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Check out the big brain on Brett! achievement in Gears Tactics

Check out the big brain on Brett!

Kill 5 enemies with a single Overwatch action.

Check out the big brain on Brett!-0.5
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How to unlock the Check out the big brain on Brett! achievement

  • MCmichaelDMCmichaelD
    29 Apr 2020 29 Apr 2020 30 Apr 2020
    **Act 3 Chapter 1**

    You are gonna want to use a Heavy with a couple of Support units with the empowered skill equipped. Position a fully reloaded Heavy (with at least 5 shots) in front of a large group of wretches. Empower him with the support units so that they have at least 6 Action Points. Enter Overwatch, aiming at the group of wretches.

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    Scholesy CityI managed to get lucky with this on Act 2 Chapter 7 Baiting the Hook.

    After reaching the URI truck, I got a sniper to overwatch diagonally upwards to the left & 5 tickers dropped in together on the map where my sniper was pointing. 1 explosion set off a chain reaction.
    Posted by Scholesy City on 31 May 21 at 22:19
    gemini119I got this on Act 1 Chapter 5.There you must have a heavy with 5-6 bullets and a support with empowered skill to level 3. The 1st round you make your team stick to the car which next to a van. Heavy must stick to the right side of the car and the other after him. Then there will be 5 writches show up. Then 2nd round, empowered heavy so he has 5 action points, then you make your heavy into overwatch but only make the front edge stick to the first wretch(DO NOT over all wretches that will make you hit the barrier instead of the target).After that end your round then get the achievement.
    Posted by gemini119 on 09 Dec 21 at 14:52
    Piyi PiyiI did this on the same act and Chapter as gemini199 said, but I used 2 Support with Empowered (lvl 1 and lvl 2). And in the part when you have to finish the mission, there are a lot of Wretches waiting for you, that part is a little bottleneck
    Posted by Piyi Piyi on 09 Jul 22 at 13:21
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  • Dark CalzoneDark Calzone
    Yesterday 20 Jan 2024
    I accidentally got this achievement when doing Ironman I got this in act 1 chapter 4 where I planted grenades before going in the white circle and activating overwatch after I was ready on the ehole then I got 2 kills with overwatch and the rest with grenades

    So planting grenades count only if every character is in overwatch
  • vexer6vexer6
    24 Aug 2023 24 Aug 2023 26 Aug 2023
    Act 3 Chapter 3 is the easiest place to get this one, just use a sniper and move slightly up and to the left at the start until you can see the tickers, then go into Overwatch(make sure you have at least one action left to do so) and hope the drones don't hit you and knock you out of Overwatch(if they do just restart until you get it right) then end your turn and one of the tickers should move forward and get blown up by a sniper shot and take out the rest and boom cheevo gotten, this is also a great place to to get the "Boom" achievement for taking out 100 enemies with Tickers.
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