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Gotta craft them all! achievement in Stranded Deep

Gotta craft them all!

Make one of each craftable item

Gotta craft them all!-0.2
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How to unlock the Gotta craft them all! achievement

    02 May 2020 03 May 2020 15 May 2020
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    Figured this might help people. I made a list of ALL craftable items in the game when I got this: Feel free to copy and paste this and cross em off as you go. Should make life a little easier for u. It's confirmed that you can craft and destroy. Be sure to SAVE after every one if you can.

    UPDATE: I've heard some rumors (unconfirmed) that crafting items on a "created" island will not count towards this. I decided to bring all scavenged items back to my home island and built them all there. That COULD be the issue for some... but again, unconfirmed.

    Crude Axe
    Crude Bow
    Crude Hammer
    Crude Hoe
    Crude Spear
    Fire Torch
    Fishing Bobber
    Fishing Rod
    Fishing Spear
    Refined Axe
    Refined Knife
    Refined Pick
    Refined Spear
    Speargun Arrow
    Stone Tool

    Camp Fire
    Fire Pit
    Fire Spit
    Water Still
    Plank Station
    Brick Station
    Tanning Rack
    Meat Smoker
    Hobo Stove
    Fuel Still Boiler

    Plank Chair, Shelf, Table
    Corrugated Table, Shelf
    Wood Table, Shelf, Chair
    Sleeping Bag

    Bird Snare
    Fish Trap

    Tool Belt -Tool Pouch -Tool Pouch 2 – Tool Pouch 3

    Coconut Flask
    Leather Water Skin
    Aloe Salve
    Breath Boost
    Shark Repellent
    Clay Bottle

    Wood, Plank, Corrugated Farming Plot

    Wood Raft Base
    Buoy Ball Raft Base
    Tires Raft Base
    Barrel Raft Base
    Driftwood Raft Floor
    Wood Raft Floor
    Corrugated Raft Floor
    Plank Raft Floor
    Clay Raft Floor
    Boat Motor

    Corrugated Foundation, Wedge, Wall, Half Wall, Window, Arch, Door, Steps, Floor, Wedge Floor
    Plank Foundation, Wedge, Wall, Half Wall, Window, Arch, Door, Steps, Floor, Wedge Floor
    Driftwood Foundation, Wedge, Wall, Half Wall, Window, Arch, Door, Steps, Floor, Wedge Floor
    Wood Foundation, Wedge, Wall, Half Wall, Window, Arch, Door, Steps, Floor, Wedge Floor
    Brick Foundation, Wedge, Wall, Half Wall, Window, Arch, Door, Steps, Floor, Wedge Floor
    Tarp Wall
    Container Wall
    Container Door
    Wood Roof Wedge, Middle, Corner, Cap
    Clay Roof Wedge, Middle, Corner, Cap
    Tower Foundation, Floor, Flagpole

    Eel Trophy
    Shark Trophy
    Squid Trophy
    All three FINAL AIRPLANE PARTS (awarded for killing the three bosses)
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    HalderI've not touched the map editor. But built items needed a container on a different island.
    Will get some more and take them to my original island.

    loaded up my save, brought the container parts to my home island, re built those. didn't get the achievement.

    built the 3 plane parts, then started working my way down the list building/ crafting anything i couldn't see on my island. made an aloe salve and it popped :)
    Posted by Halder on 15 May at 17:26
    WarningRabbit95It would seem that all of the craftable things need to be on your home island. I know for a fact that I’ve crafted EVERYTHING on my home island except a barrel raft. I did locate barrels on a custom island and built my barrel raft there, but the achievement did not pop.
    This was more or less an experiment, for after I did the raft I went and repaired the plane...still nothing. My save file is right before I found the barrels, so next time I will bring the barrels “home” first. Will update with results.
    Posted by WarningRabbit95 on 19 May at 08:04
    Lt DavoSo does this mean if you build the airplane parts as you obtain them (boss fight) or when you're on the carrier you're out of luck? If that's the case, then this achievement should be flagged as missable.

    The same issue would apply to the tool belt upgrades. They can't be re-crafted, and the first one is very likely to be crafted on the starter island.

    Something about this home island business with regard to this achievement doesn't sound right to me. The concept of a "home island" doesn't exist within the game itself; it's only in the player's head.
    Posted by Lt Davo on 07 Jun at 01:16
    BiLLzuMaNaTiThis achievement sucks
    Posted by BiLLzuMaNaTi on 07 Jun at 11:57
    Lt DavoIt's too late for me now because I've started another game, but it occurred to me that I probably never crafted a fishing spear in my last game. They are so plentiful in shipwrecks, and I never use them anyway (because regular spears do everything they do and more, plus you'll get poisoned catching lionfish with fishing spears). There are a few other craftable items that can be found (leather, cloth, planks, coconut flask) but there's not much chance of completing the game without ever crafting them yourself, unlike the fishing spear.
    Posted by Lt Davo on 08 Jun at 20:23
    GrumpyYogi1968I hate this achievement. Everything is there right in front of me, all buildings, all stations, all consumables, etc. All i can think of is i did not build on my first island, i built on the 3rd island i visited cuz it had a big flat area. Well, that's it for me, it will be 34 of 35 achievements, i've already done 2 playthrough so i need to move on. Sad...
    Posted by GrumpyYogi1968 on 15 Jun at 20:45
    Lt Davo"UPDATE: I've heard some rumors (unconfirmed) that crafting items on a "created" island will not count towards this"

    I created everything on a created (custom) island, so that's definitely wrong.
    Posted by Lt Davo on 17 Jun at 14:01
    HideousWisdomCan't say what the deal is for sure. Crafted everything and crossed em off one by obe from the provided list. Does anyone know if crafting an item and then not saving does or does not count?
    Posted by HideousWisdom on 17 Jun at 16:40
    GrumpyYogi1968I finally got this. I crafted everything on the island you start on except the 3 trophies and the 3 parts you get from the bosses. I crafted those on a nearby island. I did save before crafting them away from my home just in case but it worked. :) On my first try, i settled on a different island then thestarter one and crafted stuff here and there and it didn't work.
    Posted by GrumpyYogi1968 on 28 Jun at 21:10
    Galenrandircan anyone confirm if you can craft the items on different islands or does everything need to be made on one island?

    Edit: In case you were wondering, I didn’t craft the barrel/tire raft base or either container part on my main island and the achievement still unlocked for me!
    Posted by Galenrandir on 05 Jul at 17:15
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