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  • DwaggieniteDwaggienite2,407,731
    21 May 2020 21 May 2020 21 May 2020
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    You can get this achievement by following by video guide below.

    Following this guide, you should be able to get AT LEAST -30 score if you manage to finish the final hole. If the way you play it is well and you manage to save a lot of shots, you might not even play the final hole, and you'll be able to run time out for a hole-score of 14 (7 over par), which means if you've more than 8 under par going into the final hole, you can just chill with it and let time run out!

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  • nightw0lfnightw0lf681,448
    19 May 2020 20 May 2020 24 May 2020
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    Edit: The video I originally posted was created by Ghostzapper, who has posted a new video for this course with improved shots that work better with the game's new physics. I believe my suggestions for hole 16 below still give you an easier approach if you're having a hard time hitting the cube. Aside from that, this new video is another great guide from him and the best I've seen for this course. I'm leaving my original guide below since people have found it useful, but check this one out first.

    --------- Original guide below ---------

    This course can be a pain, especially on the last five holes, which (IMO) aren't really designed all that well.

    To achieve par or better for the entire course, you will need to make some pretty creative and unintuitive shots along the way and finish most of the early holes well under par. I was able to accomplish this on most of the holes by following a guide I found on YouTube.

    I've linked that video below. There appear to be small differences in the console version of the game that required me to do things differently on later holes, so along with some tips, I've included details about what worked for me on those holes.

    Note: This is not my video and all credit for the video goes to the creator.

    Hole 1 - 0:09; 2 - 0:25; 3 - 0:48; 4 - 1:03; 5 - 1:22; 6 - 1:49; 7 - 2:18; 8 - 2:57; 9 - 3:14; 10 - 3:40; 11 - 4:03; 12 - 4:16; 13 - 4:43; 14 - 5:09; 15 - 5:31; 16 - 5:58; 17 - 6:25; 18 - 6:52

    * Don't be concerned about taking an extra stroke or two in some places. For most of the holes, you will end up well under par, so you'll have some wiggle room. That said, don't use too many extra strokes - the last five holes will test you and you will burn a lot more strokes on those.
    * When I finally did this on my third try, I was able to totally blow it (or forfeit) on a hole and still come in one under par despite the 14 you get for that.
    * For holes 1-13, the shots shown in the video worked pretty much as-is. I occasionally needed an extra stroke, but nothing too bad.
    * Holes 9 and 10 are great places to get an Albatross (3 under par) to obtain
    Golf With Your FriendsNice shot!The Nice shot! achievement in Golf With Your Friends worth 26 pointsGet an albatross
    and work toward
    Golf With Your FriendsGetting good!The Getting good! achievement in Golf With Your Friends worth 165 pointsGet 10 albatross

    Guides for later holes
    * Hole 14 - (5:09) - I couldn't get the jump from the water onto the platform to work. When you try, hold A to jump higher, and if you do get on one of the platforms, keep jumping to get onto land before it drops you. I've typically had to let the ball move to the end of the water as it does without any jumps. From there, I did a soft shot (one bar) to get close to the barrier next to the ramp to the hole. I then did another soft shot (one bar) to get up and around the barrier, followed by a two-bar shot to get up to the hole. Par is 6 and I was able to do this in 4-5 shots.

    * Hole 15 - (5:31) - This is another that I could never get to work as shown. I had better luck aiming a 2.5-3 bar shot toward the inside of one of the ramps (any corner), which lets you jump to the top of the middle in the starting area. From there, you can do a soft shot to the middle to drop down onto the lower part, followed by 4-5 shots to get you to the hole. This will likely put you over par for this hole, but not by too much.

    * Hole 16 - (5:58) - Instead of the shot he used, I did a 3.5-bar shot aimed slightly left of the barrier. Too hard or too far to the left and you'll go out of bounds. After this shot, I used a 2.5-bar shot angled to the right so I'd bank and get near the hole. You need to hit the wall far enough to the right to avoid bouncing back down the ramp you just went up. With one more shot to sink the ball, you can still come in 1-2 under par.

    * Hole 17 - (6:25) - the route in the video works pretty well. I used a little less power than he did on the second shot (about 2.75 instead of his 3.25), though obviously this depends on where you end up after the first. With too much power, I either overshot or ended up down the hill from the hole. I've typically been able to do this in 3 shots (3 under par) or 4 if I end up down the hill (one to get back up, then one to finish).

    * Hole 18 - (6:52) - This hole sucks, no matter how you do it. I've never been able to get the first shot he does to work - I think they may have patched the gap his shot goes up. When I unlocked the achievement, I was actually 15 under par at this point and I just forfeited the hole. If you're at 67 or fewer strokes, you can do that. Otherwise, the steps below should work, but you have to be fairly quick about it. If you go out of bounds too many times, you won't have time to finish it.

    1. Angle slightly left and use slightly under 2.5 bars to get past the jumps.
    2. Turn left, then aim inward toward the pyramid and use a 3.75-bar shot to get over the jump.
    3. If you're close to the outside wall like I was, use a soft (slightly over half a bar) shot to get closer to the thin ledge.
    4. Use a 2-bar shot to get to the other side of the thin ledge.
    5. Turn left, then aim inward toward the ledge and use a 3.25-bar shot to get up to it.
    6. If you're not near the center of the next ramp, use a soft shot (probably half a bar, depending on how far you are) to get yourself there.
    7. Aim at the block floating above the ramp and use a 3-bar shot straight up the ramp.

    I hope this helps! If you discover a better path than one I've described above, feel free to share in the comments and I'll update the solution.
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    alcaraz666Honestly this isnt too hard, I managed to get 14 on 3 separate holes and still finish well enough to get the achievement
    Posted by alcaraz666 on 22 May at 18:10
    cathair9292Got it :) I had saved enough shots that I could have taken a 14 on the last 3 holes but I even got under par in those
    Posted by cathair9292 on 25 May at 02:04
    YaziteThe video guide is really great. Easy to use, no bs and allows plenty of room for error too.
    Posted by Yazite on 28 May at 07:38
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