Savior of Vasgar achievement in Gears Tactics

Savior of Vasgar

Complete all Campaign Acts on Insane difficulty.

Savior of Vasgar-2.5
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How to unlock the Savior of Vasgar achievement

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    There are plenty of guides out there but I see nothing on this Cheevo so I thought I would summarise how I got this in short and answer any comments questions that came up.

    Some high level pointers.

    Do this in Jacked Mode. 1 & 2 man missions are impossible in classic mode. Jack is a god send in staying cloaked, opening torture pods and picking up cases etc. (plus mid game Hijacks of Boomers and Theron Guards!

    Equip your squad for max damage output. All with UIR gear for Grenade blast and cool down. Forget armour that boosts health (you will still get one shotted) Snipers are all about Crit chance and Crit damage.

    You may want to save up some tokens to re-equip your team for the final fight with ukkon. I got swamped after 1 hour of playing and then aborted and re-skilled my squad. Gabe NEEDS Surge.... being able to reset Jack's cool downs for a clutch hijack or shock WILL stop a boomer or Flock of Grenadiers wiping you out (one shot kills from those bad boys)

    Do not worry about optional mission objectives if they put you at risk. I avoided 2 man missions at all costs until i had level 5/6 scouts. Those 2AP Scavengers runs missions are impossible on Insane without Level 7/8 Scouts.

    Deal damage, don't rush to uncover the fog of war and get Disrupt on your WHOLE squad so you can control Grenadiers reliably with overwatch (knockback and interrupt). Stick to full cover and scout ahead with Jack to hijack an important unit to blow himself up!... Get a strong position and send Jack to uncover the fog of war so the enemies run to you and deal with your overwatch kill box..

    So that is a few pointers to tackle Insane with no deaths :)

    Feel free to post questions about specific load outs I used etc and I will stay close and answer them.
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    rychetagethanks for the comments, i will give a try soon on this difficulty.
    Posted by rychetage On 23 May 21 at 21:01
    MasterCrafty77NP. just be aware that the early game is hardest.

    It gets easier as you gear up your team and Jack learns new tricks.

    Towards the end my sniper could knock out a boomer in 1 turn
    Posted by MasterCrafty77 On 23 May 21 at 21:49
    JoinedGAGEJust some tips for the final boss fight:

    1. Prior to the boss there is an area where you fight some grubs. Just hide everyone except your scout. Use the scout with nimble and free camouflage to do all the levers.
    2. Make sure to kill the boomer to get the boomshot. It can knock out a lot of health (you can use your squad then have the scout pick it up)
    3. If you have enough legendary equipment for Sid. I forget the name but there is a mod that gives you hair trigger and guarantees the 2nd shot to be a critical. Use that and anything to increase Crit Chances/damage. Prior to the shots taken with Sid also boost his damage with Gabe, and then do the blood shot with it as well. This can knock out almost half of the health bar.

    The rest is just pure luck! (I apologize if anyone else mentions these tactics! This is how I did it and didn't see any very specific guides for the boss)
    Posted by JoinedGAGE On 08 Jul 22 at 01:22
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