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Destiny Dominated achievement in Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning

Destiny Dominated

You have won the game on Hard difficulty.

Destiny Dominated-4.7
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How to unlock the Destiny Dominated achievement

  • AllgorhythmAllgorhythm456,917
    26 Sep 2020 31 Dec 2020 31 Dec 2020
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    The achievement unlocks when you play the entire main story line on hard difficulty. It will not pop immediately following the final battle. There are some final cut scenes first that you can skip and the credits that you can also skip. You end up in a new safe house called Orbocant in Rathir – Upper City. If this is your first playthrough, you will unlock:
    Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-ReckoningSecret AchievementThe Secret Achievement achievement in Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning worth 128 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

    After a few moments, Agarth will come in to talk to you. It is at around this point that the achievement will pop as shown in the below video:

    The final battle can be simplified if you know its structure beforehand. It is not a conventional fight. You can only damage the boss in a very short window after you invoke reckoning mode. Your gauge is empty when you confront the boss. The game provides enemies, "Splinters of Fate" for you to fight in order to charge your gauge.

    However, if you bring several potions of fate, you can charge the gauge with the potion. Do so, as soon as the boss stops talking. If you use some potion buffs and an overpowered weapon as shown in the video, you can deplete over half the boss's health in one go. Use another potion of fate and refresh your offensive buffs. Again, invoke reckoning mode and attack the boss immediately after that. In the video, this second round was sufficient to completely zero out the boss's health. However, that was because a top of the line Primal Sword was used. More realistically, it will take a third round.

    When you reduce the boss's health to zero, you'll see a dimmed cn_A prompt. Run up to the boss and the prompt will become bright. Press cn_A to deliver the coup de grace. If you fail to act quickly, the boss will recover some health and you'll have to invoke reckoning mode an additional time and respond, again (a little more quickly) to the button prompt.

    Watch the end cut scenes and credit (or skip them). The achievement will pop around the time Agarth makes his appearance in post-game mode.

    Hard difficulty is more intimidating than it sounds. The game provides a decent learning curve. You can use reckoning mode in almost all major boss confrontations considerably reducing their challenge. If you are having difficulty, try using a different weapon combination. I recommend using the hybrid Finesse/Sorcerer destiny and using Chakrams and daggers as primary secondary weapons with longbow as a fallback when I need greater range.

    Chakrams are a mid-range weapon with a curved trajectory providing you with an umbrella of protection. They specialize in crowd control. When you face a single target, super-fast daggers keep it off balance. The Finesse/Sorcerer hybrid destiny replaces the normal dodge with a short teleport. You can teleport through enemies, poisoning them at the same time. This both damages them and slows them down.

    Naturally, all destinies have their strong points and much is personal preference. I suggest this only to those who may want an alternative. Being able to attack with lethal weaponry from a stand-off distance while having exceptional evasion considerably lessens the challenge of playing on Hard or Very Hard difficulties.

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    AllgorhythmI wrote the Walkthrough. It’s complete, currently in review, & should be published in the next few days. It’s written for achievement hunters & gives you a very streamlined path through the game. If it’s any consolation, I’m confident that if you give it a shot, you’ll get your 15 hours back & then some.
    Posted by Allgorhythm on 04 Jan at 23:47
    DavidThWavidSo I haven't finished on Hard yet but here's a few tips:

    In the 360 version, difficulty scales to the first time you enter an area. I've read that re-reckoning scales difficulty each time you enter a new area, but to me, it seems not to be the case. Enemies in a new dungeon are much harder than the overworld for me. So it might be beneficial to just run through the entire overworld ASAP.

    Use reckoning mode as much as you can. Using abilities in combat will speed up your reckoning recovery so invest in those over passive abilities until you have 4.

    Togh Farm sidequest in Canneroc, obtained in Webwood, grants you gloves with 2%XP. Later on in Apotyre, the House of Valor questline will give you more armor with XP boosts. You can also buy Greater XP boosts from the elf here, sleep for 2 days on the sleeping bag right next to him, and buy 3 more. Repeat ad nauseum and use em as often as you can!

    Once you get to Mel Senshir you should have a lot of gold and should strt breaking down weapons and armor rather than selling them. The two merchants here sell prismere armor. You're going to buy those, go to the blacksmithing forge in the city, and save. Break them down. If you don't get a prismere core component, load your save. If you do, save and move to the next. If you don't have the necessary skills, seek out the city's fateweaver and invest solely in sagecraft and blacksmithing. Look up shard recipes but you can get a 10% XP boosting epic gem and you may have some crafting components "-of expansion" or "-of growth." Use those if you can get something better than what you got from the House of Sorrows.

    Some other faction questlines may give you XP boost twists of fate but I'm not sure.

    Lorestones will increase your health for finding some full sets. There are other great perks.

    Fate potions will give you instant reckoning mode which will allow you to cheese the final boss.
    Posted by DavidThWavid on 16 Jan at 09:57
    Allgorhythm@DavidThWavid, the cap is still the same. Each sub-region has a range of possible enemy values. Dungeons are handled separately from the regions they are in and each one also has a range of possible enemy values. When you enter the sub-region or dungeon, the enemy levels are fixed to match yours at the time of entry.

    This is why people like to use jail in Gorhart to unlock the Out of Your League achievement. The jail is part of the Lawbreaker's Grotto. Enemy values can range from 6 through 16. If you enter the Lawbreaker's Grotto either from its entrance or by being thrown in jail you 'fix' the enemy levels to match yours. If you are below level 6, the enemies will be fixed at level 6. So, if you enter at level 1 or 2, the guards and prisoners in Lawbreaker's Grotto are all level 6. If you kill one of them, you unlock the achievement for killing an enemy more than four levels above you.

    Note that you can game the game. I don't recommend it because it makes the game far less interesting (but far easier). You can travel from east to west across the map, poking your nose in every sub-region and dungeon you come across avoiding combat as much as possible. When you reach Adessa, fast travel back to Gorhart. The enemies for every sub-region or dungeon you poked your nose in will be fixed at the lowest level for that region. You can then go through the game normally like a hot knife through butter.
    Posted by Allgorhythm on 16 Jan at 19:30
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  • Doktor ZeitDoktor Zeit645,923
    28 Sep 2020 28 Sep 2020 28 Sep 2020
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    Not so much a guide but more of a warning, if you repeatedly die and reload the last save, the game will give you a prompt asking if you want to switch to normal difficulty. This happened to me during one difficult boss fight and I accidentally pressed cn_A. I immediately reloaded and was back on hard difficulty, thankfully the achivement did unlock even after reloading.
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    XruptorThis is good to know, thanks!
    Posted by Xruptor on 07 Oct 20 at 19:04
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