High Treason achievement in Minecraft Dungeons

High Treason

Defeat the Arch-Illager on Apocalypse difficulty.

High Treason+12.7
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How to unlock the High Treason achievement

  • KSI G 7KSI G 71,210,959
    27 May 2020 27 May 2020 27 May 2020
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    This achievement is most likely going to be the last one you earn in the game:

    Defeating the Arch-Illager on the hardest difficulty in the game, for the apocalypse difficulty you have two sub difficulties for the fight.

    V) with a recommended power level of 91
    VI) with a recommended power level of 97

    I managed to do this with a team of 2 with an :

    individual power rating of 99
    team power rating of 101

    in terms of gear, the best advice I can give is, always equip the highest power gear you have, even if you hate the piece of equipment equip it this increases your power level which increases the loot range found at the bottom of the mission select screen. for example

    me being power level 99 apocalypse VI has a loot range for new gear of 100 -107
    however if i lower my power rating it drops to 88-95

    i would defo recommend that all members of your party are above the 100 power level range. and also fighting the boss on sub difficulty 5 for a lower power recommendation of 91

    (hide spot for the boss) - there may be a hiding spot for the boss fight that teammates can use to avoid damage (not completely ) as soon as you hit the final jump pad to be bounced to the boss platform, you'll notice a tiny ledge behind you with a few steps heading back (3-4 steps) if one teammate sits on the very bottom step at the top right wall... there is an increased chance of avoiding damage however sometimes during the second phase fight. the "ender beams" (big creatures that pop out of the floor and shoot the lasers) they may randomly spawn and shoot in your direction. be prepared to move out of the way, heal and return if needed.

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    wolfzero01I did it at power level 96, and the hardest part for me was just getting to the fight, especially the beginning area with the jump pads since when you land you are usually surrounded by enemies. I used the golem, ghost cloak and boots of swiftness only died twice. My weapons where a spear which I never used and the Twin Fang bow I think its called with the powerful, attack boost and piercing enchantments. I was using the Hunters Armor with Damage reduction, the enchantment that gives you 90% damage reduction on use , and the chilling one that reduces enemies speed. For the first phase I used the gong of weakness and the love amulet and had the golem out for distraction purposes as I shot him with arrows. For the second phase I switched out the love amulet for the boots of swiftness and went to the upper right corner. I just fired arrows at him with the golem again distracting him, he never came close to me and I only got hit by his beam a couple of times. For some reason this fight seemed easier than on the previous difficulties.
    Posted by wolfzero01 on 17 Jun 20 at 17:22
    TrombonafideI was able to do the level on Apocalyptic III or IV. Can’t recall which now, but it was recommended power lvl 80. I went in at 76 and only died once to a laser from the boss. I had a lvl 76 lightning rod that took the boss’s health apart in 4-5 hits. It did 5000+ damage per shot.
    Posted by Trombonafide on 30 Sep 20 at 08:21
    MrJenkins91I was on level 81 and had a gear rating of 93, beat him up solo with Golem 91, Wolf 93 and LLama 92.
    Had following gear (roughly translated from German)
    Heart thief lv 94 - Pillager III, Critical Hit III
    Magnificent Robe Lv 93 - Shot Defense III, Beast Boss III, Protection III
    Gemini Bow Lv 94 - Glowing Shot III, Chain Reaction III, Multiple Shot III

    Just make sure, you save enough arrows for the endboss and spam the rest with your companions. You should get enough Potions with pillage and should deal enough damage to one-hit most enemies or at least weaken them, so that your golem gives them the rest. It was a breeze with this set up and it worked with the first try.

    I just died 3 times (1 time because the ray just hit me WHILE he was already dead, bad luck i guess, but still, very easy)
    Posted by MrJenkins91 on 28 Jun 21 at 21:00
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  • LaB1LaB1729,856
    31 May 2020 01 Jun 2020 01 Jun 2020
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    The other lengthier solutions are excellent. I will add one thing.

    You can roll off the edge during the arch-illager fight and lose 20% of your health but you will spawn at the entrance to the fight and can recover your cooldowns and potion and HP before re-entering the fight. The boss does not regain HP when you do it.

    You basically can come into it fresh over and over, shoot your bow and artifacts, and ditch when your health starts to get low and you've used your potion.

    I beat it solo at gear level 90 and in game level 49. I rolled off the edge maybe 2 times to recover on the fight but I had really excellent gear.
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    neeker75The best solution. I had infinity, rapid fire and gravity on my bow. I also had a Hero's Armor that reduces HP potion waiting time by 40%. Rolled off ledge twice, and it was over. Level 60, Power 101. 😂
    Posted by neeker75 on 07 Jun 20 at 15:51
    29 May 2020 13 Jun 2020 13 Jun 2020
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    If anyone wants any help with this achievement I will be running the apocolyptic boss daily. If you would like help in getting the achievement just drop me a message and I will sort you out with an invite. Also please let me know what times are good for you.
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    Yes please, can I please get help? This game is so freaking tedious and boring.
    Posted on 17 Jul 20 at 00:10
    I Nom CoookiesWould really appreciate help if you're still doing runs!
    Posted by I Nom Coookies on 27 Jul 20 at 14:53
    EYEHUNTER 42Are you still running this? I'm available between 4-8 pm EST on weeknights.
    Posted by EYEHUNTER 42 on 14 Mar 22 at 12:48
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