Platinum run achievement in THE LAST SCAPE

Platinum run

Finish Scape chapter under 9 minutes 15secs

Platinum run-15.6
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How to unlock the Platinum run achievement

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    30 May 2020 30 May 2020 30 May 2020
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    This video from CheevoGuides has a dev platinum run of the game. Just follow along with it and memorize the path, I'm also not sure if pausing the game stops the timer for the achievement or not so you may want to memorize it and do it in all one run. The first half is probably the hardest part along with lining up the hoops enough to make em count. Good luck!
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    LakeshowMy problem seems to be with rings not registering when going through them at slight angles, but in this dev video theres plenty of times they do the same and it counts. Not sure if something's changed or what but it's pretty frustrating to think you've got it and nope. Also, I turned the music all the way down so I can hear the ping of it counting.
    Posted by Lakeshow on 31 May 20 at 21:47
    aps42Just to add, I'm pretty certain that pausing the game DOES pause the in-game timer, I followed along the video doing a couple rings at a time, rewatched some segments several times and made numerous mistakes but still got a Bronze upon finishing despite the real time having past being 25 minutes or so
    Posted by aps42 on 01 Jun 20 at 19:38
    LakeshowGood to know about pausing! Maybe I'll give it another go knowing that, I usually had been giving up in frustration after finding out I missed one on the other side of the map and would quit out.
    Posted by Lakeshow on 01 Jun 20 at 21:26
    PodcirIf you're interested I have recorded my own Platinum Run, which is also probably first recorded Platinum Run ever, excluding the one Cheevo Guides has from developer. The biggest thing is to try not to get checkpoints with too small angle. You can see in my video some of them are pretty tight yet still count, but before managing to finally do this I had quite a few tries where I was failing during the first 3 minutes, mostly with the wrong angle. I had a few seconds left despite making a mistake and loosing about 5 seconds.
    Posted by Podcir on 12 Jun 20 at 10:39
    Ph1diasA good way to minimize the weird flying angles and shave off ten to fifteen precious secondes on your platinum run, is to use a flying trick when you are dealing with the three or four difficult rings that are not placed in the right direction (the ones that are just circles).
    Instead of losing time flying around to reorient yourself the right way, just go directly through the wrong way and instantly do a looping and fly through them again to erase them permanently.
    You can learn this trick in minutes and it is pretty easy to confirm that you erase a ring as the controller vibrate when you pass through the second time.
    Posted by Ph1dias on 15 Aug 20 at 02:40
    Noodles JrMaybe a stupid question but how do you beat the game? I've gotten the achievement for the bronze run, but the game doesn't end. I just keep flying around the map and I'm not getting the achievement for beating the game or unlocking the chapter select...
    Posted by Noodles Jr on 07 Oct 20 at 02:56
    Anti ChampFor beating the game I just flew around until the music ended and the screen faded to white and then text for some time followed by a short section in a new map and achievement popped. As for the rings, they seem to not activate unless you are in an invisible cone area in front of the ring for at least a set amount of time, and then it appears to be permanently activated and you can pass through on an angle (may even go through the wrong way at that stage too, but have yet to test)
    Posted by Anti Champ on 17 Oct 20 at 08:00
    AceI highly recommend making a route change over the devs version. After the 6th ring I recommend getting the ring over the lake as this is one of the most annoying rings both due to its position and the cloud coverage that can cause your run to fail. Doing it sooner means if you miss it or the clouds don't cooperate you can reset the run sooner, it also removes an awkward movement section up the mountain and overall the route seems much faster.

    Doing the lake ring after the 6th ring I saved 20 seconds on my run which allowed me to do the run in under 9 minutes.
    Posted by Ace#4617 on 02 Dec 20 at 15:24
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