Jill Valentine achievement in Resident Evil 3

Jill Valentine

Complete the game with an S rank on "Inferno."

Jill Valentine+0.1
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How to unlock the Jill Valentine achievement

  • yahtzee ゆyahtzee ゆ322,786
    04 Apr 2020 03 Apr 2020 06 Apr 2020
    35 8 41
    To unlock Inferno mode you'll need to beat the game on hardcore & then nightmare mode, for the achievement you'll need to beat the game in less than 2 hours without saving more than 5 times, to make this achievement way easier you can use the infinite RPG & any defense or healing coins you buy in the shop, what I did to get all the points was keep loading old saves at certain points like the hospital zombie waves or getting the fuses & just keep killing the zombies with whatever gun you need for your next record
    I would recommend using your 5th save before the last boss fight as he has an op move that can kill you very easily, the only way I could deal with him was by buying the dodge manual from the store & dodging his 3 or 5 attacks then attacking & then just rinse & repeat
    Doing it this way I was able to beat the game in an hour & 2 minutes

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    Fuzzmeister JA note about people saying to quit to menu instead of hitting continue, that does not really matter on the final boss. It added less than a minute after every fail.
    Posted by Fuzzmeister J on 18 Oct 20 at 13:55
    TommyTusjThe two hardest parts are the first 5 min and the final boss. Took med two days to get a hang of the dodge mechanics that you never have to use elsewhere in the game
    Posted by TommyTusj on 01 Dec 20 at 07:15
    TheBlackDragonXAnyone struggling on the final Nemesis battle check out jewhack's solution on here. There is a piece of dlc for £3.99 called the 'All in-game Rewards Unlock'. This gives you all the items in the shop, but you can also still buy the same items again in the shop. This means you can stack up to four healing, defence and damage coins instead of two and you can have two of Chris's dodging manuals. With four defence and healing coins you can survive the Nemesis 'stun lock'. I managed to do it first go, although I had to heal three times because he does take your health down to caution. So make sure you bring a few healing items into the battle. The dlc also automatically unlocks Nightmare and Inferno difficulties. Therefore, you do not have to play through the game on Hardcore and Nightmare difficulty and just go straight to Inferno difficulty as the difficulty achievements all stack. So if you are willing to pay for the dlc it will save you two playthroughs and make the final Nemesis battle much easier.
    Posted by TheBlackDragonX on 02 Feb at 23:13
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  • Bi11ysGamingBi11ysGaming188,819
    05 Apr 2020 05 Apr 2020 05 Apr 2020
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    To complete this achievement you need to first beat hardcore and then follow that up by defeating Nightmare. If you've farmed enough kills at the "defend Jill" stage for the 2000 kills and met prerequisites, you should have enough shop points for Infinite Rockets, both of the hip pouch boosts and 2 of every stat/ recovery coin.
    Saves I used for my 2 runs were:
    1) immediately before nemesis fight one
    2) immediately before nemesis fight two
    3) [this save can be wherever you wish]
    4) immediately before nemesis fight three
    5) immediately before nemesis fight four (final)

    If you die at any stage, return to main menu and load last save to keep your save state run time. This is trial and error at times but provided you know your route through the game and what you NEED to get, (e.g. forget about weapon pick ups and ammo for example), you should clear this in less than 1 hour 30 minutes with good final nemesis luck.
    My 2 times have been 5 saves 1h26 and 5 saves 1h12

    God speed and be prepared for mass annoyance.
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    ResidentialEvilIs it just me or is the part where Nemesis shoots down the massive toy head like way harder on Inferno? I never died at that spot and I've tried 2 Inferno speed runs now and both times died at that spot. It's like when it give me back control it has me turned around weird and no matter how fast I turn around the head catches up to me and crushes me. I hadn't saved up to that point both times and it pissed me off so much I rage quit.
    Posted by ResidentialEvil on 09 Apr 20 at 01:06
    Tozi TiberiusThe toy store head does roll down the steps faster than before. Manually skip the cutscene of it being toppled so you know when to turn and bolt.
    Posted by Tozi Tiberius on 09 Apr 20 at 13:05
    zeno2keeeeeh... unfortunately the coins and the other stuff are in the case, I'm not able to avoid the very first zombie.
    Posted by zeno2k on 13 May 20 at 14:58
  • JewhackJewhack957,281
    03 Apr 2020 15 Oct 2020 15 Oct 2020
    3 0 2
    Not much of a guide perse, but a tip in relation to the final Nemesis form which can be a bit of a nightmare on this difficulty seeing as if it manages to stunlock you you're pretty much done for.

    I recently played through the Z Version on Inferno using the DLC which unlocks all the unlockables including the Infinite Rocket Launcher, Coins and S.T.A.R.S Manual in order to speed through the stack quickly. The latter two can be stacked to improve their effectiveness. You can also unlock these in the Bonus Shop allowing for a stack of 4 Recovery Coins, 4 Defense Coins, and 2 Manuals etc.

    Using 4 Recovery Coins, 4 Defense Coins, and 2 Manuals in tandem with the Infinite Rocket Launcher will make you practically invincible, allowing you to tank through the Nemesis' stun lock. I got trapped in the stun lock 4 times and only had to heal twice, but was able to defeat it on my first try.

    Using this loadout will make this boss fight far more doable if you're willing to drop few dollars/euros/pounds on the DLC considering it can be a little cheap normally.
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    Bobby Blane3This gets a big thumbs up from me.

    Potential walkthrough for the entire game using this plan.
    -Spend $5 on this DLC (unlocks infinite launcher, all shop items, and all difficulties)
    -Run 1 (assisted) - don't use item box, get all collectibles. Takes about 5-6 hours
    -Go to shop - buy recovery coins (2), defense coins(1-2), hip pouch (1), manual, assault coins (1-2) (in that order) depending on how much credit you have
    -Run 2 (infernus) - don't use any healing items (except 1 - story related), finish in less than 2 hours, save 5 times or less (for S rank). Takes about 2 hours factoring in deaths.

    This is what I did. Total game time should be 7-8 hours. $5 was definitely worth it for me to save about 5 hours and 3 additional playthroughs of the game
    Posted by Bobby Blane3 on 21 Oct 20 at 11:53
    TheBlackDragonXThanks for the solution. Buying this dlc made getting the completion on this game relatively stress free.
    Posted by TheBlackDragonX on 02 Feb at 23:15
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