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The Mechanic achievement in Deliver Us The Moon

The Mechanic

Find yourself a friend

The Mechanic-0.3
10 November 2020 - 3 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

How to unlock the The Mechanic achievement

  • iGeordie93iGeordie93674,057
    25 Apr 2020 29 Apr 2020 29 Apr 2020
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    In chapter 3 Copernicus Moonhub as you follow along with the story. You will come to a point where you have to repair a spherical robot companion that helps you progress through the story further.

    Can't be missed.

    Repairing your flying friend will unlock the achievement.
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  • I MooseJoose II MooseJoose I758,651
    30 Apr 2020 30 Apr 2020 30 Apr 2020
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    Adding another solution as the other one doesn't tell you where to find what you need.

    For the first part, The three components you need are:

    1) On the desk where you place the ASE unit
    2) On the desk to the right hand side, directly to the right of where the unit is placed
    3) In the room to the left with a cardboard box symbol above it, on a tray directly in front of you.

    You then have to return these to the centre and place them into the unit in the correct order. They will glow blue if you are holding the correct piece, but need to rotate it to fit in the correct position.

    After you complete that, you need to repair the thruster. The components for this are in Isaac's workshop directly behind the platform with the ASE unit on, on the desk in the NE side of the room.

    Return to the middle and you will need to again insert the pieces in the correct order. These are:

    - The rod piece (middle top);
    - The flat metal piece (middle bottom);
    - Thick 3 holed metal piece (bottom left);
    - Three layered metal piece (top right);
    - The cap piece (bottom right);
    - Thin flat piece (top left)

    Place the cover back on the unit and use the console behind you to 'Reboot'. This will bring the little unit to life (approach and interact with it) and unlock the achievement!
  • TheWelshHuntTheWelshHunt866,428
    21 May 2020 27 May 2020 27 May 2020
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    Here is my 100% Guide for Deliver Us The Moon!

    This is in chapter 3 (Copernicus Moonhub) and its for fixing a little robot buddy.
    You have to find the pieces first.

    So once you place it on the table, Piece 1 is directly infront of you on the same table.
    Piece 2, is to the right of where you are on a desk.
    Piece 3, is then to the left of where your robot bud is, in a little room.

    Return to the robot and fix him up.
    It is an easy puzzle to complete.

    Once that is finished, the room in the back will open up as you will be able to see.
    Go into that room, and on the right hand side of the room, top corner there are another bunch of components to pick up.
    Grab them, return to the robot, fix him up with another small puzzle and he will become alive!
    Therefore unlocking the achievement!

    If you prefer to see a visual, go to 55:30 in my video.

    Hope This Helps!

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