…dary! achievement in Gears Tactics


Upgrade each Hero's primary weapon with all Legendary mods.

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How to unlock the …dary! achievement

  • yossarianoyossariano449,920
    19 Jul 2020 20 Jul 2020 09 Jan 2023
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    [update] since the Jacked DLC it's become apparent as per the comments that this achievement should be attempted in Classic Mode only due to the RNG drops being biased to a new class

    To obtain this achievement each of the four main heroes, Gabe, Sid, Mikayla, Reyna needs at least one legendary weapon mod in each of their four weapon slots.

    Although this means that a minimum of sixteen legendary mods are needed, the random way they are spread across all the different slots means it's more likely you'll have to collect around 50 or so.

    There are in total exactly 60 different legendary weapon mods available, twelve for each of the five weapon types:

    Lancer (Gabe)
    Retro Lancer (Sid)
    Sniper (Mikayla)
    Gnasher (Reyna)

    You just want mods for the first four hero weapons. The mulcher isn't associated with a hero and the legendary mods for it don't count towards this achievement.

    Very important and heartening to note that once you obtain a legendary mod it thankfully does NOT repeat until you have all 60 collected. You will always be guaranteed to receive a mod that you don't have until you have them all.

    So do not delete any of them!

    As stated in other guides, after you've completed the campaign you may have obtained 10 or so mods which are allocated randomly around the 60 possible slots. After that they're only obtained in the side missions that follow Veteran Missions.

    Thankfully after the recent update in mid July 2020 each of the four veteran side missions is guaranteed at least one (sometimes two) legendary weapon mods. I've seen clothing gear thrown in too occasionally but only when the mission gave 2 legendary loot boxes.

    This guaranteed outcome of a mod for each side mission means it's more precise how many missions it will take. If you get 10 mods from campaign you'll need to complete around 40 - 42 veteran side missions statistically speaking before one mod drops into each of the sixteen slots that you need to fill for the achievement to pop.

    When it popped for me I'd done 33 veteran missions on beginner difficulty (for the grindy achievements run through) and had 50 out of the 60 possible mods collected. This is because most of my play was done before the update, where sidemissions may not even drop a legendary mod at all.

    Hope this helps clarify the requirement and undertaking.

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    ZacharySlayerI'm on veteran level 7 and still trying to get the legendary bolt ( attachment slot 2 ) for Mikayla. I counted and I have 39 legendary attachments in total. RNG achievements can be so frustrating.
    Posted by ZacharySlayer On 21 May 22 at 17:21
    WhyattThrashThe solution should mention that this should be done in Classic mode. In Jacked mode you will be given Supreme mods instead of Legendary mods nine times out of ten in veteran missions, making it theoretically possible but an incredible time sink requiring hundreds of played missions.
    Posted by WhyattThrash On 09 Jan at 12:52
    yossarianoThanks fellas - I'll update with the Jacked info. Apologies I've only just received notifications that I've had comments
    Posted by yossariano On 09 Jan at 14:31
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  • DerpcrawlerDerpcrawlerThis gamer has had their achievements removed from the site
    Locked 04 May 2020 04 May 2020
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    You get legendary gear from few story missions, especially in the last act.

    After the story is done, Veteran missions will be open to complete. They follow this pattern of missions:

    1. Veteran Mission
    2. Complete 3 side mission out of 4 available
    3. Veteran Mission
    4. Complete 3 side mission out of 4 available
    5. etc

    You will only get Gear drops from Veteran missions themselves! Legendary weapon mods appear as random rewards from Side Missions. They are not guaranteed, you might end up with all 4 side missions only containing Epic rewards! Or you might get lucky and get 2-4 side missions all containing Legendary mods...

    I would first do 20 Veteran missions required for veteran achievement, this should net you 60 side missions which hopefully will have decent amount of Legendary mods for weapons. After that you can cheese save scumming a bit, that you can also do on Ironman.

    The save file for Xbox Game Pass version should be located at: C:\Users\YourWIN10Username\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.GanderBaseGame_SomeLettersHere

    Just copy whole folder for a save file.

    What I discovered during my Trials is that you can effectively re-roll the rewards you get from a mission if you didn't get a mod you need. So all you need to do is copy your backup and overwrite you current save, to try again. Few caveats with this method:

    1. The quality of rewards doesn't change, so no point trying this if all your side missions have Epic rewards.
    2. The Legendary drop will always be for the same weapon! But, the slot will be random.

    So if you targeting Gnasher for example, but got Longshot drops from the mission, there is no point for rerolling. You need to keep going until you get a drop for Gnasher.

    This method helped me and saved lot of headache when I had 2 last slots left for this achievement.
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    action framptonAlso on Jacked mode on Veteran missions and done about 18 side missions and probably had 2 legendary crates... and that was at the beginning, now they are all showing as epic. Either they’ve stopped appearing at all or the rate they show up at I will never get enough- not even done 1character yet. Assuming this will need to be done not in Jacked Mode.
    Posted by action frampton On 12 Dec 20 at 08:38
    Darth Hawk CZ
    Yes you can get it in Jacked Mode Veteran side missions, sometimes the Epic drop for doing the optional objective is a Legendary drop
    Posted by Arador on 06 Dec 20 at 08:42
    I strongly advise against that. In 12 missions, 9 side and 3 main, I had only 2 legendary drops. In classic campaign, you get legendary drop for EACH mission. Using the save copy / paste method, you can reroll your RNG and get a mod for different slot (always the same gun for me).
    Posted by Darth Hawk CZ On 20 Mar 21 at 22:32
    Piyi PiyiYou can re-roll the mod and the weapon if you got a legendary weapon mod as a primary reward.

    If the mod is an alternative/secondary reward, that weapon will always be the same, but you can re-roll the mod
    Posted by Piyi Piyi On 29 Jul 22 at 19:00
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