I am Ironman achievement in Gears Tactics

I am Ironman

Complete the Campaign on any difficulty with Ironman mode enabled.

I am Ironman+0.2
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How to unlock the I am Ironman achievement

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    Do a beginner difficulty run. Its a cakewalk if you have completed insane difficulty. I kind of found enjoyment from one hit killing on less than 50% chance to hit after often missing with 87% chance to hit on insane and needing three more well placed shots too kill an underling. If any character is somehow allowed by yourself too take five direct hits then they usually only go into a down state from which they can be revived.

    If you play missions offline but update your cloud save between them you can always delete your local save when offline to reload your last online save point. Did it legit myself but this would have taken a lotta stress outta the equation and was suggested by SaltyNasty.

    It is insane how easy easy difficulty is... If you play it smart a single character could beat any mission but not boss on beginner. I recommend killing multiple units before ending the second mission after the tutorial. The two units you rescue do not gain experience but your two main characters do and you can accrue a tonne if you just sit near the exit too the mission and let enemy units parachute in every turn or soo.

    Hiccups are boss fights. Moves are permanent obviously and for me it came down too a single pistol shot too take down the brumak. Next turn I would have been toast since two emergence holes had spewed units and missile reticules were all over my guys. Had to have gabe use his lvl 1 support ability too give old man vanguard character a single AP too possibly hit with his pistol since the boss had swung around to have his back unhitable by anyone else.

    Having a scout speced for single running can take a bit, I wouldnt recommend solo running scavenger missions until you have at least extended cloak skill, (lvl 3 required to get) and at minimum a basic armor that give the skill potential (30% skill cooldown reduction) or at least armor that gives the skill blitz (if you didnt shoot 30% for extra AP). All weapon upgrades/leg armor that upgrade movement are beneficial. Near the conclusion of the game there was a scavenger mission that only gives you 2AP each turn and if I hadnt given them such great equipment for solo running they would have been toast.

    Act 2 boss is the easiest one of the three, you can still plant a grenade even if youve thrown one recently, place them on top of emergence holes before they open and stay out of the red zones.

    Final boss is the only true challenge on beginner and you should really think about each move you make. It certainly helps if youve beat the boss before, nearly necessary I'd say but if youve beat insane you should be aware of his routine. I did at one point have a 350 hp left sniper get hit by a direct rocket hit... stupidly thought I could destroy the rocket launcher while also having a little melee guy at my heels and having the crippled effect. They ended up surviving but just barely. Down too a true sliver of health like 10hp while in the downed state, I revived them next turn and did not take any risks after that.
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    SallyNastyFyi, you can delete your local save on console and restore your game, if a mission goes poorly.
    Posted by SallyNasty on 09 Mar 21 at 20:57
    XxXxS8TNxXxXWhat a saint SaltyNasty is here. Wish I knew this.
    Posted by XxXxS8TNxXxX on 16 Aug 21 at 02:23
    GR34TD3STR0Y3RI beat the ACT1 boss. 3 tries using the delete local save trick.

    Then a few missions later, I had a player do execution and his turn would not end. No one could move. I tired to install the game on PC and Console. Restoring the cloud save. Nothing I could no matter what would rectify the move not ending. So... dev error ended my iron man run.
    Posted by GR34TD3STR0Y3R on 13 Jan 22 at 05:16
    eV DeadlineWatch out for the freezing bug. I recommend playing it on console, since this bug can kill your run. Mine ended after 14h due to it. Have to do it over, since Im on PC and there is no guide for savefile editing.
    On Xbox you can fix it, if you use the delete savefile option.
    Posted by eV Deadline on 29 May 22 at 12:54
    Ixtab LullabyDoes this achievement can be unlocked in Jacked game mode?
    Posted by Ixtab Lullaby on 23 Aug 22 at 02:23
    XxXxS8TNxXxXI believe so but because I played in easy mode I didnt want another character too have to control beyond my team so did not do in jacked mode.
    Posted by XxXxS8TNxXxX on 23 Aug 22 at 03:41
    Ixtab LullabyI just finished my Ironman run in Jacked, and I get the achievement. So I can confirm that you can unlock the chievo when playing in jacked game mode.
    Posted by Ixtab Lullaby on 12 Sep 22 at 08:55
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