of the engine, but hulk smash, can easily get above 10k) Golden Homunculus is a fair substitute although he requires a sacrifice to get in play.
    1 x Pot of Desires (You'd think you'd want to play more, but it's a one shot trick for the most part. Too many saturates the plan.)

    More fun:
    3 x Mystic Tomato
    2 x Sangan (won't work once Cosmos or Banisher are live, but helps you get there)
    2 x Allure of Darkness (to use Tomatoes and Sangans post-Cosmos)
    1 x Dimension Fusion (Follow up with a Raigeki to clear a path for your Gren Maju)
    2 x Foolish Burial (Grab Necrofaces for more triggers post Cosmos/Banisher)

    It's a functional deck and it will make this achievement move like a breeze. Plus, Gren Maju is just smashy face fun.
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  • Awesum JamesAwesum James620,250
    31 Mar 2020 30 Mar 2020 30 Mar 2020
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    If you understand the basics of YGO, this will come naturally as you progress. To understand chains, it's essentially activating an effect in response to an effect. But thankfully, the game asks if you'd like to chain each time unless you adjust settings. While I'd recommend letting this progress naturally, you can achieve this faster by adding in cards that destroy spells/traps, such as Mystical Space Typhoon, Dust Tornado or Heavy Storm Duster. When your opponent activates any spell/trap card while you have one of these face down, just chain it in response to destroy the card they activated.
  • Katarn StarKiLRKatarn StarKiLR653,240
    13 Apr 2020 13 Apr 2020 13 Apr 2020
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    The best deck I have seen, and used is the fur hire deck. Its fun and I chained 5 plus cards a turn.

    The pack they are in is Gong Strong. First pack in arc v
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