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Out of Your League achievement in Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning

Out of Your League

Killed an enemy 4 levels higher than you.

Out of Your League-0.4
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How to unlock the Out of Your League achievement

  • AllgorhythmAllgorhythm456,885
    15 Sep 2020 11 Oct 2020 23 Dec 2020
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    The achievement unlocks when you kill an enemy whose name is highlighted in dark purple. The coloring denotes an enemy whose level is at least four levels above you. Players who are familiar with the 360 game will note that the coloring has changed. High level enemies were highlighted in red rather than purple in the older game. Note that 'scripted' boss fights do not qualify for the achievement regardless of the boss's level. The easiest way to kill a high level enemy is through stealth. It is possible to kill high level enemies in this manner before their names appear and some prior knowledge is required of their levels.

    The achievement is technically 'missable' because, if you get to level 37 without unlocking the achievement, there are no enemies left four levels above you. Nevertheless, the game creates an auto-save at the end of the Prologue and high level enemies are just a few minutes away from that point. So, in practice, the achievement is unmissable.

    It stands to reason that the lower your level, the easier it is to find enemies who are multiple levels above you. Nevertheless, finding high level enemy's is complicated by the fact that the game tries to scale enemy levels to match yours. Each region, city, or dungeon has a minimum level and a maximum level. When you enter a separately leveled area, the game matches enemy levels to yours and locks them there unless the minimum level of the area exceeds yours. Thus, in order to unlock this achievement, you have to find an area whose minimum level exceeds yours by at least 4.

    The most accessible such area early on is Lawbreaker's Grotto where the Gorhart jail is located. The minimum enemy level for guards and prisoners is 6 (max level is 16). That means if you enter the grotto at below level 6, enemy levels are locked at level 6. If you enter at between levels 6 to 16, enemy levels will be locked at the level you had upon entry and will not increase. If you enter above level 16, enemy levels will be locked at 16. Thus, if you enter Lawbreaker's Grotto at level 1 or 2, either by the door or by being thrown in jail, any enemy you defeat will be at level 6 and you can unlock the achievement. However, if you enter at level 3, enemies will only be three levels higher than you and you will not unlock the achievement.

    Accordingly, the earliest opportunity to earn the achievement is when you enter the town of Gorhart at level 1 after the prologue and fight guards and/or prisoners in the jail. You can either break out of jail and kill one of them for the achievement or 'break' into jail. The jail entrance is depicted on the Gorhart local map to the right--look for Lawbreaker's Grotto. If you are jailed, you are left with only one lockpick for use to escape your cell. If you break into the jail, you have the number of lockpicks in your inventory for use.

    The video below shows the Jailbreak achievement followed by Out of Your League. You must agree to go to jail after being apprehended for a crime such as pickpocket, theft, or assault. To assault a friendly character, you must press cn_up to enter aggressive mode or crouch by pressing cn_RB. After picking the lock in the cell, sneak behind the guards to recover equipment. It will be automatically re-equipped according to how you had your equipment when jailed.

    If you want a stealth kill, make sure you have a pair of daggers equipped (or fae blades). Pull the lever to the left of the equipment chest to release the prisoner. Turn back towards the equipment chest and hug the wall to your left towards the prisoner's cell. You will have a split second to execute the stealth kill prompt. However, the "Pickpocket Prisoner" alert will appear on the bottom right of the screen to give you advance warning. The prisoner is not designated as an enemy, but crouching automatically puts you in aggressive mode. After the assassination, wait for the guards to return on their rounds and head back out. Crouch and/or roll-dodge behind them heading towards the objective marker at the (unlocked) exit.

    The advantage of the stealth assassination, besides the instant kill, is that there is no commotion to alert the guards. The special delivery chest in Gorhart has weapons powerful enough to defeat all inhabitants of the jail, but to clear your crimes, you have to sneak out of the jail undetected. Alternatively, you can use reckoning mode. However, your gauge will have been depleted upon meeting with Agarth before entering Gorhart so you would have to recharge it before using that capability. If you decide on this option, make sure you do not advance to level 3 while you are recharging your gauge because then the level 6 enemies in the jail will no longer qualify for the achievement.

    The achievement will pop after killing an enemy four levels above you regardless of what happens afterwards. So, if your only goal is to get the achievement, you can revert to a previous save once the achievement unlocks.

    Note: If you have progressed in the game and are having a hard time finding high level enemies, go to Shieldring Keep in East Odarath provided you are level 17 or below. The people there are not enemies to begin with so you would have to go into aggressive mode by pressing cn_up. Once you do so, their minimum level is 21. Enter reckoning mode and defeat at least one. The achievement will unlock.
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  • SkaldBrewerSkaldBrewer30,905
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    Simply find an enemy who's name displays red and eliminate them.

    An easy way to get this one done early one before leveling up too far is to get arrested in the first town, pick the lock on the door of your cell, and kill the other prisoner being held in jail as well. This method will also net you the 'Jailbreak' achievement for picking the door to your cell.
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    Mandolore GreatKilling a guard in the prison also works
    Posted by Mandolore Great on 24 Sep 20 at 22:30
    GoGoActionTeamDoes this work for all difficulties?
    Posted by GoGoActionTeam on 21 Oct 20 at 03:06
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