Electric Slide achievement in Resident Evil 3

Electric Slide

Gather the fuses in the warehouse within 5 minutes.

Electric Slide+0.2
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How to unlock the Electric Slide achievement

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    You don't have to do this the first time, just make sure you have a save on or before
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    so you can go back after.

    Edit: These weapon choices and enemy locations are only for Assisted, Standard, and Hardcore modes, if you are playing on Nightmare or Inferno the enemy locations change or different enemies are added.

    Start off by bringing the MGL Grenade Launcher with Flame Rounds, M3 Shotgun, and .44 AE Lightning Hawk (magnum). You can bring Explosive Rounds if you want or have the space, and a grenade or two if you have them but I did not have any during my run. Bring a couple health kits if you are bad at dodging like me. Make sure you have at least 3 spaces available for the fuses. There are other items to pick up but for the sake of time you will be missing all of them. Of course sprint as often as you can through the area.

    Equip the magnum, exit the save room, drop down and try to activate the lift ahead of you. You will see the fuse box explode. Move forward and activate the other lift while dodging the pale head and put at least two magnum rounds in him. Move the lift up, grab the fuse in front of you, and take the ladder to the left. Pull out the shotgun. You will see a short sequence where stuff falls from above and blocks you. Kill the two dogs that appear, move forward and see another short sequence of stuff dropping and blocking your way. Move forward to the left, take out the zombie and move through the narrow space. Make your way up the stairs, move across the one lift and raise another lift. Equip the grenade launcher with flame rounds, move across and drop down at the ladder. Move forward and watch the door fall, shoot a flame grenade and then IMMEDIATELY TURN AROUND. Another door will fall and a Hunter γ will appear. Put two flame rounds into him, turn around and equip the shotgun to clean up the zombies. Grab the next fuse and go back up the way you came down. Move back to the top of the stairs, equip the magnum and go through the door. Take out the pale head with the magnum and the zombies with the shotgun, move through the door to the left. Equip whatever weapons you think necessary to take out the Hunter β quickly (I just used flame rounds and shotgun), grab the fuse, and go back through the door you came in through. Unlock and go through the door on the left, you will be back in the save room, and head straight to where the fuse box is. You will fight a few nemesis zombies, a grenade or explosive rounds come in handy here. Once you get the fuses in and activate the lift the achievement will pop.

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    CarlosYabrudyThis is getting stupid.
    I have now played through 3 times. I timed myself doing this achievement with a whole minute and more to spare. I ran non stop. Grenade launched the world around me. Event got both dogs with the same grenade too. Hasn’t popped still. I’m
    About to start nightmare mode now that I know the route perfectly to do it optimally.
    Posted by CarlosYabrudy on 07 Apr 20 at 01:16
    Tricell CEO UI shot a Mine Round into that container of zombies as I had several left over. It cleared them out pretty well. Did the same for the Nemesis Zombies at the end, though it incapacitated more than actually killing them. Otherwise, followed this pretty much to the letter and easily got the achievement.
    Posted by Tricell CEO U on 14 Apr 20 at 15:36
    zeno2kI did this on my first attept and it was incredible easy.
    I skipped everything except the fuses, shoot everyone with shotgun with the exception of the Hunter Beta (1 granade is enough) and avoided the Hunter Gamma running to the stairs before it can even open its mouth.
    Then I took down the nemesis zombies with a couple of granades and boom
    Posted by zeno2k on 15 Apr 20 at 07:20
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    For those who like video guides here is a video showing the route to take. This is a complimentary video to the already existing text walkthrough.

  • Enigmatic ElkEnigmatic Elk302,868
    14 Apr 2020 15 Jul 2020 15 Jul 2020
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    Electric Slide - 43:03
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