Goodbye, Charlie! achievement in Resident Evil 3

Goodbye, Charlie!

Destroy all Charlie dolls.

Goodbye, Charlie!+0.4
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How to unlock the Goodbye, Charlie! achievement

  • dumba360dumba360213,494
    04 Apr 2020 04 Apr 2020 04 Apr 2020
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    #1: As soon as you get saved by Carlos and take control, turn around and head up the stairs out of the subway. Go left and it’s between the newspaper boxes next to a school bus

    #2: In the warehouse with the safe. Go down the left aisle and look up towards the top shelves.

    #3: Moon’s Donuts: behind the counter next to the microwave on it’s right hand side. Look all the way down the shelf to the right.

    #4: Subway company office: it’s in the office with the puzzle. Look under the donut box to the left of the puzzle on the floor.

    #5: Substation control room: On top of a storage cabinet in front of the exit towards the infested area. It’s hiding behind a cardboard box.

    #6: Toy Store: amongst the Megaman toys.

    #7: In the sewers. At the split, left goes towards the lab. Go left. Behind the bars at the end. You have to shoot it.

    #8: Access stairs to the surface from the sewers. As soon as you go through the doors, turn around and look at the light above the door. Chilling on top.

    #9: The house in the alley by Kendo’s. As soon as you enter, look on the shelf in front of you as you enter. He’s in front of an American Flag.

    #10: RCPD Courtyard. Those stairs you were wanting to go down but had to fight Brad instead? Go back, head down the stairs, then head up. Left side sitting on a brick wall.

    #11: RCPD Safety Deposit Room: Shelves in the back where the shotgun can be found in RE2 (THERE IS NO SHOTGUN HERE). For those who have not played RE2, enter the room, go left, kill the zombie or avoid, head down the aisle, the shelving unit in front of you.

    #12: Once you take control of Jill after the train, exit the safe room, kill the 3 zombies, and it’s in the second room on the right under the bench. This is before climbing the stairs.

    #13: Its in the place before the bridge. Look for the armored car. You’ll find it next to it next to a wooden box.

    #14: On a gurney in the hall right after the reception area.

    #15: Hospital Roof. As soon as you exit onto the roof, turn immediately right.

    #16: Sick room. As soon as you enter, look inside the plastic trash cans.

    #17: Taking control of Jill. Inside the large warehouse. It’s on top of the forklift on the left side of the room
    on the hood.

    #18: Middle Lane of the fuse room. Once you squeeze through the shelving, listen for the clacking of the bobblehead.

    #19: Vaccine chamber. Go onto the balcony and turn around towards your left. It’s tucked into a corner.

    #20: The room with the pale heads. Go up the stairs and look inside the room. It’s a dead end room called “Lab 1” on the map. Check the stack of crates on the floor to the left.

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    YaIrishMick96Do they carry over through multiple playthroughs same as RE2? I missed the Toy Shop collectables quite easily on my collectables run
    Posted by YaIrishMick96 on 26 Jul 20 at 21:01
    GingerAmongUsYes they do cross over play through YalrishMick96
    Posted by GingerAmongUs on 14 Nov 20 at 01:57
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  • iBrennan95iBrennan95151,440 151,440 GamerScore
    03 Apr 2020 03 Apr 2020 03 Apr 2020
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    Resident Evil 3 Remake: All Charlie Dolls Locations Guide (Goodbye Charlie Achievement)

    Time stamps:

    - 0:03 - CHARLIE DOLL #1
    - 0:36 - CHARLIE DOLL #2
    - 1:07 - CHARLIE DOLL #3
    - 1:29 - CHARLIE DOLL #4
    - 1:50 - CHARLIE DOLL #5
    - 2:10 - CHARLIE DOLL #6
    - 2:30 - CHARLIE DOLL #7
    - 2:55 - CHARLIE DOLL #8
    - 3:52 - CHARLIE DOLL #9
    - 4:39 - CHARLIE DOLL #10
    - 5:11 - CHARLIE DOLL #11
    - 5:35 - CHARLIE DOLL #12
    - 6:00 - CHARLIE DOLL #13
    - 6:40 - CHARLIE DOLL #14
    - 7:04 - CHARLIE DOLL #15
    - 7:28 - CHARLIE DOLL #16
    - 7:56 - CHARLIE DOLL #17
    - 8:14 - CHARLIE DOLL #18
    - 8:40 - CHARLIE DOLL #19
    - 9:02 - CHARLIE DOLL #20
  • Mr WhiteshirtMr Whiteshirt950,893
    04 Apr 2020 04 Apr 2020 05 Apr 2020
    8 2 2
    Here is a full locations guide for every file, Charlie doll, weapon, lock, safe, and locker in the game. This guide is done in chronological order of the game and with minimal spoilers. Enemies have been cleared out of most rooms in the game so be mindful of the rooms you are entering. Some back tracking is required in the Raccoon City Downtown area in order to fully get everything. While some of the locks and weapons are essentially unmissable in the game, others can be easily overlooked if you speed on by them.

    Charlie Doll 1 (00:26)
    Charlie Doll 2 (01:53)
    Charlie Doll 3 (03:04)
    Charlie Doll 4 (04:15)
    Charlie Doll 5 (07:06)
    Charlie Doll 6 (10:55)
    Charlie Doll 7 (12:22)
    Charlie Doll 8 (14:54)
    Charlie Doll 9 (15:28)
    Charlie Doll 10 (16:57)
    Charlie Doll 11 (19:29)
    Charlie Doll 12 (23:51)
    Charlie Doll 13 (24:11)
    Charlie Doll 14 (25:29)
    Charlie Doll 15 (26:08)
    Charlie Doll 16 (27:37)
    Charlie Doll 17 (34:23)
    Charlie Doll 18 (35:10)
    Charlie Doll 19 (37:31)
    Charlie Doll 20 (38:26)
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    SincereSupermanI won't downvote you because I appreciate the fact that you made this. However, this is way more than what this achievement calls for. These kinds of one size fits all videos are great for a first play through, but terrible when I already have all the files, weapons, locks, safes, and lockers. I only need the dolls and sifting through 40 minutes of a video with no timestamps is really annoying. At the very least, consider putting timestamps in the description or in a pinned comment, so people can find what they need quickly.
    Posted by SincereSuperman on 05 Apr 20 at 10:06
    Mr WhiteshirtI could do timestamps for sure! Thanks for the feedback, was meaning to do these but did not get around to it.
    Posted by Mr Whiteshirt on 05 Apr 20 at 17:14
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