Impossible achievement in Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus


Complete the game in Very Hard mode

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How to unlock the Impossible achievement

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    Not really a guide but just a few tips from my own playthrough going for this. Overall, very hard mode isn't too bad but you will probably struggle through the first handful of missions until you can get proper builds and gear for your tech priests. Don't get discouraged! It really does get easier the longer you play.

    Aside from more difficult fights, the fact that there are more enemies and with more health means fights have the potential to really drag on and build the Necron's gauge causing even more enemies to appear. Also, if you've already finished a playthrough on a lower difficulty you'll know by now that almost every mission ends with killing all enemies anyway so don't put a mission at risk by rushing objectives hoping for a quick and easy win.

    To handle fights quickly and decisively you want cognition point generation to be a big focus in your builds since it'll allow you to use harder hitting weapons more frequently as well as for CP movement. Chances are you're going to be outnumbered and picking off enemies one at a time while your units take a lot of punishment so healing is also a real priority. Just having healing claws and mechadendrites on every unit and shield generators are more than enough if you don't want to waste points in the healing skill tree. Investing in movement can help a lot too, especially the skill that allows you to ignore opportunity attacks. I won't get into what weapons are best as I think it comes down to personal play style, but I found armor ignoring weapons (red damage) to be really effective later in the game where enemies have more armor.

    Lastly, one really important thing to mention! It's imperative that you take out as many optional bosses as you can before taking on the final boss Szaregon. Killing them beforehand means they're removed from the final mission entirely, but ignoring them means fighting 5 bosses at once and getting completely swarmed and boxed in by all the extra enemies they summon. I'm not going to say it's impossible to win but if you don't do this it'll make the fight extremely frustrating and if you do it makes it downright trivial, much easier than even a regular mission.

    Praise the Omnissiah!
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