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Blast Radius achievement in Minecraft Dungeons

Blast Radius

Kill any 10 mobs at once with TNT.

Blast Radius0
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How to unlock the Blast Radius achievement

  • LostGamesLostGames#4189
    26 May 2020 26 May 2020 17 Jun 2020
    Note: Minecraft Dungeon is a procedurally generated game... this meaning that the entire game is "random" nothing should be in the same place twice (or it shouldn't be). Luckily this has only a very minor role to play in this achievement... but it's still something to note incase you just have bad luck.Large groups of enemies are common to find on all difficulties, and on all tiers on each level.

    Level: Creeper Woods, Soggy Swamp, Pumpkin Pastures, Redstone Mines (A LOT of people have recommended this level thanks to the multiple spawners located here) , Cacti Canyon (This is the level I got mine).
    Recommended Tiers are: I, II, III,IV, V, VI
    Tip: (Thanks Dibbs93) You can stack multiple TNTs and when you throw them, they all count as one explosion

    Note: The achievement will track ONLY WHAT YOU HAVE KILLED, this isn't a cumulative achievement, meaning that this has to be done in 1 throw of TNT block(s). If you mess up and kill let's say 90% it doesn't matter. You have to kill the full amount in 1 throw or that 90% may as well be 0%....

    This achievement requires you to pick up the dropped "TNT Block" (Which you get by killing enemies) and throwing it into a large group of enemies (Once you pick it up click RT to throw it).

    I recommend doing this on tier "I" as enemies are weak and will die a lot easier.

    TIP: If you can't find a large horde enemies, just run past a few (make sure they follow you) and group them up together.
    Then throw your TNT and run into the middle of it. BOOM! It will damage you (or kill you) and kill all the other mobs around you! It's that simple!

    Hope this helps!

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    Gorah KidCreeper Woods worked well for me, lots of zombies spawn towards the start of the level.
    Posted by Gorah Kid On 29 Apr 22 at 19:07
    Gorah KidCreeper Woods worked well for me, lots of zombies spawn towards the start of the level.
    Posted by Gorah Kid On 29 Apr 22 at 19:28
    Norm D MinotaurSoggy Swamp worked for me. I found three slimes that I was able to chop into smaller slimes. Not sure if each mini slime counted as an individual mob, but it did pop after I threw the TNT into the area where they all were (can't confirm as there were a few skeletons in the mix too).
    Posted by Norm D Minotaur On 24 May 22 at 16:57
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  • notoriousJMZnotoriousJMZ
    02 Jun 2020 03 Jun 2020 03 Jun 2020
    For this solution you need to eliminate 10 enemies with an explosion of TNT which can be carried on your head by pressing cn_A and thrown using cn_RT.

    I was having difficulty throwing the TNT as it always seemed to only catch 6-8 enemies.

    An easy way around this I found was to get 10 enemies around you (Zombies are best as they get very close) with the TNT above your head and let them defeat you. As you die, your TNT will fall and eliminate all the enemies.

    This can be accomplished here -
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***
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    MiZ Dove OGThis was awesome! Worked perfectly. I went to the area he described and just before all the zombies, a tnt will drop. Just carry it in just beyond where there is a ton of them and they surround you, kill you and it drops and kills them. I went in on difficulty II so the enemies would die easier.
    Posted by MiZ Dove OG On 08 Jun 20 at 23:43
    JeffchobFantastic solution. Worked like a charm on the first attempt! Much easier than messing around trying to perfect throw the TNT into a mob of 10+ enemies!
    Posted by Jeffchob On 26 Dec 22 at 19:22
    09 Sep 2020 10 Sep 2020 10 Sep 2020
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