Backdoor Man achievement in Gears Tactics

Backdoor Man

Kill 6 targets with a single Rampage, after coming out of Cloak.

Backdoor Man+7.1
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How to unlock the Backdoor Man achievement

  • MCmichaelDMCmichaelD917,981
    30 Apr 2020 30 Apr 2020 30 Apr 2020
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    **Act 3 Chapter 3**

    As soon as the level begins, there will be a group of 6 tickers to the left hand side. Use Gabe's empower 3 skill to give your scout more moves. Cloak then move/sprint over to the tickers. Use rampage on one of them and the resulting explosion will kill them all and give you the achievement.

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    KanchanaburiPerfect location. It seems the 6 tickers spawn in randomized locations. Mine spawned right below the tank and were pretty close to my spawn point. Much easier. Thank you!
    Posted by Kanchanaburi on 25 Jun 20 at 18:53
    SYMF0N1K KL4WWeird issue with this, I actually got it with only 5 kills, though there were six actions because the scout killed four wretches, emptying its shotgun, reloaded, and then killed the fifth. Don't know if this is a glitch in my favor or if the achievement just tracks the number of successful actions the scout takes during its rage, considering each a "kill"
    Posted by SYMF0N1K KL4W on 19 Nov 20 at 21:00
    GerbasgamerSame here, 5 kills was enough.
    Posted by Gerbasgamer on 19 Dec 20 at 14:30
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  • AcriliteAcrilite437,452
    20 Nov 2020 20 Nov 2020 20 Nov 2020
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    First time writing a guide so bare with.

    Big ending and backdoor man in one.

    On Act 3 chapter 1, after you open the gate send your scout (who knows rampage) and a sniper (who has chain kill skills {doesn't actually matter too much}) to the left side of the building.
    Then send your two support units to the right (one with stim lvl2 minimum and the other with empower at whatever level you have.

    Once you've cleared the enemies BEFORE YOU ACTIVATE THE CRATE, get your scout up to the path in between the sandbags to the right of the APC and your sniper covering anywhere behind.

    When you click on the chest the enemies will spawn in, let them down your scout, stim him to revive, THEN CHECK YOUR AP! If you only have one left use a support unit to give him an extra one. Cloak then rampage. I did this and got 12 kills and both achievements.
  • MasterCrafty77MasterCrafty77171,957
    16 May 2021 16 May 2021 16 May 2021
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    This is among the last Cheevo's I need for this game, and I was worrying that I needed to restart another campaign to get it.

    The problem is most people's solution is to run into a pack of Wretch's and rampage... However, there are few opportunities for this once you get to veteran missions. (3x wretches plus Zealot/Kantus is common).

    So anyway, I popped this the same time as The Big Ending in a Veteran mission so I thought I would share - in case anyone else thinks they have missed their chance in campaign mode.

    The build is pretty simple, I did this in a 2x man Rescue Veteran Mission, but I am sure it would work in a Veteran Side mission too.

    I ran Gabe and Reyna a few times through these rescue missions with appropriate skills just in case an opportunity came up (while I am working for 20x vet missions). Reyna is about Level 8 when I did this, Gabe too, but this is overkill, as you don't need Surge etc for this to work.

    Gabe needs an Empower or 2 and a Level 2 Stim (to revive from a distance). Reyna was built for speed (quick cloak/free cloak, and Level 3 Sprint on 1 turn cool down (run and cloak every turn). With rampage of course.

    The trick is once you pop the last torture pod, enemies spawn at the Evac point. Sometimes this is 3 boomers... sometimes this is 2 drops of Tickers with a Kantus/Zealot. (So 8-10 tickers is plenty to get this achievement as long as they stay together.

    They only spread out when one of your squad is close, so sprint Reyna up from a distance, see the pack of tickers (I had a cluster of about 6-7 all together). Now the order of operations here is important.

    You may need to move close to the edge of ticker blast zone as I got a 45% shot from a 'safe distance'. So here is the order.

    - Get one of your rescued Gears to run up and drop a grenade on Reyna to down her...(This will not work on EASY as I believe friendly fire is off?)

    - Bring her back up with Your Support Stim
    (I think she comes back up at 1 AP regardless of what you had pre-grenade)

    - Empower her for extra AP

    - Use Exertion if you need it (if you have it) just be aware this will cancel cloak, so i did this pre-cloak to be safe.

    - Cloak (I had free cloak but may cost you AP)

    - Move into range for a sure shot (I had a 67% shot from just out of blast radius, but maybe getting caught in blast doesn't matter)

    - Rampage...

    - Profit

    So this will give you Big Ending for Being Revived then rampaging for 6x kills (with one shot)
    It will give you Back Door Man for coming out of cloak and rampaging for 5x kills.

    Happy hunting, you can do this without waiting for a specific campaign mission :)
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