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How to unlock the less is MORE achievement

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    Skip all the levels on floor 4. These are pointless. You only need to beat core/sickness and then use the elevator up to floor 5 and that is where you give up your abilities.

    Here is a roadmap I found useful in place of a WT:

    You will have 3 zones which each focus on one power and one invincible enemy. These are annoying but not too hard. Each time, you lose that power for "good". Then you will move on to another zone where you lose your hacks like heal and wpnmstr. This is at least a lil easier since there are no invincible enemies and you still have 3 hearts.

    When you finish that zone, you end up in one final one that can be beaten by just hitting cn_X to instantly give up (all enemies die). You then mash cn_X to say super hot and this achievement pops.

    Hope it saves you some time cuz I wasted hours on the 4th floor levels for no reason.
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    NoHeroes94These are so hard it's ridiculous. I've never failed a node more than 2-3 times, but the core nodes on floor 5 are insane. Hadn't even got past the 3rd room until my 7th attempt and did it on my 9th
    Posted by NoHeroes94 On 10 Mar 21 at 07:29
    TheOnlyMattoYup they are the hardest part of the game IMO. Especially that dog, he is fkn relentless. I used my usual strategy to beat these. Found a good nook, backed up slowly and paused as enemies appeared, killed them and repeated. When the invincible enemy got close I started a full force retreat. Killing enemies that I found along the way. Each invincible enemy has a weakness. One throws his sword, he is useless for a minute afterwards. One charges, he is useless at a great distance. I can't recall the third guy but I think he switches bodies with you, he is the easiest as long as he isn't too close when he hotswitches.

    Core/Infinite might be harder than these but, since it can be avoided, I'd say these are the hardest. Might just be getting some bad luck with the randomized levels in all. I found a good spot on each level to farm kills and stuck with it every time I ended up on said level.
    Posted by TheOnlyMatto On 10 Mar 21 at 07:43
    TheOnlyMattoAlso, the red traps on the floor can be used to your advantage if you shoot them, duck behind a wall and let it kill an enemy. I got real good at that after I wasted a ton of time finishing levels on the 4th floor that didn't need to be done.

    Throw that weapon, use your fists, grab his weapon in the air and shoot the next guy. Learn to swirve when they aim at you. When they start aiming left, you need to go right and then immediately back left. You want the guys arm to be waving back and forth shooting randomly. I killed tons of enemies in melee. I used items around the room to disarm enemies. Also, grab the laser gun (or w/e it is) that shoots through enemies. Use it wisely and shoot multiple enemies. You don't need a head shot to kill 2-3 enemies with one shot. That was my favorite ranged weapon.

    Katana is boss in this game. If you get it, try to keep it. You can kill tons of enemies before they can aim just by waiting around a corner. It can also be thrown through multiple enemies and then picked back up. I mainly used those three: 1) melee with fists 2) laser gun 3) katana. Katana can even cut bullets which is freakin great if you are in a jam.

    Don't rush. You need to move in short bursts. This gives you a chance to look at your surroundings and plan your movement based on the enemies positioning.
    Posted by TheOnlyMatto On 10 Mar 21 at 07:52
    TheOnlyMattoI hope this helps. You have helped me a ton on Madden so I hope I can return the favor. I wish I could add more.

    I think I only failed a few nodes on my way to the fifth but had to play the dog guys node about 5 times to beat it. The bell tower got me every time. The level is so small he can get to you really easily. If I remember right it is only 5 kills each level.
    Posted by TheOnlyMatto On 10 Mar 21 at 07:57
    NoHeroes94Thank you very much Matto - aside from the charge one, which was insane, the rest were very doable in just a couple of tries. Probably took me like an hour just to do that one 5-stage node, whereas the remaining nodes before the ending took me that combined! Dog mechanic is so stupid.

    It's my fault, I went with more for the entire game so was spoiled with 3 hearts always. At the timer now but thanks for all the advice!
    Posted by NoHeroes94 On 10 Mar 21 at 09:07
    Posted by TheOnlyMatto On 10 Mar 21 at 09:12
    Paul Wesley 91Any tips on LOST / POWERLESS? I assume this isn't the one that can be completed by pressing X. I had very little trouble on the 3 invincible enemy nodes since they were only 5 rooms each, but I have no idea how to survive 15 rooms on 3 hearts.
    Posted by Paul Wesley 91 On 13 May 21 at 00:20
    TheOnlyMattoI don't recall the level, sorry. I wish I could help. I used the same strategy for every level tho. Find a corner I could defend. Get a ranged weapon or the sword. If an enemy had a weapon I disarmed them by throwing my weapon and grabbing theirs. If I had the sword I just waited around a corner n slashed them all. The only time that strategy failed was if/when an invincible appeared.
    Posted by TheOnlyMatto On 13 May 21 at 01:00
    Yuk1ohAs mentioned by Paul Wesley 91 in a previous comment, there is one extra set of levels named LOST/POWERLESS after the three levels with invincibles. You have to go through 15 levels with only three hearts and no powers. Doable but it will probably take 3 or 4 tries. Best strategy is to take a corner or get on a zone where you have protection (a pillar or a wall) and use long ranged weapons, run in circles to advance time and let the enemies come at you. After beating this zone you will get to the “only press X” set of levels and get this achievement. I ignore if this extra step was added via an update or if some action during the playthrough triggers it and shows up for some players but it's a skip for others. Good luck.
    Posted by Yuk1oh On 14 Aug 21 at 18:54
    ALoneWolf42Oh, I was actually trying to beat the glitch levels! It was tough, debating between no guns, no punching, or no throwing.

    I was literally trying to quit the game for a break when I accidentally realized I was supposed to do that.
    Posted by ALoneWolf42 On 29 May 22 at 04:19
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