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Back to the Abyss

Kill the Lurking Horror.

Back to the Abyss-0.8
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How to unlock the Back to the Abyss achievement

  • Mikhail KrauserMikhail Krauser1,628,165
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    This is the Cthulhu enemy at the end of the castle (South West on the map).

    He has 4 tentacles and his body to contest with. The tentacles rotate in a circle and when hit begin to rotate in the opposite direction (be cautious of this, if you swing your sword when they're coming back up they'll immediately start moving in your direction). These tentacles also occassionally fire projectiles that are fairely easy to avoid.

    Cthulhu will also fire eye lasers when you disable a tentacle, but ill explain that pattern here in a second.

    So first thing to note, the petal part on the end of the tentacles are what you want to hit, I would usually try to jump swipe at them when they're moving away from me, so I could land and hit it again with my sword and lock it in that kind of pattern, with the projectiles it's a bit hard to get going but it worked for me.

    Now after a set amount of damage, the tentacles will get destroyed individually. When this happens, the rest will fade into the background and Cthulhu will appear, you can spam your sword as he comes out of the water for a few hits, before he fires eye lazers. The lazer's themselves wont hurt you (the beams connected to the eyes), you have to jump over where he's hitting with them. So I would jump and hit him with the sword, jump over the lazer coming at me and hit him again, jump again to hit him, then jump over the lazer coming back for another hit, before swiping at him as he submerges again.

    You DON'T have to kill all 4 tentacles, I killed him with 2 down using this method. Pattern doesen't change so take your time on the tentacles, then jump over his lazers and jump slash him
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  • LifeExpectancyLifeExpectancy1,391,732
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    1:25 - Treasure Achievement
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    4:56 - Spider Queen Boss
    7:03 - Lurking Horror Boss
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    12:47 - Lich King & Queen Boss
    15:33 - Dark Overlord Boss
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