Operation 3: Gridiron

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Operation 3: Gridiron

Achievement Details

Hives: Busted

Escape all Operation 3 Hives on Experienced Difficulty or Higher

Hives: Busted-83.9
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How to unlock the Hives: Busted achievement

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    this is only known to work on a PC after its date has been changed and you must be online at all times to play escape at all.

    How to:
    >On PC with your account logged into the xbox console companion. Start up gears 5 up wait for the Anti cheats loading bar to go by and disappear.
    >Then when the Ice logos are appearing on screen Alt+tab out of the game or Alt+enter to make it windowed
    >Right click on your clock in the bottom right corner of you win10 PC.
    >Click "adjust Date/Time"
    >Turn off "Set Time Automatically"
    >Click "set the date and time manually"
    >Change the month to July (my date exactly was 09 July 2020)
    You should still be online on gears 5 and can now go host a private escape on the following maps and invite your main account and a friend of your choosing.

    Operation 3 maps tick list
    [_]-The Barracks
    [_]-The Choke
    [_]-Lethal Engagements
    [_]-Melee Brawl
    [_]-The Corruption
    [_]-The End

    It will show the map "Forever" by default for you and your X1 friend for you in the picture but the moment you hit start game on PC it will load "Lethal Engagements" etc for everyone.
    Experienced is just 2 difficulty modifiers so you must pick 2 of the 3 modifiers available to you. Personally I don't choose more lethal every time.

    You've unlocked the achievement
    Once you're done change the date back to automatic or whatever you had originally and you should be fine you may notice some weird stuff on your computer.
    Websites have logged you out/anti viruses demand an update etc.

    Does the date have to be changed during the Ice logo screen?
    Probably not I feel like it accepted time changes when I was in the host lobby when I was done at the end.
    I only mention the ice logos as that was the earliest point where it stopped getting mad at me for changing the dates for licensing validation reasons.

    Could you recommend a character?
    -Cole Level 15+ is pretty op for most of these hives at time of writing, his explosion on burning enemies card is insanely useful against the large amount of Juvies and Rejects.
    -Mac with his bleed card and health card are a pretty good back up too. especially for lethal engagements if you go the with the headshot modifier.
    -Emile is also good for melee bleed and his halo card.
    -3rd person is the idle one if your following my guide completely: Sarah Connor is pretty good at idling, She stands still the best.

    13 weeks have passed all the maps are out what are you gonna do about this solution?
    Probably remake a solution for operation 3 properly, leaving the old solution down below encase they do this exact achievement for op 4+ so people can still see how to get it early.
    Though in time i imagine a lot of people will come here just for the map list.

    Did you work this out on your own?
    Originally no, i joined a random public lobby while trying to exp grind on a map name i didn't recognise "Forever" which is apparently op 1/2 and the host cycled between the maps i only worked out what he had done after the fact.
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    R1P88Big Thanks to TinglyDeer21814 for the help. Take care.
    Posted by R1P88 on 12 Apr at 21:29
    KATAKL1ZMWhy risk a ban?
    Not like it's a hard achievement to get legit 🤷‍♀️
    Posted by KATAKL1ZM on 13 Apr at 19:23
    SmokeNashtywhy do people care so much about this. He didn’t cheat read the terms and conditions. He out smarted the system no harm no foul. Only people mad are the broke ass people who can’t afford a PC
    Posted by SmokeNashty on 15 Apr at 10:54
    Elite1111111111I've cleaned out any comments calling for a witch hunt. If you ACTUALLY think there's anything not kosher about this solution, I'd suggest contacting IT through direct message or the IT forums.
    Posted by Elite1111111111 on 19 Apr at 20:13
    Lethewalkeris this achievement not updating for anyone else? I did the choke multiple times on various difficulties and my progress isn't increasing
    Posted by Lethewalker on 20 Apr at 23:43
    LethewalkerYeah. I did the Barracks when it came out and the progress updated. It just didn’t for the choke for whatever reason. My friend was with me and his updated
    Posted by Lethewalker on 28 Apr at 16:37
    C3LLDW3LLERSo you unlock the achievement without doing the hive? I’m confused.
    Posted by C3LLDW3LLER on 07 May at 08:59
    LAUGHINGOCTOPU5No, you still have to do the hives from start to finish as if they were out. the only thing that this solution does is allow you to select the maps when hosting them in the escape menu.
    You must still play the maps and must play them on experienced fully on every single map.
    Posted by LAUGHINGOCTOPU5 on 10 May at 04:50
    Runner eGirlIs there any reason why you don't start up the game with your main account and invite it later?
    Posted by Runner eGirl on 12 May at 13:53
    MoneyShot360Doesn't appear the Melee Brawl or The Corruption are even to create the matches on your own.
    Posted by MoneyShot360 on 20 May at 22:41
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