Immortal Legion achievement in Gears Tactics

Immortal Legion

Complete the campaign on Insane difficulty without a single unit dying.

Immortal Legion-1.0
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How to unlock the Immortal Legion achievement

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    This is probably one of the hardest achievements if not the hardest achievement in the game.

    One thing you should know ahead:

    Yes you can abort a mission, restart a mission, abort an encounter, restart an encounter or reload a checkpoint as often as you want, even if a unit died, it will still count towards the achievement as long as you finish the mission with all units alive.
    Yes you can also use "Restart Chapter" or "Restart Act" in case a unit died in one of the side-missions.
    Thanks to AlphaKnight04 from the Forums pointing that out

    However only knowing this probably still won't get you through the campaign. It is literally about understanding how far each unit can move, how far they can shoot, what abilities they have when they're unwounded, what abilities they have when they're wounded, etc.

    Now then, let's go through all the classes (may include spoilers) and their setup (weapon mods, armors and skills) that worked out for me. You'll start out fresh of course so you'll have to work your way there. Eitherways, some units like Vanguards quickly benefit even from the lowest skills already. All of my units were at level 6 when I faced the final boss battle. It is recommended to always use the 4 main characters in side missions when possible to get them to a higher level. Alrighty then, let's start!

    External image

    - Hollow Stock (For additional movement)
    - Handle Mag (For additional damage)
    - Master Scope (For faster skill cooldown)
    - Impact Barrel (For disrupting enemies)
    - Trooper Helmet (For more health, can use something else if you find something better, I didnt)
    - Commando Vest (For potential of having a skill cooled down quicker)
    - Delta Straps (To get your 2 additional mags for your Lancer)

    You should also swap his grenade to Frags since you won't be healing a lot (because your units usually die with one shot and if not, it takes too long to heal them anyways, wasted turns, rather go for killing). Frags are really good in general. Lock and Load will really help out in the later chapters once you get to it since all units reload AND do additional damage. Empower is mainly to sometimes save your units or be 100% sure to kill a special enemy you want to get rid of (e.g. Boomers). You also want to have a powerful shot every once in a while so High-Powered Shot will come in handy in that case. Zealots have high Evasion, one of the Passive abilities will help lowering that Evasion percentage and making it more vulnerable. Mainly you want to make sure to either chainsaw enemies or help your other units out of certain situations.

    External image

    - Midnight Stock (For having a chance of shooting the target multiple times)
    - Extended Mag (For bigger mag and more damage)
    - Digital Scope (For a chance to get ultra crit damage in at once, can be up to 1800 damage, very helpful against bosses, saved me on the Hydra's final phase)
    - Power Barrel (For even more damage and a higher crit chance)
    - Onyx Retro Helmet (For even more crit damage)
    - Cadet Chest Plate (For better accuracy)
    - Hunter Braces (Couldn't really find anything else that's worth it)

    Your goal with the Vanguard is to execute as many enemies as possible and getting rid of enemy overwatches. On bosses you'll just try to land critical hits which'll help out a lot.

    External image

    - Precision Stock (For more accuracy, you'll still do enough damage with crit later)
    - Sleek Bolt (For higher crit chance)
    - Holographic Scope (I do hope you find the Legendary version, it will be 100% crit chance on first hit every turn, this is how you get rid of enemies quickly)
    - Light Barrel (For a chance of additional Actions)
    - Onyx Retro Helmet (For additional crit damage)
    - Commando Vest (For potential of having your skills cooled down quicker)
    - Delta Straps (For additional mag)

    Your Sniper will be weak but still required for the final mission and some others as well. You mainly want to focus on getting accuracy and crit damage in as early as possible. Obviously try to take out targets on long range or with a lot of health like Theron Guards.

    External image

    - Precision Grip (For faster skill cooldown)
    - Precision Handle (For better accuracy, the Gnasher has terrible accuracy even at close range)
    - Precision Sights (For better accuracy)
    - Light Barrel (For a chance of additional Actions)
    - Blast Zone (For additional Frag damage)
    - Uir Regulator (For additional Frag effects)
    - Uir Holsters (To be able to use Frags on every turn)
    Scout will most likely be the main damage dealer for most of the missions since it can be invisible at close range targets, cover huge ranges and can throw tons of grenades. By first throwing a Proximity Mine at a group of enemies and then following it up with a regular grenade will basically cause them to take double damage from grenades since two grenades blow up at once. Once you find a Frag with higher damage, use it on the Scout, it will insta-kill drones with one grenade.

