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Juggler achievement in Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning


Land 5 consecutive hits on a launched enemy.

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How to unlock the Juggler achievement

  • Leo AscendentLeo Ascendent543,055
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    I was able to unlock this while still in the Soul of Wells area, in fact, it wa as the first achievement I unlocked.

    Easiest way to unlock this is to use a Longsword and Daggers, and when fighting a Tuatha, use the delay attack on them (you can see your available moves by going to the menu and selecting "Moves"), this is done by attacking once, pause briefly, and attack again.

    If done correctly, this will send the enemy in the air, now use your Daggers and with proper timing, you'll be able to juggle the airborne enemy for 5 hits.

    Several other weapons have the ability to launch enemies, and the Daggers can be substituted for others, but this is the earliest combo you'll have that allows it.
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  • AllgorhythmAllgorhythm456,908
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    The achievement is unlocked when you deliver five consecutive hits with a weapon (not an ability) against an airborne target. Although the description states, "a launched enemy," strikes against any airborne enemy count towards the achievement.

    Certain weapons can launch enemies like the Longsword's upheaval attack (cn_X pause cn_X--assuming the Longsword is the primary weapon) or the Greatsword's Gut Thrust (Perfect parry with cn_B immediately followed by cn_X assuming the Greatsword is in the primary weapon slot). After launching the enemy with the primary weapon switch to a fast strike secondary weapon.

    The longbow auto-aims so pressing cn_Y five times in quick succession will deliver five consecutive strikes against the enemy. The Chakrams are dual weapons with spinning blades that deliver multiple hits in quick succession. Pressing cn_Y once with the Chakrams in the secondary weapon slot should deliver more than five consecutive hits providing the enemy is within range. Chakrams are a mid-range weapon and don't have the same reach as the longbow. Daggers are a little trickier. You must press cn_LS in the direction of the enemy and rapidly press cn_Y. Each dagger in the pair counts so three strikes will deliver six consecutive hits. Daggers are a melee weapon so you must lunge close to the launched enemy.

    These techniques require moderate hand and eye coordination. When you have 50 skill points in sorcery, you can unlock Orbit Blades for the Chakrams. With Chakrams in the primary weapon position press cn_B immediately followed by cn_X. The Chakrams will both launch the enemy and automatically deliver a barrage of spinning hits unlocking the achievement.

    Perhaps the simplest way is to strike against an airborne enemy like a mage. Three strikes with daggers (you need have no dagger mastery) will deliver six consecutive hits and unlock the achievement as shown in the video below:
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