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23 May 2020 - 3 guides

How to unlock the Victory! achievement

  • BiLLzuMaNaTiBiLLzuMaNaTi2,218,145
    16 May 2020 18 May 2020 18 May 2020
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    Achievement Walkthrough:

    Lantern: 1:50
    Spider Queen Boss: 8:10
    Loot Achievement: 9:50
    Lurking Horror Boss: 10:20
    Dragon Lord Boss: 11:30
    Sorcerer Boss: 12:50
    Lich King & Queen Boss: 14:10
    Dark Overlord Boss: 15:25
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  • DEATH14796DEATH14796838,295
    09 May 2020 09 May 2020 09 May 2020
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    Once you have made your way through all the world map levels and collected the 5 gems the final area will open - The Dark Tower

    Once you have made your way through the level we come up against.....another boss

    Welcome to the Dark Overlord.

    This is the only boss without a set pattern, he does have set moves but no set pattern like the other bosses. He also takes a lot less damage and a surprise.....

    FYI my strategy was to use the Valkyrie, I had purchased the Flame sword (a random item you can purchase for 300 coin). While the Barbarian does double the hit damage to the Valkyrie - the flame sword makes up for this and the bow comes in handy.

    Admittedly this boss is a little luck based as you can have some easy attacks against you or not. There is some frames were you can walk through the boss when he attacks. The attacks are as follows:
    *Pulls back his sword above his head and rushes you (you can walk through him, get behind and attack)
    *Jumps up and slams his sword down - move behind him again and attack
    *Floating up in the air and holding his sword - summons falling swords you can stand between when he lands and you can attack
    *Standing on the ground, raising his sword and then stabbing the ground after a lightening strike. This is a two stage attack. Stage one he stabs the ground sending out fire spiking out of the ground - run to the side and jump up on the platform when its close (be careful the platforms disappear). Stage 2 he raises his sword again and sends a circle of swords. They move in a set direction so simply dodge.

    Once you have his him enough he dies......yay!!! The surprise, a second stage boss angry

    This one is pretty simple thankfully. Firstly he takes more damage and is a very set pattern.

    Stand in the middle and he will send 2 spike balls that bounce around the stage. If you have he Valkyrie shoot one arrow straight up and after a few seconds he will drop down for you to attack - just keep jumping up and attacking. After a few hits he will raise up and spread his arms out and send out a circle of swords like in stage 1 however his arms will move when you move so just try to dodgy and rinse and repeat until he is finally dead (for real this time).

    If your playing as the barbarian (i didn't try the other characters) you need to climb the platforms and attack him while he is sending out spike balls however be aware he can send out more spike balls that bounce around the stage and he moves so it can be a little more difficult
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    SangriazIt may be a bug or intended, but you can always walk through him. I killed him without getting hit at all just by staying on top of him.
    Posted by Sangriaz on 13 May at 17:48
  • LifeExpectancyLifeExpectancy1,391,732
    12 May 2020 14 May 2020 14 May 2020
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    0:01 - Bullseye and Ring the Bell Achievements
    1:01 - Heads Up/Head Collector Achievements
    1:25 - Treasure Achievement
    3:15 - Marksman and Loot Achievements
    4:56 - Spider Queen Boss
    7:03 - Lurking Horror Boss
    8:49 - Dragon Lord Boss
    11:07 - Sorcerer Boss
    12:47 - Lich King & Queen Boss
    15:33 - Dark Overlord Boss
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