Immortal achievement in Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® 2 Campaign Remastered


Complete every missions without dying or reloading to a checkpoint at any difficulty.

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How to unlock the Immortal achievement

  • BabyishDuckBabyishDuck460,831
    01 May 2020 05 Apr 2020 01 May 2020
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    A guide on the Immortal Achievement/Trophy for Modern Warfare 2 Remastered.

    1/5/2020 - Can also confirm restarting the mission via the pause menu doesn't void it. I dd all the missions in one sitting and restarted when I died. I ended up doing S.S.D.D again as I was doing the BX achievement beforehand. Think I forgot to restart the mission after getting it.

    For this you don't need to do all the mission in one go. You can do each mission via mission select on Recruit difficulty. I tested it myself on PS4 and was able to get the Platinum.

    There are some things you'll want to take note of though...

    Shooting General Shepard at the start, shooting your teammates and civilians etc will revert to last checkpoint.

    Other sections of the campaign you need to be aware of is the jump you have to make at the end of The Hornet's Nest. The breaches you have to do on the mission. The Only Easy Day... Was Yesterday, killing the civilians will revert to last checkpoint. Also in the last breach of this mission there are explosive barrels with C4 on them. Don't shoot those as that will revert to last checkpoint.

    For Exodus don't get run over by the APC, I got ran over a few times getting distracted.

    In the mission Just Like Old Times when you do the breach make sure you don't shoot the C4. Also make sure you escape on time.

    The biggest problem I found was rushing ahead would get me killed even on Recruit as the melee attacks from the enemies is insane especially from behind. Also the enemy grenades are still powerful on Recruit.

    Overall not that hard really, I wouldn't recommend doing this straight away if you haven't played the campaign in a while.

    If you're still struggling, feel free to use the time stamps below to go over the door breaches and the Jump at the end of The Hornet's Nest.


    Team Player


    No Russian



    The Hornet's Nest

    The Jump at the end of The Hornet's Nest.


    The Only Easy Day... Was Yesterday

    Last breach of level with C4 barrels.

    The Gulag

    Of Their Own Accord


    Second Sun

    Whiskey Hotel

    Loose Ends

    The Enemy Of My Enemy

    Just Like Old Times

    Breach at end of level with explosives


    Thank you.

    I have this pre downloaded on the Xbox, so planning to go through it again when it comes out.

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    CaptApfelsaftIch habe jede Mission jetzt durch aber keinen Erfolg bekommen.....
    Posted by CaptApfelsaft on 13 Jun at 07:39
    I Ebon Hawk IHey BabyishDuck. It may be worth mentioning Cliffhanger as one of the levels to be careful on in the solution. I died 3 times in a row on Recruit on the snowmobile section. Crashing into a tree or failing the jump results in a death. You can also die at the start if you fall off the ice wall while climbing it. I personally found that level harder than the others that you mention in the solution.
    Posted by I Ebon Hawk I on 30 Jun at 14:58
    Moldy Tacos5000Second that nonsense on Cliffhanger. If you go too fast you risk running into a tree, not fast enough and you fail the final jump.
    Posted by Moldy Tacos5000 on 03 Jul at 22:53
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  • N30YRDN30YRD352,406
    14 May 2020 14 May 2020 16 May 2020
    10 3 13
    After reading both the other Solutions for this achievement... I was still struggling to get it... I done this without deleting my save and after my Veteran Run!!

    Here's my method for this achievement to unlock

    - Start a new game on recruit
    - Take your time with the levels and try take enemies out from a distance

    - Instead Pause the game and quit!! (close game completely)
    - Restart the game and mission select the mission you where on!!
    - If you complete the level without dying, continue on to the next mission...
    - Repeat until the game is finished...

    My achievement popped after the cutscene for Price shooting down the helicopter

    Hope this helps
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    N30YRDIf you use the in game cheats I think it turns off the achievements, that's what happened in MW
    Posted by N30YRD on 16 May at 08:06
    N30YRDMy favourite gun in the game was the FAL whenever I seen one lying on the floor I'd pick it up
    Posted by N30YRD on 16 May at 08:09
    N30YRD@CristianoL1993 - Estou feliz que este método funcionou para você (google translate)
    Posted by N30YRD on 17 May at 01:07
  • HallinskioiHallinskioi270,531
    13 May 2020 13 May 2020 13 May 2020
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    If you are like me and struggling to get this achievement to unlock even though you have completed every mission without dying. I have managed to get it unlock by doing the following:

    - Reset your save game data by deleting if from your console and Xbox Live. You will know if you have deleted it correctly as you will have to rezise your screen and adjust your brightness.

    - Start a new campaign on Recruit and complete each level, (not sure if it must be done in one sitting)

    - If you die in a level/miss an objective/shoot at friendlies, quit out of the level using Save and Quit and restart the level using the Mission Select. Do not restart the mission from within the mission if that makes sense.

    - Do not redo levels that you have already completed if you won't get to the end of them and not die. It is best to do a campaign run specifically for this achievement. Every level needs to have been completed deathless at the same time.

    After you have done every level, it should unlock as the credits start.

    Fingers crossed this will unlock it for you.
    I have sent a bug report regarding this achievement so hopefully they patch it and my solution becomes obsolete. Good luck!
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    MeetTheCynicI’d been having trouble with this achievement, but following this guide I managed to unlock it.

    Do exactly as this guide says and you’ll get it. Thanks man!
    Posted by MeetTheCynic on 15 May at 13:14
    HRDNightRodJust asking to see if I accidentally shoot a friendly soldier and they don't die, thats not considered a game restart? I have accidentally snipped a friendly solder on Contingency and the game stopped and said friendly fire will not be tolerated. So I completely restarted the mission. I have shot friendly solders and they haven't died and just said, check your fire. I presume this is ok and I wouldn't have to restart the mission for this?
    Posted by HRDNightRod on 02 Jul at 19:48
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