    External image

    - Power Handle (For more damage and crit chance)
    - Rapid Mag (For a chance to shoot targets multiple times)
    - Chain Adapters (For higher Overwatch damage)
    - Impact Barrel (To disrupt enemies)
    - Trooper Helmet (Couldn't really find anything good so I thought for going more health to maybe survive a shot in case I mess up)
    - Commando Vest (For a chance of a skill cooled down quicker)
    - Cadet Shin Guards (Can be swapped actually, it just worked for me)

    With the Heavy you mainly want to go into Overwatch everytime. It will constantly stun or even kill enemies due to disruption plus they will fire at the enemy multiple times in Overwatch even if you use it on your last action. Control missions are made very easy with Heavies. With Suppressing Fire you don't even have to hit the target, it will still be locked into place for a turn. This sometimes helps to get out of some pity situations.

    I hope this helped a bit. I can't cover every mission, it would blow up this solution way too much. Just feel free to ask questions in the comments and good luck!

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    TrueWickedoneI am sure you have learned it by the time you reach the final boss fight, but save is your friend. I personally re-spec'd the sniper to the Hunter tree for the final boss. I used the Legendary Holographic Scope like this solution said on the Sniper, but I think I would have been better off with more damage. I saved before firing a shot on my Sniper. If I did not land a crit, I dashboarded and reloaded save. Gabe's Empower lets you gain 2 actions and damage bonus on your sniper, and the hunter line lets you land a shot and gain 2 more actions. I buffed action points for the first block of bosses health, simply ate through the second bar on my own naturally which allowed skills to all refresh for the final bar. This is where it is make or break. you do not want to have to worry about boomers coming out of the doors, so finish the boss in one round.

    Use Gabe's reload skill to buff everyone with 50% damage. I moved my sniper for the 50% damage bonus on run n gun passive. Then use Empower 3 on the Sniper as well so she has 4 actions. At this point I moved Jack close (Yes, Jacked Mode for the win!) and used his damage buff (I went with Hijack skill, but moved 4 skills down bottom right path for the damage bonus, forget name though) since it is only 3 meter range. ***SAVE*** Reload and take 1st shot. If its not a crit, dashboard and reload. Rinse and repeat 3 times until Sniper has 1 action left. Now use your skill to hit the Hydra and gain 2 more actions. My crits did 1900+ damage, so Hydra died on the next round. I had 1 spare action for Sniper and all remaining on Sid in case I needed it, but was not taking any chances. Saving each shot takes a lot of time on reloading the game, but I finished Hydra on the first attempt.

    One other thing to note and was not mentioned anywhere that I saw, when you get later in the game you will have missions that award a Legendary Weapon mod or Armor. ***SAVE*** the game right before you acquire last capture point, kill last mob, or move into the extraction point (depends on game type). Reload game and complete mission. It will show a short movie scene of your troops getting into the extraction vehicle, then it will show a rewards screen. ***WAIT*** here and look to see what weapon piece or armor you got. If you do NOT like what you were awarded, dashboard and reload your save at the end of the previous mission. Rinse and repeat until you get what you want based off your preference or play style. Sometimes it will award you a Legendary case instead of showing you the actual item at the reward screen, and you can only accept it and hope for the best if that happens. I did not figure this trick out until I had gained my first 6 mods or so, and made it to end game with a few lower mods (1 was even blue) that I wish I had upgraded.

    Hope this helps, and gratz on your chievo!
    Posted by TrueWickedone on 20 Apr 21 at 01:14
    MasterCrafty77I am having trouble with this... just saving... then having to hard close and start the game again to reload that save....

    Is a real headache... a quicksave / quickload would make this much more friendly.
    Posted by MasterCrafty77 on 17 May 21 at 02:27
    MasterCrafty77Update - I am having much more fun in Jacked mode. The first act is much harder. (due to low spec'd team).

    I found that gearing my team for damage output and forgetting about survivability is key. Sniper is all about crit damage and crit chance etc. Most of my guys are blast zone grenadiers with UIR gear etc. Armour that boosts your health is useless you will still get one shotted.

    I am in Act 3 now and it is ok. Bosses are ridiculously easy for some reason (I restarted brumak a couple of times due to bad positioning - one stomp will kill you).

    Now I have Hijack and some Level 5 ass kickers, things are better. The difficulty curve is Wierd.... I got stopped dead on Act 2 chapter 3 (AWOL) on Classic Mode. Jack is OP when it comes to permacloak opening torture pods and sneaking behind your enemy to hijack a boomer or theron guard (and blow themselves up)

    So hopefully will wrap up my last 4 achievements this week. Only 600 more kills for Grubpocalypse...
    Posted by MasterCrafty77 on 20 May 21 at 21:52
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  • MasterCrafty77MasterCrafty77172,837
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    Some high level pointers.

    Do this in Jacked Mode. 1 & 2 man missions are impossible in classic mode. Jack is a godsend in staying cloaked, opening torture pods and picking up cases etc. (plus mid game Hijacks of Boomers and Theron Guards!)

    Equip your squad for max damage output. All with UIR gear for Grenade blast and cool down. Forget armour that boosts health (you will still get one shotted) Snipers are all about Crit chance and Crit damage.

