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Guns, Love, and Tentacles

A Hunter, Through and Through achievement in Borderlands®3

A Hunter, Through and Through

Find and kill all 4 rare spawns.

A Hunter, Through and Through-7.5
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How to unlock the A Hunter, Through and Through achievement

  • RuneSlayer4421RuneSlayer4421338,239
    27 Mar 2020 27 Mar 2020 18 Jun 2020
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    EDIT: As of 18 June 2020, it looks like this has been hotfixed and just requires the kills now. To make sure your hotfixes are applied, wait at the main menu for a minute after starting the game. A sign will appear on a telephone pole behind your character letting you know that "Hotfixes Applied." Until this hotfix is actually patched into the game, this the way to get this one.


    I've opened a ticket with 2k and Gearbox, so hopefully they take care of this pretty quick. I've killed all 4 multiple times and have not been able to get more than 50% on the achievement tracker.

    It appears that this achievement is not bugged, just unclear on what the actual requirements are. The way to get progress on this achievement is to have the rare spawn "Kill" missions, which can be grabbed on the second story at the Lodge.

    "Kill" missions are supposed to show up for you when someone on your friends list kills the rare spawn. This does not appear to be guaranteed. If you need someone to kill the rare spawns multiple times, feel free to add me and shoot me a message.

    To help people get this, I have made a channel in my personal discord for this achievement. If you're looking for people to add, and there's a channel for this achievement. If there's a better way to coordinate people outside of discord, let me know so I can get that up and running.

    If someone on your friends list has the missions, you can join their game, kill the enemy in co-op and you both get progress for the achievement. Thanks to Stumpadiah, ☽Somaloria☾ and Sighris for testing this in the discord.

    Huge shoutout to Swan in the discord for finding this out: After adding someone on your friends list, have the person who needs the missions go to the lodge in a new session(save/quit and reload the game) while the other person kills the rare spawns. This seems to give the person in the lodge the missions each time.

    There are 4 rare spawns and I've included a map with each ones locations below.


    Anarch -
    External image

    For this one, the Lantern's Hook fast travel is the one at the bottom of the screenshot.

    The Cankerwood

    Fungal Gorger -
    External image


    Shiverous the Unscathed -
    External image

    Voltborn -
    External image


    External image

    External image

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    TheBongoFuryCan also confirm when I killed the Rare Spawns again the achievement popped for me killing Voltborn!
    Posted by TheBongoFury on 23 Jul at 23:06
    DaBeef2112I'm stuck at 75% but I've killed them all. None of my friends have the curse haven mission. Can anyone add me as a friend so I can get this one?

    Posted by DaBeef2112 on 25 Jul at 21:13
    quorumzWhat a bullshit achievement....
    It does not show posters but masks now. It says all killed but it says only 25% as progress. How lame is this and the friend crap dependency geez
    Posted by quorumz on 04 Aug at 18:50
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  • LilChicka1017LilChicka1017222,457
    01 Apr 2020 01 Apr 2020 09 Apr 2020
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    For those of you who are struggling to get this nailed down, we figured it out! lol It took trial and error but we got it!! (This will get the missions to spawn every time!)

    You and a friend BOTH have to be logged in at the same time.
    You have to stay at the lodge while a friend slays these enemies or the kill missions will not pop. As your friend slays the enemies the kill missions will appear on the wall behind the DJ as soon as it dies. For that reason, it's recommended you stay on the second floor so you can communicate with whoever is doing the run that you received the mission, but it is not necessary.

    You BOTH have to friend each other, Whoever is doing the run can verify they added you by looking at the lodge map and hitting right on the DPad twice to see who on their friends' list is loaded into the lodge, they should see you waiting in the lodge on the map (unless you are appearing offline). You should also be able to see them on the map where they have loaded into.

    After your friend has slain all 4 monsters and you have all 4 missions on your wall have your friend join your game at the lodge (that is if your friend is also trying to get this achievement).

    Accept all the kill missions and go kill everything. (Make sure you have the correct missions selected as you go through your kills, just to be safe.)

    Once all needed kill challenges are completed the achievement will pop for you (and your friend if they joined).

    If you would like help with this, feel free to message me or my better half and we would be glad to help!

    LilChicka1017 or HAHAAHAHAAHAAHA
    (Please see comment on this solution for more info on us helping!)

    I do recommend to whoever is doing a run to do Amach first. Simply because he is very easy to kill and quick to get to. That way if it doesn't pop immediately for the person waiting at the lodge. A Quit and Reload won't really be a hassle while you revisit the steps to figure out what went wrong. (It's easy to forget to add someone as a friend or maybe they already have that kill mission in their log and didn't even realize it, it happens.)

    After you kill Amach make sure to get that verification that it popped before moving on. It's just a time saver trust me =P But if the first one works, you shouldn't have any issues with the rest.

    *Monsters/Target not spawning
    If a monster isn't spawning for you, you have to quit the game and reload. Fast travel will NOT reset their spawns. Each monster only spawns once per game load, that's what makes them rare!

    *I loaded in from the main menu (fresh game load) into Negual Neshai but Shiverous won't Spawn.
    This is rare but it happens for some reason, after loading in and going to trigger his spawn if nothing happens just jump off the cliff to kill yourself and he will now spawn.

    *A friend has killed a rare spawn but the mission didn't post to you.
    SOLUTION 1: Remember you BOTH have to add each other as friends, double-check that this was not missed by someone. If everyone is friended see solution 2.
    SOLUTION 2: Double check that you don't have the mission in your logbook already. Sometimes we pick things up and forget. It happens! If it is in your logbook already it will not spawn on the wall behind the DJ. If you do not have the mission in your logbook see solution 3.
    SOLUTION 3: In this instance make sure your friend didn't have the kill mission. If your friend kills a target with the kill mission for that target accepted in their logbook it WILL NOT provide a kill mission pop up at the lodge for you. Your friend has to kill that target to complete the mission then reload the game to kill them again so the mission will pop up for you.

    I will try to continue to update this If we come across more fixes or bugs in the run...but we've done this many, many times now and I think (and hope) we've found em all! lol
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    Baited BrahLooking for some help! Gt - Baited Brah
    Posted by Baited Brah on 31 May at 13:31
    SaagarVCould use some help on this one if anyone has the missions available
    Posted by SaagarV on 03 Jun at 22:52
    Boney Pants GuyI would love some help as well. Please add me so we can knock these out quickly!
    Posted by Boney Pants Guy on 10 Jun at 06:14
    30 Mar 2020 30 Mar 2020 30 Mar 2020
    11 8 1
    You need your friends farm the monsters in their game when you play the game. In other words, you and your friend need to play the game at same time! same time!If you have two consoles like me, you can farm this for yourself (one console two Controllers not working). If you don't, you need a friend farm this for you.
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    The CherishedDon't know why you're getting downvoted, I have two consoles and this is exactly what I'm going to do to get the achievement. Thank you!
    Posted by The Cherished on 22 Jun at 03:18
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