Charity Champ achievement in Island Saver

Charity Champ

Complete charity mission and send Litterbugs home

Charity Champ-1.6
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How to unlock the Charity Champ achievement

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    Story related and can't be missed.

    On the third island about halfway through you will be told you need to find some batteries to power a portal so the litterbugs can go home. Once you reach the final area of the island there will be multiple stone platforms to jump across you can grab batteries from. You will then need to take those batteries to the stone faces (they glow and look like the Moai from Easter Island). Shooting dead batteries into these faces will charge them up. Once ten have been charged return to the portal and shoot them into it. The litterbugs will return home, presenting you with the golden key needed to finish the game and your achievement will pop!

    This will likely be your second last achievement due to the fact that you will likely need to wait around to be able to finish repaying your loan from the bank.

    PS: The stone faces are quite easy to find, just methodically work your way back to the starting area and you should be fine. There is one to the left of the portal and two each in the squirrel area and the starting area. The only other one that is kind of out of the way is to the right of the door you go through to reach the upper half of the island. Halfway in between the door and the slide at the end of the turtle area. The rest are very obvious.

    Happy hunting!
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    Notorious KiwiSorry I couldn't provide anything that would help mate. The game was definitely buggy for me but I hadn't heard of anyone having an issue like this. I suppose all we can do is hope xbox bugged out briefly and it'll pop at some point for you. I definitely had a moment or two when I wanted to stop playing this.
    Posted by Notorious Kiwi on 18 May at 09:23
    Time2MeltYoui got the batteries, then had to go to work, i will be gutted if i get home, hand the batteries in and i dont get no achievement, you 2 are making me nervous, in-between, bertrum fiddle and pipe push paradise last achievements didnt pop for me either so i guess this will be another to the collection if it doesnt work :'(
    Posted by Time2MeltYou on 18 May at 16:28
    Notorious KiwiI'll keep my fingers crossed for you mate. The last level was actually quite smooth for me compared to the other ones so i'm hoping you'll be alright. If it doesn't work I'll see who I can reach out to about it, might be a bit tricky considering it was made by a bank but we'll give it a whirl if need be.
    Posted by Notorious Kiwi on 18 May at 22:52
    MuertoHungryI have started a new game again and I'm going through the last world. We will see if the achievement appears this time.
    Posted by MuertoHungry on 20 May at 04:58
    MuertoHungryFinally the achievement appeared after passing it to me a second time !!!!
    Posted by MuertoHungry on 20 May at 08:35
    Notorious KiwiI admire your determination and congrats on getting it done mate, good job! Shame it took you a second go though. The game clearly needed a bit more testing before launch I reckon.
    Posted by Notorious Kiwi on 20 May at 10:04
    TheDurianMageRunning around for 45 minutes trying to find the last 2 stone faces, came here for help. Thrilled to learn that they are quite easy to find...can't believe I didn't realize that sooner. Whew.
    Posted by TheDurianMage on 06 Jun at 21:23
    Notorious KiwiI listed the ones that are outside of plain view mate. All the rest are literally located in spots where you pretty much walk into them during your playthrough and if you had trouble you could always be helpful to your fellow hunters like 98% of the rest of the people on this site and highlight ones you had issues with so I can correct the guide.

    But alas you completed the game and got there in the end so it sounds like you had an epiphany and figured it out. Good on you buddy!
    Posted by Notorious Kiwi on 07 Jun at 02:21
    TheDurianMagelaugh I have a bad sense of direction...just picking on ya. I just had a chuckle and facepalm moment when literally the only slight challenge in the game was supposed to be easy. I looked over one staring me in the eye in the starting area like 15 times and that's all on me.
    Posted by TheDurianMage on 07 Jun at 09:21
    Notorious KiwiNot at all I had a similar issue I believe. My issue with that one was that the cheeky bugger wouldn't take the battery the first couple times and just kept spitting it back out at me!
    Posted by Notorious Kiwi on 07 Jun at 15:15
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