    You may want to save up some tokens to re-equip your team for the final fight with ukkon. I got swamped after 1 hour of playing and then aborted and re-skilled my squad. Gabe NEEDS Surge.... being able to reset Jack's cool downs for a clutch hijack or shock WILL stop a boomer or Flock of Grenadiers wiping you out (one shot kills from those bad boys)

    Do not worry about optional mission objectives if they put you at risk. I avoided 2 man missions at all costs until i had level 5/6 scouts. Those 2AP Scavengers runs missions are impossible on Insane without Level 7/8 Scouts.

    Deal damage, don't rush to uncover the fog of war and get Disrupt on your WHOLE squad so you can control Grenadiers reliably with overwatch (knockback and interrupt). Stick to full cover and scout ahead with Jack to hijack an important unit to blow himself up!... Get a strong position and send Jack to uncover the fog of war so the enemies run to you and deal with your overwatch kill box..

    So that is a few pointers to tackle Insane with no deaths :)

    Feel free to post questions about specific load outs I used etc and I will stay close and answer them.
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    The powerful enemies are only hijacked for 1-2 turns so you are best to use them to soak up enemy fire for a turn before they turn back and come after you.

    Gotta kill em before they wake up :)

    Posted by MasterCrafty77 on 30 Aug 21 at 05:41
    LordSamoni1Does anyone know if hijacked enemies that die by player activity void this. I've used a bunch of hijacked enemies to break enemy overwatches then move them into positions to blow them to bits.
    Posted by LordSamoni1 on 06 Sep 22 at 22:29
    MasterCrafty77Dont know what you mean by 'voiding this'...

    I often finish off hijacked enemies before they switch back. Doesnt count against you in any way.

    Just let them soak up the fire then one shot them. Is good for getting extra shots and/or auto reloads for your sniper...
    Posted by MasterCrafty77 on 07 Sep 22 at 01:28
  • BladesofGodBladesofGod480,812
    08 Mar 2022 27 Sep 2022 13 Dec 2022
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    Hey everyone, this is going to be a level by level video walkthrough guide. I will link each video independently so you can jump to whatever mission you happen to be stuck on. This is a work in progress, and I will be adding videos weekly until the guide is complete.

    **this is my third time playing through gears tactics on insane (once normal, once jacked mode, this time to capture footage), so the achievement will not pop up at the end of the guide, but I do have it unlocked**

    First things first, this guide will be done in classic game mode, not Jacked game mode. While some people find the addition of jack to be helpful, I find the additional enemies to be more bother than jack is helpful.

    A few tips to remember:

    You CAN restart a mission, abort a mission, and load checkpoints without invalidating the achievement. *The important thing is that you finish each mission without losing a single unit in combat*

    Focus on skills and equipment that increase your damage output. Not your survivability. The goal is to get through each mission taking as little damage as possible, as depending on the enemy, one clean hit can kill you.

    Don't get discouraged, if you are familiar with the Gears of War series, you know that Insane difficulty is meant to be challenging. You are going to die, a few times, maybe more than a few times, but that doesn't mean its "too hard", it just means you need to adjust your tactics and gear *chuckles at gears tactics pun*

    As always, if you downvote this guide, please leave a comment letting me know why, I am grateful for all constructive feedback. Good luck everyone, and happy hunting!

    Edit List:

    Edit 1: added guide for Act 2-1 "taking stock"
    Edit 2: added guide for Act 2-2 and 2-3 "the Crucible" and "AWOL"
    Edit 3: Added guide for Act 2-4 side missions and 2-4 main mission "Cover of Darkness"
    Edit 4: Added guide for Act 2-5 "Contraband"
    Edit 5: Added guide for Act 2-6 side missions "Fearsome Sword" Scavenger run and "Broken Fury" Sabotage
    Edit 6: added guide for Act 2-6 and 2-7 main missions "Panacea" and "Baiting the hook"

    New Game, Act 1-1 and Act 1-2 "Left Behind":

    Act 1-3 "Rough Justice":

    Act 1-4 "Survivors":

    Side mission Aldair control "Scorching Ghost" and Act 1-5 "On the Trail":

    Side mission for act 1-6 "Hidden Goliath":

    Act 1-6 "Into the fire" Part 1 fight across the dam:

    Act 1-6 "Into the fire" Part 2, Brumak Boss Fight:

    Act 2-1 "Taking Stock"

    Act 2-2 "The Crucible" and Act 2-3 "AWOL"

    Act 2-4 Side Missions "Phantom Sword" and "Crimson Tide"

    Act 2-4 Main Mission "Cover of Darkness"

    Act 2-5 Main Mission "Contraband"

    Act 2-6 Side Missions "Fearsome Sword" and "Broken Fury"

    Act 2-6 Main Mission "Panacea"

    Act 2-7 "Baiting the Hook"
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