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Can't spook me!

Get par or better on Haunted classic

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How to unlock the Can't spook me! achievement

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    Hey everyone,

    Here is a walkthrough for the "Can't Spook Me!" achievement/trophy in Golf with Your Friends for getting par or better on Haunted classic.

    There are a few risky shots in the guide, so take the time to pause the video to make sure you're lined up. Even I make a couple of mistakes on a few of the holes, but still finished 17 under par. This course is challenging, so don't be discouraged if it takes a couple of tries.

    The video is here:

    1) Aim a couple clicks over to the left from the start and use about 2 3/4 power.
    2) Don't change the aim (leave it straight ahead) and use about 3 1/5 power.
    3) Turn around from the start and look at the corner behind you where the couch and side table are. Aim at the corner and raise your view so that you have an aerial view of your line. This will help you line up the shot a little better. You want to make a small triangle between the ledge and your line. Full power. There's a chance you can get a hole in one on this one, but an easy birdie if not.
    4) This one is tricky, so take the time to line it up before taking the shot. Your third bar in the shot line should split two dark floor squares in their corners. From there, you want to use about 3 9/10 power. You should bounce off of some ledges and land near the hole. Putt in for an easy eagle. You have some wiggle room on this one to attempt it again if you miss on the first attempt.
    5) Aim towards the corner on your right, but out just a little bit so you don't hit it. Use full power. In the second plank on the ramp (not the one immediately touching the red tiles), you will see a groove in the wood that goes up from left to right. Aim for the left side of this groove where it comes to a point and use about 3 2/3 power. You might get lucky and get in the hole, but if not, you have an easy putt for birdie.
    6) Aim to your right from the start. You'll see the notches in the railing, aim for about 25% between it and the next one (see video) and use full power. Aim your next shot at the inside corner of the barrier with a little over 2 bars.
    7) Aim left, directly at the third notch in the railing, full power just after the ghost turns the corner heading away from you. Aim to the left of the pin (if the pin is to the right of your ball) and use about 1 1/3 power. If you miss, you still get par.
    8) This one is very risky and difficult. Using about 3 2/5 power, aim for the middle of the first dark square on the right side of the ramp (will be aimed towards the right side of the bucket). I miss my first attempt but get it on the second, so if you have too much power, dial it back just slightly. Depending on your first shot, putt in for eagle/birdie/par/etc.
    9) Aim straight ahead and use 3 1/10 power. The next shot is tricky and might require a couple of attempts. Aim just past the top right notch, using about 3 2/3 power. You can see I messed this up twice, and still ended up with a birdie. Adjust your angle if you're going too far left by aiming farther past the notch.
    10) You start split between a dark/light tile. Following a straight line from the left/dark tile, aim your line, full power, to the middle of the third dark tile. You will hit a target in the floor, bounce up and over the ledge, and onto the other side. From here, aim at the farthest left notch before the ramp and use about 2 2/3 power.
    11) Aim to the left, towards a stack of books, just past the second notch on the ledge, and use full power. Putt in for birdie.
    12) This one is challenging. Using 3 2/3 power, aim straight and then move your line just a click or two to the right so the left side of your arrow is touching the edge of the dark tile. The outcome isn't consistent, but you should land on the other side and be able to finish the hole with a birdie.
    13) Using ~3 1/4 power, aim for the bottom right corner of the red tile on the ramp. You should get a better lie than I did. Putt around the edge for an eagle/birdie.
    14) Use about 3 4/5 power, aim just a click or two to the left from the start, and take your shot as soon as you see the single green line come up from the cauldron. Your ball should get sucked up and will bounce out near the hole.
    15) Use about 2 1/2 power and aim for the right side of the baby's face. Depending on where you land, use about 2 1/2 power again to clear the gap and get near the hole.
    16) Use three bars power and aim for the left/middle of the floating book when it lands. Make sure that it has gone all the way to the ground before taking the shot because otherwise you might glitch through/past the book. Aim for the far right side of the webbing, full power. You might fall closer to the hole, or end up on top like me.
    17) Shoot straight, 3 2/3 power. Line your next shot up with the webbing like in the video (between two bright green pieces) and use 3 1/10 power.
    18) Aim left, full power, at the corner between two dark tiles (watch video). Use 2 1/2 power angled towards the middle to get towards the hole. As soon as the blades start rising, shoot about 3 1/2 power towards the hole.

    Hope this helps!
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    Grape Vansexcellent
    Posted by Grape Vans on 24 May at 16:37
    StellarClubnice work
    Posted by StellarClub on 24 May at 17:20
    justoneuncleThis video and the descriptions are brilliant. I got nine under par my first time following your guide.
    Posted by justoneuncle on 24 May at 18:41
    KurenaiTsuki XThanks!
    Posted by KurenaiTsuki X on 25 May at 15:35
    aUMi PolarisExcellent guide. Got it first time 10 under par. Thanks
    Posted by aUMi Polaris on 26 May at 12:02
    FosterJag15Great guide! Got it with plenty of room to spare
    Posted by FosterJag15 on 28 May at 19:08
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