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Speedrun achievement in Gato Roboto


Finish the game in under 1 hour.

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How to unlock the Speedrun achievement

  • BrownManBrownMan2,413,628
    24 Apr 2020 24 Apr 2020 24 Apr 2020
    11 3 9
    Credit to YouTube channel: Clubby Zamora

    This is the guide I used to get this achievement and the "Danger Cat" achievement for finishing the game without collecting a single health upgrade. This guide is great because the player doesn't do any glitches or hard tricks. They just play through the game very quickly avoiding all health pickups. I followed this guide and was able to finish the game in about 54~ minutes so there is room for error.

    NOTE: When you pause the game/look at the map the timer does keep running which is REALLY annoying. If I ever died or felt like I was taking too long I would dashboard and reload the game so my timer would reset to my last autosave. It's especially important to dashboard when you die because if you don't the game will load your last checkpoint with your current time (it won't revert the time back).

    Overall, it isn't too bad of an achievement. Just a bit stressful and annoying one. Good luck and happy hunting!

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    DarkReznorOf course there are glitches. It's the same as the PC Version. Small Mech, under water, etc.
    Posted by DarkReznor on 30 Apr at 10:51
    LifeExpectancyFinished at 56:45 in game time and I was 3 mins behind the vud at the halfway mark. Caught up a little when he went to bathroom n left game running.
    Posted by LifeExpectancy on 03 May at 15:39
    DubstepEdgelordThere is little room for error if going for glitchless. I got 59:04 even though I definitely could have done better.
    Posted by DubstepEdgelord on 19 Jul at 20:34
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  • illdizzogilldizzog1,093,198
    06 May 2020 07 May 2020 11 May 2020
    3 0 4
    I wanted to add my findings having recently gotten this achievement. The reason I wanted to add this guide was to help with the two main tricks (or glitches) in the game while they're fresh in my head. I had trouble with these at first but after a decent bit of practice i was able to pull them off fairly regularly but found little in the way of in-depth explanation.

    An important note which i mention below that needs emphasising - pausing the game does not pause the timer. If you need to look things up, save and quit to the title screen then reload your save once ready.

    Firstly, watch this video, its by RiskyCB who holds the current world record. In this video he explains everything that's going on which is immensly helpful:

    This is a link to RiskyCB's channel as props:

    The tricks:

    Small Mech
    RiskyCB explains it in his video but to clarify - you need to press eject (cn_Y) on the frame that the mech appears after saving. I did it this way:
    Stand in the save point.
    Press eject and Kiki will stand on the gun of the mech.
    Press jump (cn_A) so she lands on the save point floor and you kind of get sucked in to the middle and the game starts to save again. HERE IS WHERE YOU NEED TO BE READY TO PRESS EJECT (cn_Y).
    The tube comes down from the top, encases the save point at the bottom and retracts back up. You need to hit the cn_Y after the full traction of the tube but before the full screen flash. This is a frame perfect trick and just rerquires pratice. You know if you have succeeded as Kiki goes invisible but she is now in her "Small Mech" suit and will re-appear in the next screen.
    Important note: Do not hammer the Y button, whist it increases your chance of pulling off the trick it can also result in you getting back in your mech again and negating a successful attempt.
    Unfortunatley the game saves every time you attempt so it slowly eats your time but i recommend you start a new go, get to a save point and practice. I can get it after 4 or 5 attempts but at first it felt impossible so persevere. Skip to 1.24 in the video to see it's first instance.
    You can save at a save point without losing Small Mech. You only lose it if you eject or reload a save.

    Water Mech
    Much easier than Small Mech but still can be a pain. Basically you line your suit up with the very edge of a platform with the back side hanging over the edge. You then shoot a misslie with cn_B to push yourself off the edge then immediately eject using the cn_Y button. Kiki jumps out, the suit sinks to the next availble floor. Swin to the suit and you pop straight in, voila, Water Mech.
    I used like a sliding motion with my thumb, from the cn_B to the cn_Y in a smooth quick motion and i could get it prettty often. I had more trouble lining the suit up with the edge than performing the trick itself.
    Whilst in Water Mech missles immediatley explode, they dont travel at all. You can use this to boost yourself upward if you aim and shoot downward.
    Again, the trick and then utilising the Water Mech efficiently come with practice. Skip to 4:09 in the video for the start of the explanation and first use of the trick.

    I honestly spent the best part of 4 hours practising the tricks and the run. I would get to a save point, save and then return to title screen (as pausing in game does not pause the timer), find that point in the video, watch the next part until he came to a save point I could utilise and repeat that process.

    Just practice, it's not the hardest thing in the world but it wont just happen. Good luck, any question ask below and i'll do my best to answer them.
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    NessNoldoI finally did it. Without any guide. Drawing the map in a damn paper as I did with Metroid so long ago. Now that I got off this game from my shoulder, I can finally rest happy. This was one of the worst achievements I ever had to do and a disappointment of a game.
    Posted by NessNoldo on 06 Jul at 00:21
    NessNoldoDo this still works? Anyway I'm giving up with this one. Is stupid that the timer continues counting when the game is paused or when you die.
    Posted by NessNoldo on 07 Jul at 03:53
    Kaede393I had to use the "small mech" glitch to finish Heater Core quickly, giving me like 5 or 6 extra minutes than the video. I'd loose that extra time little by little later in the game, and I arrived the final boss at 52 minutes, enough to finish the game. If I wasted too much time or die, I'd close the game quitting to Dashboard. It was tiresome, but it worked in the end.
    Posted by Kaede393 on 09 Jul at 13:44
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