Minimalist achievement in Resident Evil 3


Complete the game without opening the item box.

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How to unlock the Minimalist achievement

  • Crusty GrapeCrusty Grape97,809
    05 Apr 2020 05 Apr 2020 05 Apr 2020
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    This achievement is one of the more annoying ones to earn, albeit easy to achieve.

    You CAN use the two extra hip pouches earned through the shop.

    You CAN reload a save if you make a mistake.

    To do this I recommend playing on STANDARD and NOT Assisted. The reason for this is in Assisted mode Jill starts with an Assault Rifle which takes up two inventory slots. Obviously you cant put this in the item box due to the nature of the achievement.

    (NOTE: Cryptic Flair pointed out that by starting out on Standard mode and letting zombies kill you a few times after collecting your bonus hip pouches, the game will ask you if you wish to switch to Assisted. Doing this will allow you to play on assisted mode with your additional extra pouches and the Assault Rifle.)

    Play through the game on your preferred difficulty, being careful not to interact with the item box. Keep an eye out for handgun ammo and do your best to always keep at least one extra heal on you. I recommend never having more the two full stacks of one item as it will take up precious inventory space.

    Picking up the grenade launcher will take two inventory slots along with the additional ammo taking up more. I chose to pick up the grenade launcher and had about one or two free slots left which is enough to get you through the game.

    If you don't want to pick up the grenade launcher, I definitely recommend at least grabbing the shotgun. Otherwise you'd be doing a "pistols only" run with Jill. Props to you if you do that.

    Its VERY important to make use of the Hip Pouches found throughout Racoon City. Here is Gamespots guide to find all 6 of them-

    Aside from that, this achievement is fairly straightforward. Here are some extra tips I utilized.

    -it's very easy to open the item box by mistake. To avoid this make sure whatever your trying to interact with has the button prompt to interact with it before doing so. If you think you made a mistake, check your records tab. Under the challenge called "Minimalist" it will show how many times you opened the box. If it's more then zero, you will need to reload your save.

    -Make sure your always combining items together to increase space.

    -You can still combine items from the ground even if you dont have space to pick them up.

    -If you have a small stack of a minor item (ie. handgun ammo, red herb, etc) dont hesitate to drop it. Those item are in abundance unless you're on a higher difficulty.

    -Dont worry about picking up many flame rounds. Flame rounds aren't the most effective thing against bosses. Although they are nice to use as an alternative to your precious explosive rounds, the game gives you a lot of flame rounds. It's okay to keep a full stack but I would throw away the rest.

    -Dont worry about Explosive B. As the tip above describes, flame rounds aren't too important. Acid rounds are provided toward the endgame segment just before fighting 3 Hunter b's. Because of the power of explosive rounds, try to only collect and craft them by combining two Explosive A.

    Any further information you guys provide or I discover I will update this solution with. Please leave your feedback and good luck gamers!

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    Decaying Dead
    Unless I'm mistaken, why put it on Standard for the extra hip pouches when you start with 4 extra spaces on Assisted anyway?

    starting on assisted you start with 12. starting on standard you start with 8. but if you pick up the pouches on standard then downgrade to assisted you end up having 16, plus the assault rifle
    Posted by Decaying Dead on 01 May 20 at 00:55
    Medieval DeadIs there anyway to use the infinite ammo guns while going for this achievement?
    Posted by Medieval Dead on 02 Jun 20 at 10:23
    Yoshi 360I thought it wouldn’t be too difficult to get this and the 2hrs achievement on the same run with the unlimited assault rifle … except to use that would require opening a damn box 😐 I think I’ll do no box and 2hrs on separate runs but it’s kind of a bummer the game doesn’t let you have unlimited ammo for this
    Posted by Yoshi 360 on 20 Nov 20 at 21:29
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  • Lord RazorbladeLord Razorblade957,876
    11 Apr 2020 12 Apr 2020 12 Apr 2020
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    In this video I will be getting Sensational Work! achievement, for getting a S ran on any difficulty. Sprinter achievement for beating the story in under 2 hours. Minimalist for completing the game without opening the item box. Lastly I Might Need These Later! achievement for completing the game using 1 or fewer recovery items.

    In the video I will be running through the story as fast as I can to get these achievements quick. If you follow what I do you should ave no problem getting all the achievements.

  • moraleboostmoraleboost71,211
    23 Apr 2020 23 Apr 2020 23 Apr 2020
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    Just got this one with ease on Assisted. The free assault rifle does take up 2 slots, but you're starting with an extra 4 and the game also dumps ammo for it on you constantly. This means you can ignore handgun ammo and all handgun upgrades (mainly the moderator, which expands it to a second slot). Avoid the semi-auto barrel for the shotgun and it'll also only take up one spot. I skipped the grenade launcher in the sewer, since it takes two slots and the ammo doesn't stack very high. This made it easy to pass on collecting explosives too. The game keeps trying to force the grenade launcher on you; I must've seen it 3 or 4 times total. I finally snagged it right before you go up against Nemesis in the acid pit, when I was through with all the quest items and the game was also supplying tons of grenade rounds. Throughout the playthrough, you'll have to leave lots of health items behind; you just won't need them. And keep in mind you can "store" items in an area you'll be in for a while by just not picking them up—this is pretty helpful in the opening Racoon City area, since you spend a lot of time here and the backtracking takes you back past the items you left behind.
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