100% SpongeBob achievement in SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom - Rehydrated

100% SpongeBob

Get 100% completion. All golden spatulas and all socks.

100% SpongeBob-3.2
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How to unlock the 100% SpongeBob achievement

  • TyraelTyrael390,873
    25 Jun 2020 25 Jun 2020 01 Jul 2020
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    This isn't a guide for where to find every single golden spatula since there is plenty of those already online, this is just a method I found to help you grind shiny objects for Mr. Krabs' spatulas since that is likely the last thing you will have left after beating the game. At a rate of 2200 shiny objects per minute this method takes roughly 50 minutes starting from scratch to get all 108,000 shiny objects you will need, a bit faster than other methods I've seen posted around.

    To get to the spot quickly you can fast travel directly to Mrs. Puff in Jellyfish Fields, then progress a little bit forward in the mission until you get to the wall of stone tikis. Go just beyond this wall to the clam to trigger a checkpoint, then every time you respawn run at the stone wall, destroy it by hitting the lightning tiki, then just jump into the nearby waterfall to respawn back at the clam with the wall respawned as well. You can get this cycle down to about 15 seconds per run (including load times) for 530 shiny objects per run.

    EDIT: This solution is very dependent on load times, I used a One X with external SSD so if youre getting slammed with long load times an alternative may be to go down the guppy hill in the sand mountain level, destroying as many tikis throughout the run as you can.

    (Thanks to BDTerry for this) if you've collected all of the spatulas but are at 99/100, check to see if the spatula in the dining room of the Chum Bucket respawned, apparently this is a common thing. If that isn't the one you are missing try to go around looking for spatulas that may have 'respawned'.

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    25 Jun 2020 25 Jun 2020 25 Jun 2020
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    The biggest grind in this game is getting the shiny things for Mr. Krabs the best way I've found so far is to go down guppy hill amd hit as much boxes as you can (usually get around 1,000 shinys a run) and just rinse and repeat till you have his quest done.
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    z I ToP CaT I zThank you that’s the last one I needed!
    Posted by z I ToP CaT I z on 26 Jun at 08:51
    GRrInCH HiLLOmG it works!!!! thx mimirose
    Posted by GRrInCH HiLL on 26 Jun at 11:11
    BRETT 57642Thanks!
    Posted by BRETT 57642 on 27 Jun at 20:34
  • EliteSpartanEliteSpartan1,076,594
    25 Jun 2020 27 Jun 2020 27 Jun 2020
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    This isn’t a guide to unlock achievement as it is self explanatory. For me and a lot of my friends we had to recollect a spatula that didn’t count as unlocked, even it says so on the map that we have it. For me the glitch seems to happen if you beat the game a spatula at random gets removed from you. Mine was a spatula in the Flying Dutchman ‘A path through the goo’. The spatula could be in many locations. For my friend mimirose the comment in previous solution was the chum bucket one. For another it was in spongebobs dream in squidwards house. I hope this helps to highlight a common glitch that can be fixed but requires you to recollect a spatula.
  • The Elite NaxThe Elite Nax238,947
    28 Jun 2020 27 Jun 2020 30 Jun 2020
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    On top of the Guppy Hill methods to grind for Shiny Objects, I also found fighting the lot of enemies in Mr. Krabs's dream (Krabby Patty Platforming, fast travel) without destroying the spawners was another method that worked well. Even if you die it'll simply reset and you can repeat.

    Some tips for the enemies:
    -Smaller robots (Fodder) - simple cn_X attack
    -Triple Tube robots (Tubelets) - cn_X attack to destroy the bottom, then you can get under the remaining two and up-attack with cn_Y OR jump up against the trio and down-attack cn_A->cn_B to destroy all three
    -Larger Oil robots (Slick) - I recommend destroying these from a distance with Bubble Bowl cn_B while avoiding/attacking other robots in between
    *Slick and Tubelets yield the most Shiny Objects
  • grizzly861grizzly861241,424
    28 Jun 2020 27 Jun 2020 27 Jun 2020
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    I wish to add a small addition to Tyrael's guide as it is the best but you can get an extra 100-200 shiny objects. All you have to do, is jump over the Tiki Wall, which will make the Duplicatatron spawn 3 enemies, and hit the Thunder Tiki as you're jumping over to get around 700-750 Shiny Objects, and take out the enemies and then jump into the waterfall. It might add an extra like 2-3 seconds but it's worth it.
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