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Found all Lorestones.

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How to unlock the Loremaster achievement

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    Edited 22 June 2021: Loremaster achievement glitch fixed by 21 June 2021 patch. Whereas, as of this edit, players are now unlocking the achievement, it appears you now have to discover all 195 lorestones rather than the 175 required when the game was initially released. Comments are welcome and will be appreciated by people who got caught up in the achievement glitch.

    Caution--potential glitch: Edit as of 21 April 2021: As of this writing, the most recent unlock was 8 April. Players have reported issues with the achievement tracker getting stuck and the achievement not unlocking. I have submitted a trouble ticket to THQ Nordic and will revise this solution should there be any changes. It is very important to use the achievement tracker. Especially if it gets stuck but also if it does not, make an insurance save before you discover the 175th lorestone. If the achievement fails to unlock, you can use this insurance save later when a patch is issued to resolve the problem.

    The achievement originally unlocked when you activate the 175th lorestone out of 195 available though the achievement description says you must discover 'all' lorestones. Following the 21 June 2021 patch, all 195 lorestones must be discovered for the achievement to unlock. @Asturgis provides the following insight in the comments: If you discovered all 195 lorestones during a time when the achievement was glitched, revert to a save before you found all 195 stones and 'rediscover' the final lorestones. Once you rediscover the 195th lorestone, the achievement should unlock.

    Lorestones appear on the mini- and local maps when your detect hidden skill is level 10. Since this is the most time consuming achievement in the game, it is worthwhile to max out your detect hidden skill as soon as possible. Since you cannot advance to level 8 by investing a level-up skill point until your overall level is 16, a good approach is to use a fateweaver. Play the game until you reach level 16 and invest in the skills as you see fit.

    At level 16, go see a fateweaver and reset your points. First, bring your detect hidden skill to level 10 and apply the rest of your points as you see fit. When you continue playing the game, all lorestones will be the most prominent feature on your mini- and local maps identified by bright blue dots. You can then activate them as you come across them without going much out of your way.

    The walkthrough shows all lorestones on the map. The ones on the world map are shown by region and sub-region with special maps for the lorestones in dungeons. Even if you are not using the walkthrough, you might want to consult the special lorestones page to assist you: Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning Walkthrough

    The very short video below, created before the 21 June 2021 patch, shows the 174th and 175th stones being activated. Note the bright blue dots on the mini-map. The achievement unlocks, after a short lag, when the 175th stone is activated. Following the 21 June 2022 patch, the achievement will pop in similar fashion when the 195th lorestone is discovered.
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    Euler13I can confirm that it has been fixed. As per your suggestion I had a save with 174 lorestones collected and I was standing in-front of the 175th. When I activated it, the achievement did not pop and my tracker stayed at 89%. My save with the most progression had 190/195 collected. The only ones I hadn't got were the ones in The Red Marches. Upon collecting the 191st lorestone the tracker immediately went to 98%. When I activated the final, 195th lorestone the achievement popped. So it looks like the fix requires everyone to activate every lorestone, which, to be honest, is only fair.

    Thank you, @Allgorhythm. Not only have you written one of the finest walkthroughs on TrueAchievements, but your efforts in constantly asking THQ Nordic about the status of the fix has probably been instrumental in getting a fix and allowing us to finally unlock this broken achievement. Yay!
    Posted by Euler13 on 22 Jun 21 at 20:46
    Allgorhythm@Euler13; First, congrats on your achievement--it must be quite gratifying. Second, thanks for the kind words. Third, it's great to see recent winners popping up in the box after a two and a half month hiatus.
    Posted by Allgorhythm on 23 Jun 21 at 03:11
    Jennitiger1138@ Allgorhythum, thanks for keeping us up to date, just unlocked it on collecting final Lorestone (195), now we wait for the dlc
    Posted by Jennitiger1138 on 26 Jun 21 at 10:55
    AllgorhythmGreat. Congratulations.
    Posted by Allgorhythm on 26 Jun 21 at 12:37
    ChangsddrAllgorhythm thanks for report that the achievement has been fixed. Finally i got all the achievements.

    I had to use a previous savegame with 174 lorestones dicovered to get the achievement but i have to discover every lorestone (195) to get the tracker up to 100%
    Posted by Changsddr on 27 Jun 21 at 09:23
    AllgorhythmThanks. Based on all the input like yours, I’ve revised the solution to indicate you now need all 195 lorestones. I’m also editing the walkthrough.
    Posted by Allgorhythm on 27 Jun 21 at 12:29
    AsturgisAugust 28th, version of the game cs:10636

    My Loremaster achievement is finally fixed. I was stuck at 89% like many people, but I had kept a save in front of my last Lorestone. Just booted the game, reloaded that old save in front of the last Lorestone, and achievement popped. It didn't pop on its own just by booting the game and my most recent endgame save, it popped when I actually activated a Lorestone.

    Hope this helps.
    Posted by Asturgis on 28 Aug 21 at 09:41
    Allgorhythm@Asturgis - Thanks for this observation. I have edited the solution accordingly & given appropriate acknowledgement.
    Posted by Allgorhythm on 28 Aug 21 at 16:09
    AsturgisIt would require further testing (or testing at all lol), but for the people stuck at 195 Lorestones and who don't have an old save, maybe restarting the game on another save and collecting the first stone would unlock the achievement? I doubt it, but it doesn't hurt to try.
    Posted by Asturgis on 29 Aug 21 at 09:40
    AllgorhythmThere is no system save file so a new game starts with reset counters and none of the lorestones, reagents, unique weapons, etc. carry over.

    The important issue--& this is at the heart of your initial observation--is that the game must 'see' the final lorestone unlocked. As you can see in the comments above and in the associated thread, I hypothesized as much when the achievement was still glitched. Except I assumed the final lorestone would be the 175th lorestone since the original achievement unlocked with 175 lorestones.

    At that time, I advised people to keep a save file with 174 or fewer lorestones discovered so they would be able to discover the 175th lorestone once the glitch was patched. As you know, the patch changed the requirement to the full complement of 195 lorestones rather than 175. Still, players with 174 lorestone save files would be able to go on and discover the remaining 21 lorestones and unlock the achievement.

    Of course, probably the majority of players are not studying the solutions and the forums. There are many who may not have retained save files with fewer than 195 lorestones discovered. Nevertheless, as a solution author, I feel compelled to stay abreast of all issues pertaining to the achievement and update the guide accordingly paying close attention to the concerns of the affected players.

    For those who do not have an appropriate save file, a new playthrough would be required. My recommended approach would be to play on easy, reach level 16 as quickly as possible, and use a fateweaver to reset the skills. Then, using a detect hidden skill of 10 and the Lorestone Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning Walkthrough page, discover all 195 lorestones as quickly as possible.
    Posted by Allgorhythm on 29 Aug 21 at 15:40
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